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  Monday 5/25/15

I resolve to complain and whine less! :)

I'm still keeping track of what I eat, and my blood sugar etc. in my food diary. (off and on)

I woke up around 4:30pm. We went to dinner at the Cuban restaurant. It was one of the few places open downtown. I always have the Ropa Viejo. We didn't do anything after that. I just did the usual, worked and watched TV.

We did make reservations. Looks like we'll be flying to San Diego June 12.

6/13 arrive mid-day and then Padres night game
6/14 We'll go to El Cajon to visit family; David goes to Padres day game while I hang out with my SIL; probably karaoke that night in Santee with everyone.
6/15 no plans yet during the day.  Padres night game.
6/16 fly to Vegas, see my other SIL (staying at The Linq)
6/17 in Vegas
6/18 fly back from Vegas
6/19  free day so far
6/20 drive down to Carlsbad for a friend's mom's memorial
6/21 drive back to El Cajon and then fly home.

We'll be back 6/22. I need to find someone to water my plants while we're gone!

I went to bed early for a change, before midnight. I was so tired! Could barely keep my eyes open.

 Tuesday 5/26/15

I woke up around 8:30, so I got plenty of sleep. Just waiting for the dry cleaning to be picked up...

Well, the day turned awful. I was very sick (with my usual gluten problems), which made me very tired. The dry cleaners is closed all week (nice of them to let us know) so I waited around for nothing. I was feeling yuk and wanted to take a shower but had no energy.  My other allergies were really bad, too, so my eyes would not stop watering. I finally did get back to sleep and then slept another 5 hours. Which isn't good.... but oh well.

We went to Epic for dinner. I had a steak....

Nothing too interesting happened the rest of the day. I just did a lot of work on the site, plus Facebook etc.

I made the mistake of watching "Cats" that I'd recorded off PBS, two nights ago, and now I can't get the song "Jellicle Cats" out of my head. It's very repetitive...

 Wednesday 5/27/15

I kept trying to sleep, but I had horrible allergies keeping me awake. I had itching all over, especially my back; and coughing, congestion, and watery eyes. It was horrible. I think I finally went to sleep around 11. So much for not complaining! Ha ha!

I woke up a little after 5 when David called about dinner. Hopefully I can get to sleep early tonight. We ate dinner at Murphy's. Here's a funny story about Murphy's. When we first came here, I tried their corned beef because I love good corned beef, and most Irish pubs have it, and it's usually good. Well, it wasn't good. So I didn't try it again.  Then on St. Patrick's Day, they had a big outdoor thing near there and they had booths serving corned beef sandwiches, which were really good. So I decided to give it another try in their restaurant, since it was so good at the outdoor booth. And it was really good! Or at least it was good the two or three times I had it after that. Not tonight. It was back to being over-cooked and dry. Blah. Sometimes their chicken and turkey is also that way, so I usually avoid the chicken dishes there, and I ask for the turkey dark meat (even that is sometimes very dry). So when I got it tonight, I asked if I could have some that wasn't overcooked and dry... but that was all they had. Oh, well. I can chop it up at home and add some melted cheese, then it will taste ok. The people there are very nice and have fast service, and a lot of the food is really good.  David likes it. It has comfortable booths. So that's why we keep going back.

I heard that at the Cannes film festival, they wouldn't let women on the red carpet if they weren't wearing high heels. Wow, hard to believe that anyone can stand up for such a sexist policy.

