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  Monday August 3

I had a hard time getting to sleep because I had slept so much the previous day... I took a shower and then just slept for a few hours. I got up around 9:40am and got dressed, then slept on the couch so I would be ready because the dry cleaner guy was delivering (he calls any time between 10 and noon) and the plumber was coming around 10 or 10:30.  The plumber has been making minor repairs in the building as part of some annual thing they do and had to come back to replace some faucet on the washer (unrelated to our other washer leaking problems, unfortunately). He finally came around 11am but didn't stay long because he'd brought the wrong part.

I was supposed to do a conference call interview this morning, but they never sent me the dial-in info, so I went back to sleep. I didn't get up again until about 3:30pm.

The previous night I unpacked from our trip, put clothes away, did laundry etc. and generally straightened up the house. I worked on my site for a while. We went to dinner at Epic around 5:30. I was starving, and they only have a few things I can eat there, so I just had a bacon cheeseburger (no bun of course). We watched TV in the evening. I felt really tired so I went back to sleep yet again, around 9pm. I slept for just about 3 hours, and then I woke up with low blood sugar.

  Tuesday August 4

I ate, but I was sick all night with horrible gastric pain and other stuff I won't bore you with (due to gluten). I had finally around gone to bed around 4am and set the alarm for 11, then I slept in for another hour.

We don't have much food in the house because we haven't been to the store in awhile, and I've been too sick to go anywhere. I had 2 hot dogs with mustard for breakfast, plus some sugar free chocolate chips mixed with almonds.

We went to the endodontist on Beretania near Kalakaua. You can see their website at http://www.hiendo.com/ If you see the doctor on the left, Dr. Kang, he's the one I saw. Very nice guy. First they took more X-rays. I don't know why they couldn't just use the same ones my dentist took. I hate taking X-rays because my mouth is very small, and I gag easily. The little plastic thing they stick in your mouth always stabs my gums and makes me gag. Then tears start flowing (from the gagging) and that makes my allergies get going, so my nose starts running.

Then the doctor came in and we chatted, and he poked around my tooth... that was painful. You may recall that I had a little sore area on my gum near my back left tooth, where I had the root canal about 3 years ago (back in Columbus, GA). It was like a little bubble and was very painful until I popped it. It's called a fistula (gross name). It comes about because of an infection, which I have under my crown. The Georgia doctor apparently didn't finish the root canal -- he didn't go all the way down, which you can see in the X-Ray. Also, there may be a break in my tooth. The doctor here said that they won't know for sure until they take off the crown and look down there. If it is broken, then they will need to take the tooth out and replace it with a fake tooth or bridge, like I have on the other side of my mouth, in the upper area. If not, then they will just do the root canal, but there's only a 60% chance that it will work. So annoying...I choose the root canal because while it is uncomfortable, it's not painful. I hated having the bridge put in last time. It was very painful and it took a long time to get used to having a large foreign object in my mouth.  Plus it's very hard to floss there. Also, the dentist in Alabama left some cement in there and it was very painful for a long time until the dental hygienist in Georgia figured it out. So, not fun.

I wish I could just leave the tooth alone, but unfortunately the fistula means there's an infection there somewhere, so it has to be dealt with. Having rampant infection in your teeth can cause damage to your heart or brain.

I wanted to go to the store after that, but I've still been sick a bit.

One of the karaoke sites I'm on has a live chat, and one of the guys on there, who seems like quite a redneck anyway (even though he sings really well), was telling a bunch of bad jokes. I know he didn't mean anything bad by them, but some of them were making fun of immigrants, implying they were lazy and all on welfare.  So I asked if the bigoted jokes could stop. I probably should have asked him privately or let the person running the site know, but...I didn't, so the guy was pretty pissed off. Oh, well. I have a hard time letting things like that go. I don't mind ANY jokes, and you have a right to say it, and maybe I'll laugh at it (particularly if it's a really funny one or you're a professional comedian), but you do have to know that I might tell you (or someone else might) that they're offensive and inappropriate. I don't care if you're making jokes about someone's ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, class etc. but if you are targeting a particular group, especially one that is oppressed or downtrodden, sorry....that is a bigoted joke. These weren't even funny jokes, either.  He sent me an angry message and in that message, he actually used the excuse that some of his friends and co-workers are immigrants (the old "some of my best friends are..." argument).  Clearly, he's clueless.  He said he would keep making the jokes, but he hasn't so far, so maybe he decided against it.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their lamb chops, which are always good.

