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  Tuesday 7/7/15

I slept in way too late - 4pm! UGH.

I had some leftover fried rice from the Chinese restaurant we went to on Sunday. I added some portuguese sausage and soy sauce. It was really yummy!

It's just so hot and humid all of the time now... glad I slept in, for that if nothing else.

I wasn't hungry yet when we went to dinner at Murphy's, so I just got a chicken salad to go, with no dressing.  The people there are always so nice and friendly. They're used to us now; we're regulars.

After I got home, I worked on recording some more songs for Singer's Showcase and TIK. I felt "in the mood" for once. I also spent a lot of time listening to the other people's songs on those sites.  Our favorite comedy news shows are on vacation this week, anyway.

Otherwise, I just mostly worked on my TV site. I'm still so behind!

  Wednesday 7/8/15

I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned today, but I canceled my appointment and went back to sleep. Just too tired! Tomorrow I'll call and re-schedule.

I got a phone call later from this pest control company. They claimed I had made an appointment for today, and the guy said he came by (if he knocked, I didn't hear him, since I was sleeping). Now, I phoned 3 or 4 places, but I don't remember making an appointment any of them, except for the one that came about a month ago. I'm pretty sure that if I had, I would have called them back and canceled. The guy was annoyed, but I said I was sorry and couldn't remember for sure if I had made any appointment or not. Hopefully I didn't give them my credit card. I told him on the phone that we went with Orkin because they were cheaper, but also because they came right away and didn't make me wait for a month.  The others I called were either more expensive or couldn't come for a few weeks. I know, my memory is so bad. It's pretty horrible. I can't remember anything... I'm trying to do the blog daily because otherwise, I can't think of what happened the day before.

I've been trying to diet, and for the most part I've been successful, aside from some gluten free cupcakes today. Those are hard to resist! There were only two and I had them at different times of the day.

Otherwise, I've mostly been eating salads. I think I have three different containers with leftover salad in them. I'll probably combine them tomorrow. (that didn't work, two of them got spoiled)

I woke up late again...I had a yogurt around 4:15 and then we went out to dinner about an hour later, so once again, I got a salad to go. I went with him to the pizza place, J.J. Dolan's, and watched him eat, since I wasn't hungry. I ordered the salad next door at The Tap Room (that's also where I got the cupcakes).  When I ate the salad a little later, I was a bit annoyed that it had hardly any meat or cheese (which they charge extra for). Usually it's quite a bit. I added my own, but still....annoying.

The house is really dirty, and plumbers are coming on Friday, so I started cleaning it. So far I cleaned the bedroom and the master bathroom, and I did the laundry. Tomorrow I can hopefully vacuum and do more.  It's just so tiring, and hot. I feel very tired, yawning here, even though it's not very late. I know that napping would be a mistake!

I went through a pile of papers and magazines I saved...I reduced it to half, at least, so that's good. I picked up around the living room and dining area.

I've been using the new Samsung tablet to watch TV and listen to music, which is great fun. Very handy when my TV is doing something else and I'm using my laptop for work or something.

  Thursday 7/9/15

I stayed up until about 8am! Then I didn't get to sleep for a long while. Also, I got a telemarketer call that woke me up just after I'd finally gotten to sleep! And then also the dry cleaner guy came around 10 like he usually does on Thursdays. I had set the alarm for 3:15 because I didn't want to get a full night's sleep. Hoping I can get to bed earlier tonight!

I went to the post office and then headed over to get lunch. I was trying to cross the street on Bethel and this jackass almost ran me over and then cursed at me! UGH. Most drivers here are very nice. That one sure didn't have the Aloha Spirit.

I was very sick most of the afternoon with the usual problems. SIGH. We just had dinner at home. I made David some grilled turkey and cheese. I'll have some leftover salad later on. I'm trying to get the energy to go vacuum a little before David goes to sleep.

Our friend Trish (David's assistant Dean) is leaving for a job in Victorville. I'm glad she got what she wanted, but we'll really miss her. She's such a nice person, and fun.

