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  Tuesday 7/21/15

I've spent a lot of time the past two days, going through my email and trying to delete old stuff. The Gmail is telling me I'm running out of room! I had about 3,000 and now I'm down to less than 2,000. Now I'm only behind for the past 7 months instead of a year. Woo hoo! :) That's just in the one email box. I have another one that's alost about 3,000, but it's not full and it has a lot of stuff that will be easy to delet.

I slept a long time, like 14 hours, and then I was sick and slept more.

I spent the morning cleaning the house. The pest control guy came around 11 and sprayed some more. Hopefully all of the bugs are gone now. I've only seen 2 baby roaches in the past month since he sprayed, and a few dead ones. I cleaned out one more cupboard (with just glasses) and hopefully the flour beetles are also gone.

Later, the washer repair guy came, but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. We have no idea why it leaked last week. That sucks.

In the evening, we went to Murphy's for dinner. They're filming a Zac Efron movie down there, and they want it to look like New York City, so they have all of these cars on the street with NYC license plates, as well as some taxi cabs. I took a bunch of photos and posted them on Instagram

I stayed up way too late again, but between working and being sick, I didn't have a lot of choice.

  Wednesday 7/22/15

Monday, when I went to see Ant-Man, they had some great trailers. They had WAY too many commercials, though, as usual. We got there pretty early, so that's probably why it seemed more than usual. I loved seeing the Fantastic Four preview! That looks good.

I got up around 2:30pm. David has some event this afternoon, so we won't be going out to dinner. I guess I will be getting take out.

So far I haven't been sick today - knock on wood! Maybe I can actually get up earlier tomorrow for a change. It's difficult when I get sick because it just knocks me out and makes me want to sleep forever.

I did go to Tap Room and got a salad and gluten free cupcakes for me, and a sandwich for David.  I'm so glad they had the cupcakes! They only have them on Wednesdays and frequently run out by the time I get there.

Yesterday I got a lot done, going through older emails and some other old files. I've been watching some shows on the new tablet.

I bought this bluetooth speaker today and so far I haven't been able to get it to work with my laptop. The laptop sees it and I click on "connect" and then nothing happens. I give up for now. Very frustrating! It does work with the tablet, but I was hoping to play my music on my itunes and then have it go through the speaker.  Still trying to figure it out.

  Thursday 7/23/15

I can't believe that I didn't update this blog again after Wednesday.

I've been going to bed pretty early all week, and getting up earlier, so that's been great.

I had a checkup today with my doctor. Glad to get that over with!

I took a shower in the afternoon, but there was almost no hot water. So irritating. I think they fixed it. The problem with living in this building is that they're always working on something and telling us, "the water will be turned off today" or some other thing. It's irritating.

Later, we went to dinner at Epic, as we often do...

I updated my Songs page, so please check it out!

Otherwise, I spent the evening catching up on work, and getting ready for tomorrow.

  Friday 7/24/15

I've been very excited because today is the start of the Comic-Con Honolulu! The last real scifi or comic convention I went to was San Diego Comic-Con in 1998. Lynn and I went to a convention in Lubbock years ago, but it was not a real con. It was for a particular club that dresses up in Starfleet uniforms and acts like it's real. It was interesting but kind of creepy, and we didn't stay long.  Anyway, for the most part, we haven't lived near any conventions. When we were in Georgia, I should have gone to Dragoncon, but I just never got around to it.  Last year I wanted to go to the convention here, in September, but it was on the Big Island so, too much trouble.  This is the first year that they did this small scifi/fantasy/comics convention. It was nice to be at a smaller con. There were lots of people there, and I really enjoyed it. #1 I just enjoyed being around other fans/geeks. There's just something about being around like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do and know all the same jokes and references. There's a certain feeling of belonging. You don't have to worry to much about how you act, look, or sound when you're around other geeks. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly (especially here in Hawaii).

I also enjoyed meeting some actors, getting their autographs, getting my picture taken, and taking lots of photos of other people in costume. I didn't go in costume, though. It's just too hot in July. The convention center is open-air, and there's no trade winds there. The meeting rooms are air-conditioned, but still...it would have been too hot for me. It was pretty hot just in regular clothes. I don't know how the people in big or heavy costumes managed. Most of them are probably younger than me.

Things have changed quite a bit since I used to go to cons regularly in the 70's and 80's. For one thing, they charge for autographs and photos now. For another thing, there is more security and worry about weapons etc. Also, since there are so many more genre TV shows, movies, comics, games et al. than back then, it's hard to know what some of the costumes are. I only knew the ones from some of the comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and a few others.