Nothing scheduled for tomorrow! Yay! Maybe I can actually go to the store. It's been so hot...I need to get stuff done earlier, when it's not quite as hot.

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I finally got my new passport! It took them about a month and a half, I guess. The weird part was that they sent David's right away, but not mine. I had to phone them and then sent a letter...sheesh.

I just saw a cartoon in the local paper that made me laugh. It showed high rise buildings like ours, and then trees (I think smaller houses) and then the homeless. They were labeled, "high end living", "mid-level living" and "lower level ending."  Well, of course, that's silly. For one thing, there are plenty of levels between living in a house and being homeless. There are plenty of poor people that aren't homeless. If you're lucky enough to have family or be someone here in the community with lots of relatives and friends, it's unlikely you'll be homeless. It doesn't mean your life is great, though.

And then among "high end living" it's kind of funny, too, how many variations there are. Sure, we live in a high rise and we do fine, but we're paying over $2000 a month to live in a 2 bedroom apartment with no air conditioning, no storage, and cheap furniture. Even the nicer units in this building only have window units, which are not nearly as good as central air. Our building is old, too, so they're constantly fixing or renovating things.  We're renters, not buyers, too. It's possible we could afford to buy this unit (although I wouldn't). 

Now, the building next door is MUCH nicer than ours (and harder to get into). They have central air and very nice facilities. The condos are smaller than ours, though, and priced a bit higher. They have a lot of things we don't, like a fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts, a bowling alley etc. plus their balconies (lanais) are way bigger. And of course they are very nice, but the people who own property here have a lot more money and bigger houses. Some of them are right on the beach (we're 4 blocks away). If you don't want to put up with the noise of downtown, you'd live in another party of the island and own one of those multi-million $ homes. So I guess "high end" just depends on what you mean...LOL!  Silly cartoon.

I'm hoping I can go to bed a little earlier tonight, but we'll see. I'm finally getting a lot done on my site to make up for being gone so much.

  Wednesday August 5

I didn't get to bed early...it was just so hot. I finally got to bed after 6 am and woke up around 1:30pm. I made pancakes for breakfast. Yay! Low carb, gluten free kind but still yummy.

I did a little recording of singing...I need to do more. It's so hard to find the time and energy.

We did our usual thing, which is where we meet up at J.J. Dolan's, and he has pizza, then go next door to Tap Room so I can order food to go. I love their salads and their kalua pig sandwich.

I don't know what I did, but my neck (the upper part of my spine where I have the 2 herniated disks) has been hurting bad all evening. Maybe too much time online yesterday? I took a muscle relaxer and some Aleve, but it still hurt quite a bit. I actually went to bed around 10, amazing!! I slept through most of the night, too.

  Thursday August 6

I set the alarm for 7, and even though I had a good night's sleep, I really was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. I had a dental cleaning schedule for 8, so I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth before walking over there. It's been over 2 years since I had my teeth cleaned, so it took her over an hour just to do the lower part. She suggested I come back another time for the uppers. I never had very good dental hygiene. Sorry if this grosses anyone out. When I was growing up, my parents didn't make us brush our teeth (they probably didn't do it themselves, either). I didn't go to the dentist until I was 12. It never really became a habit. It's a bit embarrassing, though, when the dental hygienist wonders why. I had explained that I never got into the habit of brushing regularly, so she asks, "Oh...did you live in a small town?"  In other words, "what kind of ass backwards hillbilly place did you grow up in?" LOL! I just told her I had bad parents... She was actually very nice, though. She's in her early 30's and grew up in Seattle. We had a nice chat. She's very good at her job, and it didn't hurt much.  She was very interested in why I have such a terrible gag reflex, but I had no answers. I read on Wikipedia that 1 in 3 people have no gag reflex! I wish that was me.  So, anyway, I'll be going back to get the rest cleaned in a week or so.  Some people get put under to do any dental procedure, and I really wish I could do that, but anesthesia is more risky, so I'd rather not take that chance.

