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  Monday 7/13/15

I forgot to mention in last week's blog that while I was doing the laundry, the washing machine started leaking again. So annoying. They came like 5 or 6 times in January to "fix" it. It's a really old machine. I hope the landlord has to replace it. I'm just so sick of dealing with all this stuff.

I phoned the Orkin pest control guy and he said that since I removed all of the contaminated flour etc. in my cupboard that the grain beetles should be gone within a few days. He said to phone him if not, then he'll come out sooner. He's already coming on Tuesday to treat the apartment again for cockroaches etc. I probably should clean out all of the other cupboards, too, as well as look at each jar of spices, just to be on the safe side.

I phoned the Passport office. I was on hold for 55 minutes! Which I wouldn't have minded except that they played the same music over and over. I think it was Pachelbel's Canon in D. All they could tell me is that my passport is being processed. No explanation as to why David got his right away, and I've been waiting for a month! Hopefully it will turn out okay.

I woke up after 1:30 and I spent most of the day sick. The usual! :( It's just hard to get much done when you spend half your day in the bathroom.

David and I went to Epic for dinner and I got their scallops and a salad.

It's very hot today, 85 degrees, but not quite as humid as the weekend (only 57% instead of 85%).

For some reason, most of my laptop's applications, including my volume controls, have disappeared from my task bar, even though I went in and made sure they were all supposed to be there. Hopefully it will fix itself next time I reboot.

I just spent the rest of the evening working on my site. I'm still really behind.

I did clean out the cupboard that has most of our dishes because I saw a lot of the grain beetles in there, even though there's no food in there. Strange!

  Tuesday 7/14/15

I didn't go to sleep until about 6am. I was tired but trying to finish something on my laptop, which was freezing up. It does that a lot. I need to figure out why. Like I have time!

I slept until about 3:30pm. I hate when I do that. Tomorrow I'm getting up early!

I did the dishes again, including some bowls and other things in that cupboard that had the weevils! Hopefully they are all gone now.

We went to Murphy's for dinner, and they had this great chicken special. It was little rolled up pieces of chicken with spinach and cheese. Very yummy! It had some sort of delicious butter sauce as well.

Otherwise I'm just working on my site, as usual!

  Wednesday 7/15/15

I went to bed just after 8 am and slept until after 4pm. So much for getting up earlier.

We went over to J.J. Dolan's so he could eat pizza, and then I got some take-out at Tap Room. They were out of the gluten free cupcakes, but I got some blueberry ice cream instead. It was really good.

I changed some settings on my laptop. Hopefully it will keep it from freezing up so much. Last week Verizon told me that Adobe Flash and RealPlayer are not supported any longer by the latest Android OS. Then I had some problems with Adobe Flash on my laptop, in my browser. Then I just read an article saying that Firefox is not allowing Flash to be used any more because it's a security risk. So I don't know what to think.... Most of the sites I like tend not to use Flash any more, I guess, anyway, but FOX's press site uses it still, from what I can tell.

  Thursday 7/16/15

I went bed around 4 am, a little earlier, and then I woke up a few times in the morning, but I was sick and then went back to bed until the afternoon.

It was really hot and humid all this week. This afternoon, I took my cart and met David over at the Safeway so we could get some groceries.  For once, we ate at home. We just got some rotisserie chickens for dinner. At least the store was nice and cool! I also have to admit that outside of this building, there is a nice breeze. Of course, it was in the early evening, too, so that helped.

I still see those little grain beetles flying around. They keep landing on my laptop screen. I don't know where they're coming from because I haven't seen them any more in the kitchen. I cleaned out the two cupboards where I saw them. It's so weird.

The pest control guy is coming on Tuesday, and now so is the washer repair person. The woman that called me was kind of weird, although I was asleep when she phoned, so maybe I just misunderstood. I kept trying to explain how to find our building and she kept asking me what was wrong with the washer. I was surprised that she didn't already know. The apartment owner phoned their company, and I guess they gave her the work order without telling her what was wrong or what kind of washer it was.  I didn't have a part number to give her and just told her it was really old and leaking. I didn't realize until later that I never answered her question about what brand of washer it was. Oh, well, hopefully it won't matter.

I have an interview tomorrow...ugh, I hate doing them. I don't know why, but I always do. I'm still behind on a lot of stuff, but especially interviews I still have to put up.

It's funny about social media because even with people like me, who are very open and honest about most things, and not very private, I still don't really talk about a lot of personal stuff. I mean, people just don't talk about everything. We don't talk about problems with finances, with serious medical issues (or embarrassing ones), or mental issues, or problems with the police, or family issues and dynamics, or marital problems, or alcoholism, or other addictions, or abuse, or job problems, and some people might want to keep private other issues, like sexuality, or whatever. You just never know what people are really dealing with, no matter how they talk about it on social media, or their blogs, or emails. I would hope it's obvious as to why we keep those things private. People are judgmental and also, it could affect your future job or your relationships. Some people are just private and like to keep personal things to themselves. I don't have kids, but I doubt I would reveal all that much, except to real life friends and family. Some friends I know tell all about their kids medical problems or when they get in trouble in school, or dealing with ex-husbands who are jerks etc. It really varies among all of us.