I went down there about noon. I had pre-registered online, so I just had to pick up my badge and pay for my tickets to see the actors. The first panel was supposed to be about Eureka and other Syfy shows. Colin Ferguson was originally supposed to attend, but I guess he backed out (probably due to some work conflict), so instead they got some writer that I've never heard of, to talk about the shows. He was awful. First, he seemed to be trying to do it all off the top of his head, which is a bad idea. Secondly, he said that he was going to talk about Syfy TV shows because Syfy movies are terrible.  But, you know, hearing that, if you weren't paying that close attention, it sounded like he was saying "scifi movies are terrible."  Some people booed.

He seemed to mostly want to talk about Eurekea and Warehouse 13, and there was no mention of more recent shows like "Defiance," "Haven," "Continuum," "Dominion," et al.  There was a girl with him, and she was trying to steer him in the right direction with questions, but it wasn't working very well. She suggested that he tell people what was great about Eureka, but he just rattled off the names of the characters and not much else. He didn't talk about why it's so great, which is something that he should have already written down. I couldn't stay very long. It was just too irritating, so I left. Thankfully, that was the only bad panel I saw.

The panel list was not all that interesting, though, so I didn't go to most of them.  Most of the con was in three main rooms. The main hall was panels, but they had a section in the front where the actors were doing their autographs and photos.  The middle room was the dealer's room and artists' alley. It was alright. I really didn't see much I would want to buy. I would have liked to have seen more buttons, T-shirts etc. They had some cool stuff, though, like a place where you could shoot air guns, and another one where you could do archery and shoot at a target. There was a booth selling these wonderful macarons. There was a Yelp! booth where they were giving away free stuff, and you could spin the wheel to get more. Saturday, there were a lot more people and better/more booths.

The other room was a gaming room, with another walled-off area in the back for panels. That was pretty much it. The check-in area and the bathrooms were outdoors. A lot of costumed people hung out outside so that people could take photos and such. On Friday, there were no concessions there (you had to go down to the 3rd floor), but on Saturday they did have concessions.  The bathrooms were hot and didn't have a/c.

Since you had to pay to get autographs and photos, that meant that the lines were not too long, so that was good. I'd rather stand in a really long line and get them for free, though. Spending $50-$100 per actor is ridiculous. Most of these guys are not exactly big stars, either. Not one of their actors is currently starring in a show or movie. Some of them may still be on a show as a supporting character. I could see paying for a Jimmy Smits or Jaime Murray, but otherwise...

Anyway, I did enjoy it despite the cost, the heat, and a few disappointments. I was actually worried I might be bored when there was no panel that interested me, but I found plenty to do, just walking around and taking photos of people in costumes. There were so many great ones!

You can see all of my photos at http://tinyurl.com/qel6u5r

I just had lunch at McDonald's and then took a cab in to the convention center...

I took my little red shopping cart with me, so that I wouldn't have to carry anything. I didn't know if there would be stuff in the dealer's room I would want to buy or not, and besides my purse, I took our Samsung tablet as well as my Kindle in case my phone ran out of juice or I got bored. I also took my cheapo digital camera, which takes pretty nice photos, and a shirt so I could change later.  It was a little too cumbersome to have the cart to drag around, but I think it was slightly better than Saturday, when I took a large purse-like thing instead. The cart didn't fill up, but the purse did and quickly got way too heavy.

The time really flew by. I got most of the autographs and photos on Friday as soon as I could (only two were not there until Saturday), which turned out to be a good idea so that I wouldn't have long lines to stand in on Saturday. I had worried that I might feel weird going to a con by myself, but I really didn't. There are lots of nice people there, and most are very friendly. There's nothing like standing in a line, being bored (or sitting in a room, waiting for a panel to start) and then you just start talking to the people behind or next to you. I met some really nice people that way, and there sure is plenty to talk about at a con.

I don't play games, but the gaming rooms looked fun. They did a good job with that. I even ran into a couple of people I knew at the con. One was a professor that works here with my husband; he's in a fencing club that was there and said hi. We had a nice chat. Another was a girl at the concession stand who is friends with some guys in my band. She recognized me; I felt bad that I didn't recognize her or remember or name, but she was in a uniform and looked very different. Also, I barely know her. This island seems so small sometimes, though.

I watched some video they were showing of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and then the fencing panel, which was interesting to watch. I was very tired at that point, so I was happy to just sit there and watch, and rest.