My neck is still hurting me a little bit today, so I had to take another muscle relaxer. I went back to sleep for a few hours. Now I feel much better.

I did the dishes...feels like a real accomplishment! LOL!

I was going to meet David at the grocery store so we can get some food and stuff, but then I got lazy and decided it was too hot, so he's going without me to just get a few things. We'll have rotisserie chicken for dinner instead of going out. Then we must take the car to the store this weekend for sure!

Safeway is only three blocks away, so we go there to just get occasional things. It's a lot more expensive than the others, though. We take the car to Times on the weekend, usually, as it's a lot cheaper. It's less than a mile, but with the car it's just so much easier, especially if we get a lot of heavy items.

Here's something funny. Tom Cruise, President Obama and I are all the same age -- all born in 1961! LOL! So funny to think that. Lots of famous people born that year, apparently! Here's another good list

I'm bummed that I won't be able to go to the Honolulu Comic-Con next year because it's the same weekend as our anniversary. :( I had such a good time this year, and I'm sure it'll be even better next year. What a bummer.

I don't remember if I said this before in my blog or not. I apologize if it's a repeat. A friend of ours once told me that he was going to Italy with his wife and their family, but he wasn't looking forward to the trip because they were all foodies and like to go to all these cooking tours. I realized that he is just not into food. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone like that before. I mean, not just not into cooking but eating. He's a really skinny guy and has been his whole life, and I don't think he's the type that exercises much (although he used to be a dancer). I wish they could take whatever that is that he has and use it on people like me. I wish I could not care about food!

I didn't watch the Republican debate today (it airs very early here). Sounds boring, anyway. A little bird who studies politics for a living thinks that the nominee will either by Bush or Walker. It's a bit too soon to tell for sure, but we agree that most of the others have no chance, especially Cruz, Paul and Trump.  The only reason Trump is doing well is because he's so entertaining, I think. He's a joke.  I will pull for him to run, though, because he would lose easily to Hillary.

I'm dying for a popsicle or ice cream! I ran out of sugar free popsicles and forgot to get more. :( It's so hot here and popsicles help that a bit.

I'm staying up way too late again. I'm just not tired. I'm trying to get more work done on my site. I did too much on Tuesday, hurting my back, so I did almost nothing on Wednesday.

The joys of living downtown. It's 2:30 in the morning and some guy outside just let out a blood-curdling scream. Probably just some drunk guy.

  Friday August 7

I'm looking forward to Monday when I go see the "Fantastic Four" movie! If it's half as good as "Ant Man," it'll be well worth going to.

I wish someone would come visit us again so I would be forced to clean up my house! And go through all of my closets and drawers to organize them. Come on, people!

Even though I didn't go to bed until 6am, I woke up around 10:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. I went out about noon and had lunch at 'Umeke Market. Their food is okay. They have gluten free bread for sandwiches and burgers.  I think they might be the only place downtown that has GF bread. I had a turkey burger, which was ok. They forgot to put the cheese on it.

When I went outside, I noticed that there were tents and lots of people around. I think it was all sponsored by Kaiser and they were having some sort of charity walk.

I stopped at 7-ll to get soda and then went home. I had wanted to get my hair cut, but at that point, I was hot and tired. I went back to sleep for 3 hours.

I did some work, and David came home around 5:30. We took a cab down to Waikiki, like we usually do on Fridays. We were planning to go to Giovanni Pastrami, but it was very crowded, and loud. They would only seat us at a small table, wedged between two other families (one with a baby!), so we left. No need to put up with that when there are a gazillion places to eat in that area.  We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise, across the street. It's a popular chain restaurant here. It's not fast food; it serves drinks as well as great food, but mostly burgers, sandwiches, and salads. We'd only been in there briefly once before to grab a drink. Turns out, they have gluten free foods on their menu, and their food is really good. I had a spicy chicken sandwich on a GF bun, which was delicious. David had fish tacos and liked them. We will be going back there again, that's for sure. We had a very nice, friendly server, too.