I feel like such an idiot because I forgot to do something like, a year ago. Photos I was supposed to put up on my site. We were looking for a new place to live, and packing, and moving, so I was very busy, and then I just put it off and forgot about it. D'oh!

Last week I'd made an appointment with the dentist because I had a little sore on my gum, near my back tooth. They said it sounded like a canker sore. A few days later, the sore was much smaller and didn't hurt any more, so I canceled the appointment. Today I felt like there was something back there in my gum (between my teeth), so I used floss, but then I noticed the sore was back. It looked kind of like a blister more than anything. I stuck the end of a dental pick in it, and it popped easily, and blood came out. It doesn't hurt at all, but it's just bothersome, and worrisome. I hope it's just a little sore and nothing serious. I would like to go to the dentist tomorrow, but the plumbers are coming and need access to our unit all day. Maybe I can go out for a while, we'll have to see.

Now I'm cleaning the bathroom! UGH. I hope I can go to bed after that.

  Friday 7/10/15

I went to sleep sometime around 1am, then I got up this morning at 7 am. I cleaned the kitchen, we took down the recycling (it was a lot), and I took out the trash as well as vacuumed more. Now all I have left to clean is the living room and the middle room, so I'm just resting a bit before I do that. It's nice to have a clean place. I'm surprised by how much I was able to get done so quickly; so far, I'm not sore.

I got everything done except some vacuuming and the middle room. Yay!

I have an appointment for tomorrow for the dentist to check out that sore in my mouth. So glad they have Saturday hours!

The plumber is here making the minor repairs... David's bringing me lunch, too. He's so nice! Bad timing...the plumber left not too soon after that. I could have gone out and gotten my own lunch! Oh, well. I took a shorter nap and then the plumber came back a little later to do one final check after they turned the water back on.

I never did finish the rest of the cleaning. It's just too hot.

I went to the dentist because they phoned and asked me to come in this afternoon instead, and he looked at the sore in my mouth. It's something called a fistula (what a disgusting name). Basically, the oral surgeon in Georgia didn't do a very good job with my root canal. He didn't go all the way down to the root. So there's an infection there, and I'm going to have to get it re-done. What a pain. UGH. This infection causes this fistula to occur.  I remember that the root canal was super short, like 8 minutes long, so that explains it, I guess. Did they have somewhere else to be? LOL! I mean, I know I'm not the best patient, but jeez. I had my iPod during the root canal and I was surprised that I only had to listen to a few songs and then they were all done. I thought the dentist I had in Alabama was bad enough (and he was!). What really sucks is that I paid them a lot of money since the insurance only covered so much. They should give me a refund.

We went out for dinner to the Plaza Club with a friend. It's a business club -- you pay a small fee to get a membership. It's in the Pioneer building downtown here and HPU has bought or rented part of the building, and some of the staff are moving in there. We're thinking of getting a membership there, since it's not very much. It's a nice little club. They have a fantastic view of the Aloha Tower and the harbor (I posted some photos on Instagram).  Even though it was a Friday evening, and they had a happy hour with free delicious snacks, there was almost no one there except us! The chairs are really comfy, the service is great and they have great a/c (which we really need this weekend). I don't know why more people don't go there.  Even more astonishing is the fact that I could eat most of the snacks! Yay! They had these wonderful Spanish almonds, and some delicious cheeses, and some assorted olives, and meats, and squash with balsamic vinegar, and some tempura veggies (those I can't have). It was great.  We had a great time chatting with our friend.

Afterwards, we stopped for a drink and one karaoke song at Art's. Of course, I would have stayed for more, but David was tired. Art was drunk as a skunk, just like when we visited in February with Mary. It's amazing that he's still alive if he gets that drunk every week.

We wanted to listen to a RealPlayer file (the file extension is .ram) but the old laptop David uses wasn't working very well. I tried it on the Samsung tablet, but I got an error message. I played it on my regular laptop and then spent a lot of time with Samsung's online support, and on Google, trying to figure out if there was some special setting or app I needed, or if the Android just doesn't play these type of files. Turns out it's the latter. I finally just emailed the local Verizon and they helped me out. I don't know why it's so hard to find these things out. Samsung support should have known this already. Apparently the newest Android OS doesn't support RealPlayer or Flash files. That's annoying.