I'd never heard of this artist Khary Randolph, but I went to his panel and it was quite interesting. He draws a comic called We Are Robin for DC and has done many other comics, such as  Spider-Man and others I'd heard of.  He was very interesting and had some good sound advice for aspiring artists. There were some other people with him, at least two of which, I think were artists, but I didn't catch their names.  One funny thing is that he said that he moved to San Diego because someone told him that's how he should get into working for comics. That is still funny to hear - people talking about the San Diego Comic-Con like it's such a big deal. I know it is, now, but since I grew up with it, it seems weird. It got big while we were living elsewhere.

I didn't stay for any evening events; David and I went down to Waikiki, which is not too far from there, and had dinner at the sushi place we like at the Hilton. I was pretty exhausted when we got home, but I ended up staying up pretty late, mostly just editing the photos I took, and uploading them. Then after I did go to bed, I woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep.

Today was my brother Pat's birthday! He's 8 years older than me, so he's either 60 or 61...don't remember which.

  Saturday 7/25/15

I was really tired when I woke up at 8:30, but also excited to go back to the con!

I just had breakfast at home and then David drove me over to the convention center. First I got one of the autographs of the guys that weren't there yesterday, then I went to a panel to hear Erin Gray speak and answer questions. I love hearing the older actors talk because they always have lots of great stories. That's true with the ones I interview on the phone as well.  Then there was another panel, with Adam Baldwin, and he was funny.

However, since it was very hot, I was drinking a lot of liquid and had to keep running to the bathroom, so that made things a little difficult. I kept sitting up front so I could get good photos, but then I could only sit there for about an hour. SIGH. So I missed the end of his panel, but it meant there was no line at all for the last autograph (J. August Richards). I had a few hours to kill after that, so I just kept finding air-conditioned rooms to sit in, and then I would get up and walk around, take photos, walk in the dealer's room, etc. and also I got some food later on, and hit the restroom quite often.

They had a panel that was called Star Wars Galactic Senate. They basically acted out a congress-type situation but all with Star Wars characters and references. It reminded me of when we used to do the OSMUN (Outer Space Model United Nations).  It was more casual, though; they had the proposed bills ahead of time, and then anyone who wanted to would get up and speak for or against the bills, and then they did a voice vote on whether to vote on it or not, and then whether to pass it or not. The woman running it was a teacher, and she was very well-organized. I thought it sounded boring at first, but as I sat there and watched, I got into it and even did ask one question. It was fun to see so many people participating and a lot of them were very entertaining.  Only one bill was passed -- to protect whistle blowers!

After that was the panel for Edward James Olmos, and he was really fun to listen to. He's had such a long career and really knows how to tell a story. He ran longer than the schedule hour, though, so I had to duck out early because David and I had planned to meet our friends George and Lena for dinner.

The only thing I really missed that evening, that I wanted to go to, was the costume contest. I'm sure it would have been really fun. I was pretty tired, though, so I don't know how much longer I would have lasted.  We met them at an Italian restaurant at the Ala Moana Center called Longhi's. We both enjoyed it; it was delicious, and they knew about gluten. It was nice to see our friends again, too. We had a nice longer dinner, and dessert, and they drove us home afterwards.

Once again I worked on my photos and uploading them to Facebook.  I didn't do much else.  I went to bed pretty early and slept over 12 hours. I was exhausted!

  Sunday 7/26/15

I usually do a lot of work on my site over the weekend, but I was just too busy, and then too tired, to do much. Now I'm really behind. Oh, well.

David went to the grocery store in the morning to get a few things. I didn't go back to the convention because David and I always have lunch together; he works so hard during the week and is always so tired, so this is like "our time." I was pretty tired, anyway, and had lots to do. If the convention were right down the street, I probably would have gone back, but it's about 3 miles away and would require either making David drive down there (which he hates), or walking a long way, or spending more money on cabs. It just didn't seem worth it. I really enjoyed it, though. There's a comic convention in September in about 2 months. We'll see if I go to that one. Maybe if my sister-in-law comes out (we were talking about that) or if they add some good non-comic book guests, or if I have someone else to go with. I just don't care all that much about comics. I like to see actors. But if I lose weight in the next 2 months, maybe I will, so I can wear a costume.  :) It will be a lot cooler in September.

There's another good convention in September, too, on the Big Island, and that is more actor-oriented, but I don't know if we want to spend the time and money for it. That one looks more like my kind of con, though.

We went to Hooter's for lunch as usual, and then I stopped at Wal-mart on the way back to get a few things I needed from the grocery store and pharmacy. Their bathroom was broken (again!) so I stopped at the 24 Hour Fitness to use their restroom, then I got a soda at 7-11 before heading home.