As usual, we then walked over to Kelley O'Neill's for a couple of drinks. They had a guy with a guitar playing, like always. He was okay. Better than their usual guy, I think. He sang a lot of oldies we knew. It was nice and cool in there. It was really hot and humid today (yesterday was not bad).  We stopped at the store to get some stuff and then went home.

We usually take a cab back from Waikiki, too, and one time we got this woman that we called Crazy Pothole Lady.  She speaks very fast and is quite a character. She asks if we don't mind that she take smaller roads because the big ones have too many potholes and are rough on her tires.  She's pretty funny.  We got her again tonight! Funny thing is, I had just said to David as she was pulling up, "Uh-oh, I wonder if that's the Pothole Lady again?" And sure enough, it was...

  Saturday August 8

I stayed up way too late last night and got up around noon. I struggled to stay awake all day.

We went down to Hooter's for lunch as we usually do...besides eating lunch, I walked around the harbor and took more photos for Instagram. The water was very blue today! I would have done more walking, but it was also very hot and humid.  It was 87 degrees and 70% humidity. UGH.

I did a lot of work on my site. We went to Murphy's for dinner again. I'll probably be going to bed around 10pm. I don't have much energy today to do much. I hope that tomorrow I can get my hair cut finally, and we definitely need to go to the grocery store.

  Sunday August 9

Originally we were planning to go see the Fantastic Four movie on Monday, but now it looks like it might be Thursday due to David's schedule. He and I usually have lunch with our friends Tom and Cynthia, down near the movie theater, and then he goes back to work while we go to the movies.

I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I was tired, but it was very hot and my neck was bothering me.  We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom, but it has 4 settings. The first one is way too much, the second one is still a bit too much, and the third one is not enough. So it is annoying.

We had lunch down at O'Toole's. They have hot dogs, meat balls, chips, italian sausage etc. and it's pretty good (plus it's all free, a happy hour type of thing they do on the weekends). David likes to watch sports in there. It's a nice low-key place and the weekend bartender is very nice. I don't want to try Zippy's again until I know if it's gluten free. I didn't feel like walking all the way to Gordon Biersch because of my back hurting, and we couldn't find any other place that was open that we could both agree on!

I stopped and got a few things at Walmart on the way back. We still didn't make it to the grocery store for "real" shopping! I have a Walmart gift card, so that was handy.

It's really hard for me to diet this time of year because it's so hot. All I want is ice cream!

I had to take another muscle relaxer for my back/neck, which helped quite a bit. I did too much work this weekend.

One of my brothers is working in Turkey, and another one is heading to New Jersey with his wife for work. I would not want to live in either place, but Turkey might be interesting for a visit one day.

It was really noisy outside our apartment tonight. Some guy was singing for a really long time. He had a good voice, but still, it was somewhat annoying. The thing about living downtown is that people are thoughtless. They don't realize that some of us are living in these tall buildings and don't have a/c, so we have to hear all of their yelling, singing, screaming, laughing, honking -- whatever noises they make. Most of them probably don't care, either! It's bad enough with all of the sirens and other traffic sounds.

David was having trouble with his tablet tonight. We were trying to copy some text from a Word document and paste it into an email, but it wasn't working, no matter what we did.  Later, it just suddenly started working again. Who knows why? Weird. (I think it's a Hotmail problem -- I'm waiting to chat with a Microsoft rep right now)

I'm planning to go as Amanda from Defiance to the convention in September. I ordered her jacket, and now I just have to get the other accessories/clothes together. My hair is pretty long right now, and I plan to get it highlight so I look more like her (she's blonde). Should be fun! Hopefully it won't be too hot, wearing a leather jacket...

I'm having trouble sleeping again tonight. Blecchhhh! It's just so hot, and hard to get comfortable with my neck still bothering me. I put a rolled-up towel in my pillow every night to help support my neck, but it's still difficult.

Tomorrow I have an early conference call interview with Corey Stoll, who does a lot of TV shows, especially "The Strain" on FX, which he stars in. What's really cool, though, is that he plays the villain Darren Cross on this summer's big hit movie, "Ant-Man." Woo hoo!

We have a busy week ahead... and I'm really not looking forward to the root canal on Friday.

I'm sorry that this is so boring! Last week's was definitely more interesting.

I hope you have a better week!

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