  Saturday 7/11/15

I was very tired and slept a lot today. Too much!

We went down to Hooter's for lunch. It's the muggiest day we've seen in a long while. Just awful. I was a little annoyed that the hostess who seated us cared more about where to place us for their convenience than to make us stand around waiting while she decided! Finally I asked if we could sit at one of the lower tables under the ceiling fan. I had my usual grilled chicken salad there. I mostly just ate the chicken and took the rest home for later.

Our waitress had super long hair down past her behind. I observed that she must have to be careful not to sit on it, and she groaned that I had no idea. Apparently a homeless man once waved her car down to let her know that it was hanging out the side of her car door! That is way too long.

Speaking of hair, I really need to get mine cut. Maybe this week sometime.

Later on, we went down to Waikiki for dinner. First we went to the Sheraton and walked around so I could take photos. I took some nice pictures of the beach. It's been very drizzly and overcast all day, but the photos came out pretty nice. Then we ate at Giovanni Pastramia, a place we both like a lot. It has sandwiches and pizza, mostly. I like their Chelsea, which is corned beef and pastrami with Russian dressing. I even had fries, but I only had a few. David likes their lox and cream cheese bagel, which is a habit he picked up when we lived in New York. I'm not a salmon fan.  Even when I ate bagels, no salmon for me! My favorite bagel sandwich was an onion bagel with egg salad, which I used to eat a lot when I worked at this one bakery and bagel store in Stony Brook. They let us eat pretty much anything we wanted, and the bagels always had to be fresh, so they let us each take home a dozen leftover bagels every day! Which was great when we had so little money as students. One of the best jobs I ever had. I just loved all their sweets, too, of course.

Anyway, back to the present... we stopped briefly at Kelley O'Neil's. They had a very loud Irish rock band playing. After we went home, I was tired but couldn't get to sleep. Even when I tried later on, the allergies woke me up, and then I couldn't get back to sleep. I basically didn't sleep at all. I got a lot of work done, though, on my site.

  Sunday 7/12/15

This morning we went to Zippy's for breakfast. They were pretty crowded. We almost never have to wait there, and we had to wait some to get someone to seat us. I think they were slightly busy plus short-handed. It took a long time to get our drinks and then food. I ordered eggs, bacon and hash browns. The bacon was perfect (not too crisp), but the scrambled eggs were runny, and the hash browns were cold! But they cooked and heated them up for me, rather quickly, and it was fine after that.  They were very nice, too, as always.

After some more walking around, and then getting sick from something I ate, I finally got to sleep for a while. Later on, we went out to Downbeat as usual for dinner. The weather has just been so bad. It was in the high 80's with 85% humidity. UGH.

Oh, yeah, this morning I realized we had the flour/grain beetles or weevils, whatever you call them. They look like little black bugs to me, but the net says they're reddish brown. They're almost as gross looking as cockroaches, but apparently they're harmless. I had to clean out the pantry and throw lots of stuff away. I guess you're supposed to put any flour in the freezer for a while and then put bay leaves in it and in your pantry to keep them away and to keep them from multiplying. So gross. I may not have noticed, but when the Orkin guy sprayed for the roaches, he got them, too, so I found many dead ones as well as live ones. Hopefully they will go away now, but I've got to call the Orkin guy to come back and spray again. I'm tired of these creepy crawly things. They like to fly onto my laptop screen, for some reason, too.

I have to also call the passport office to find out why I haven't gotten my new one (David got his pretty quickly and we sent the applications out at the same time, and they processed the checks), and make an appointment with the oral surgeon, and call my old dentist to ask them to send the x-rays to the current dentist! Also, I really need to go to the grocery store.

I did the dishes and the laundry tonight, and I replaced all of the batteries and clocks and other things that need them. It's almost 11:30, so I'm going to go to bed, fairly early for a change, and hopefully I can sleep through the whole night.

I'm going go try to keep eating healthy and start exercising again, this week! Yeah, I know, famous last words...

Have a great week and I hope you're all keeping cool!

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