I do have a great life here in Hawaii, other than not having air conditioning, and having trouble getting up early, and dealing with a few weight and health issues. There may be other things, but I'm not telling you about them! :) Nobody's life is perfect.

I might be able to go to bed a little early. It's not even 1 am and I'm really tired.

  Friday 7/17/15

I've been very lax about keeping this updated. I've been very busy and also sick a lot from gluten.

I was up pretty early for some interviews I had.

I saw this in a magazine, so I had to get it for my ladybug collection. Such an adorable little fella! He came in the mail today. 

I was very tired in the afternoon, but I couldn't sleep, and it was hot, so I decided to go down to the pool for a change. It was nice and cool. There were only a few couple of kids in there with their babysitter or older sister (whatever she was), and they left after their mom came to get them. I went to the jacuzzi briefly, for my aching body, but it was really too hot to stay in for very long. I looked to the other side of the pool, and I saw some kind of animal. I didn't have my glasses on, but it looked like some kind of mole or weasel. I got out and went over to get my glasses, but by that time, it had scampered back into the bushes. Judging from what I read online, I think it might have been a mongoose!

Later, we went out to dinner with Bill and Trish, David's Assistant Deans. Now, originally we were doing this to thank them for their work this year...we were going to do it in May, but then she got sick, and then they've both been out of town a lot since then.  Then today it was Bill's birthday, so that gave us another reason to celebrate. Also, Trish got a new job, so it was kind of a celebration for her, too (although we'll all miss her terribly! She's so nice).

We went to Nico's, a fish restaurant, which we all went to last year and really liked. This year, however, it was not good. I guess Bill and Trish liked theirs, but neither David nor I liked what we had. He just had a salad, anyway. I ordered the special, which was Ono, a kind of fish that's usually really good, but it was very dried out, overcooked and tasteless. Too bad. We had a good time anyway, though, and I got some nice photos for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

David and I went over to J.J. Dolan's after that, for some drinks. It was really crowded, so we didn't stay long.  Then we went by Duc's Bistro and I got some more drinks, and food to take home. That place is always great. The food is wonderful and the people are really nice.

  Saturday 7/18/15

I don't recall doing anything special. I think we just went to Hooter's for lunch as usual. He loves the chili there and also the chicken wings. I'm kind of sick of the food there, but it's right on the harbor, at least. It was very hot.

I think I mostly slept in the afternoon.  Then in the evening, we went down to Waikiki for dinner. We went to Rumfire. I haven't been there since February when Mary came out to visit! It was kind of crowded and we had to sit at a high table, which neither of us is too fond of. However, we had a wonderful ocean view, and I got many great pictures. The fish tacos are usually great there, but again I was having bad luck with fish, I guess. It was pretty dry and overcooked (not as bad as the previous night's fish, though). I had a lava flow there, too, which was yummy.

After that, we went over to the Kelley O'Neil's Irish bar as usual. They have a really bad singer there that plays in the early evening hours. It's just him and his guitar, and he picks the worst songs and sings them, usually way too slowly or in the wrong key. UGH.  After some drinks, we walked over to the Foot Locker and David got some new running shoes.  We stopped at this little diner because we both had to use the restroom! That was funny. It was an interesting little place. Anyway, I got a salad to go, for later. We stopped at this little store next door for snacks and soda.

Sunday 7/19/15

I did get a lot of work done this weekend, at least, in-between getting sick and all of the other things I've been doing.

I stayed up way too late, installing our new modem. They got faster speed internet now and it's pretty cool.

David went to the grocery store so I could sleep in a bit longer. We had snacks instead of lunch... I believe I went back to sleep again. I tell ya, lately, aside from a few things, it's all been work, sleep, and get sick.

We went to Downbeat for dinner as usual.

  Monday 7/20/15

David picked me up for a late lunch, and went down to Ward Center to meet Tom and Cynthia for lunch at Z Pizza. That's the place that has gluten free pizza (only one around here, that I know of). We had a nice visit, and then David went back to work. The rest of us went to see "Ant-Man", which was great!! Not only a really good adventure and action movie, but it was very funny, too. After the movie, they left, and I stopped at Bucca Di Beppo to get salad take-out and to use their restroom. Then I walked across the street to the little mall there. I stopped in a few stores, and I got a shave ice, then I got a cab home. It was fun, and I need to go back there. They have a lot of cool stores.

David had a reception in the evening, so we didn't go anywhere for dinner. I went to bed pretty early because I was just exhausted!

Well, I better post this. I hope you all had a great week and were healthier than I've been...

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