Two things really grossed me out today, and one was very sad. After we left Hooters, I saw a dying bird lying near the road. It kind of looked like it had been half run over or something. It was really really awful, nightmarish-looking. It's mouth was wide open as if it, too, had been crushed. It looked up at me and just looked so pathetic and awful. Just thinking about it makes me very sad. I felt like maybe I should have done something, but I don't know what. I know it's only a stupid pigeon or sparrow, and there are lots of them here, but still...it was very disturbing. Worse than if it was already dead because it was clearly suffering, and I felt so guilty for not helping it somehow. I still do, really. It was very hot, and we were in a rush, and I really don't know who I could have called on a Sunday...it was probably beyond help, but maybe someone could have eased its suffering. SIGH.

I always loved animals, but after having a dog, and then living here with so many beautiful birds and so much great nature, and seeing all of the pets in our building, it just makes me even more sensitive to stuff like that. Not that I'm ever going to be a vegetarian, but still...makes me feel bad about wounded, dying or suffering animals.  I really don't know how anyone could NOT feel that way.

Much later in the evening, David had a glass of Bailey's and it had insects all over it. Now, this is the second time this has happened. Last time I thought it was just those flour bugs again. But no, these were tiny little spiders!! They look white or whitish-brown.  Turns out they're spider mites and they were coming from the old orchid plant that I have on that end table. It really grossed me out, though. Actually, it CREEPED me out. I threw away that plant and another dying orchid plant I have, too. The others are doing fine, but UGH. No spiders, please. I'm sorry, but my love for innocent little creatures does not extend to spiders. Okay, I mean, I don't mind a spider or two but there were LOTS of these little things - reminded me of a horror movie. Too gross.

I should have worked on the site all day, but I was just tired and still thinking about the convention and all that, so I just wasn't in much of a mood to work. I've just been playing all day, I admit it!

We went to dinner at Downbeat as usual. I ate way too much sugar over the weekend, and I've just been eating too much in general, so I'm back on my diet. I had some chicken for lunch, and a little salad. For dinner, I did have the chicken quesadillas, but I resisted having any dessert. They have great ice cream and shakes there. Later, I had some low carb cheese crackers and some sugar free chocolate mixed with almonds, and a few pecans. I may have some more salad before I go to bed. I don't know...depends on how hungry I am. Tomorrow I'm going to try to do two things - go to the gym and get my hair cut. I also need to still make an appointment with the oral surgeon to get my root canal. Yuk.

I bought David a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet from our Verizon store for his birthday. He's hard to shop for, and he doesn't like to spend money on himself. He's been using my old Dell laptop for a long time, and it's very slow, and he's always complaining about it. I mean, it's got to be at least 8 years old, if not more. I bought it before my MIL came to live with us back in Alabama. Last year I got sick of how slow it was and gave it to him. Plus, I hated sharing it with him. So I got a new Dell, which is not only faster but has a big screen. Now, laptops are expensive, but so far tablets, especially when you get one with a big screen that you can use either with Wireless or with Verizon's mobile network (like the cell).  Still, he's not into learning new stuff, so he's still been using the old laptop. Well, it's having issues now, so he finally has started using the tablet a month later!  That's fine, and I can still use it sometimes for watching movies or whatever. It's very handy to have on trips.

But with modern technology comes headaches. I spent a lot of time tonight trying to figure out how to move some files from my laptop to the tablet. I tried it with the Bluetooth, but that's not working. I emailed the guy at Verizon and he suggested something called Wifi Direct. I couldn't find any easy instructions on how to use that, and it seems you need a third party app. I was trying to avoid installing anything. So I just used Google Drive, which is already installed on both the laptop and the tablet. I rarely even use it myself, and I have my Gmail already on the tablet, so it was easy to drag and drop the files from my laptop to Google Drive, and then he has access to them at any time.

Still, since we have 1 desktop, 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 2 phones, and an ipod, most of which connect to the router, you'd think we could easily transfer files between them all! But, nooooo....

Tuesday night we're flying to Philadelphia! Thursday is our 33rd anniversary, and as you may know, we spend every year in a different state. This year is Pennsylvania, obviously. David's going to a baseball game (I may go with him, not sure yet). We may go to Delaware for karaoke. We'll see how it goes! It will be fun to get away for a few days. We'll be back Saturday. I'm sure it will be a fairly relaxing trip since it's not the most exciting destination in the world. Not like going to San Diego, or Vegas, or New York.

So I have a lot do before then. I have some work to do....and I owe emails to some people.  I'll go ahead and post this tomorrow. Have a great week! I can't believe it's almost August already.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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