A Facebook friend (a guy I knew in Georgia, who is a nice guy but I'm sure he's a Republican) was dissing poor people who get housing. I don't tolerate that. I hope he doesn't unfriend me, but... I take that personally. You don't know people's struggles, why they're poor. Most of the poor are disabled or elderly. You don't know if someone's mentally messed up or just plain can't get a good paying job. Maybe they have 3 kids because their husband died or left them. What do you want them to do, live on the street? You can't get a job easily once you have kids if you have no money and no education. You don't want to be that person or their kids. Life is a much bigger struggle for some people. They may have grown up in a really messed up or abusive home.  Some of us are very lucky and able to rise out of that kind of stuff. Not everyone's so lucky. I know I'm very lucky. My mom doted on me, since I was the youngest and the only girl, so I got plenty of love and affection, and I was told that I was great. This is very important to kids. Also, I've always been pretty smart, and well, pretty, nor at least not ugly. This does help, too. Life is less kind to ugly people. I'm not being shallow here. They've done studies. People who are more attractive do better in life. Even though I was a complete nerd with bad posture and unwashed hair, I was still pretty, so that probably kept me from getting even more bullied than I was. I was smart enough to go to college, too, and that makes a huge difference in what kind of jobs you can get and how much you can earn. I was put into a foster home, which means I got even more opportunities. I left a life of poverty and dysfunction to go into a middle class foster home.  The school, neighborhood and students were so much better, and people didn't get into fights as much. Later, I was on food stamps when I really needed them. I got Pell grants for college, too.  Those are all things funded by tax dollars, and you shouldn't complain about your taxes or how they go to help the less fortunate. That phrase "less fortunate" really does mean something. Most people like to think they come from a really messed up family, but if you had two loving parents who made sure you were fed and had a home, and there was no abusive or addictive behavior, then you were very lucky. Go hug your mom or dad right now! :)

Seriously, most poor and homeless do not want to be where they are, and most of them are not "lazy." I've heard so many people try to claim that this or that person is a welfare cheat. You can't judge a whole group of people by one or two jerks. Just because some people may take advantage or be jerks about it, doesn't mean that it's not a useful or helpful system or that there aren't many people who need help and get it.  Even poor people have pride and don't like being on food stamps.  Many people who are seen as lazy are actually really messed up mentally.

I made some really great chocolate truffles out of some old cookies I'd frozen that weren't very good. Yum.

I tried to go to bed early, but then I ended up waking up around 2:45am. Ah, well. I have a conference call at 6:30am.

 Thursday 5/28/15

I was up all day and didn't get to bed again until around noon. Allergies have been awful. Our dry cleaner guy is going on vacation in a few weeks, so he introduced me to a new guy who'll be taking his place. Lucky him, he's going to Japan! I think he's from there.

I woke up around 6 when David came home. We didn't bother going out to dinner for a change. I was too tired and recovering from allergies. I hate Spring! Even though we've been having wonderful weather.  I mean, even for Hawaii. It's been very nice. Usually it's already really hot by now. I'm sure that having our lanai door open all of the time probably doesn't help the allergies, but if I closed it, it would be way too warm.

I've just been watching TV and working on my site...

Sounds like my aunt is not doing well. I never met her, but I met her daughters years ago, and they're on Facebook. She was one of three of my uncle's wives. She's been fighting cancer for awhile. (She passed away)

I went to bed around midnight.

 Friday 5/29/15

I woke up around 4:30am. At least I got some sleep!

I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I came up with this fantastic Star Trek fan fiction, from a dream, and also a great song to go with it, and the story was published in a book anthology, edited by my friend Jean (she does write a lot of fan fiction). That's what they call "meta", I think. Too bad there really isn't a story that I dreamed (that I can remember, anyway)!

I had a couple of interviews this morning and they went well.

I had ordered something, and then I got an email saying they were delivered (this was at 9:30 am, so kinda early) and it said "delivered to your front porch or door."  Well, we live in a high rise, so we don't have a front porch, and no one has knocked on the door, and there was nothing at or on my door. So I went down to the security to see if I had any packages. I had three but none were that particular package! Apparently Fedex is too lazy to leave a slip on my door now.

I went to McDonald's for lunch. I tried to take a nap later, but I was not sleepy enough. It's just as well! I decided to sing, instead, and I recorded some songs. However, allergies were bad, so they didn't come out that well. I've been having terrible allergies all week.

We went out to this restaurant called Bali that's in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I've wanted to try it for a while, but it fills up fast because it's right on the beach with a great view. I finally thought to make a reservation on Thursday instead of Friday, (waiting to the last minute) for a change! The food was really good, and they had lots of gluten free options. The only thing is, I should have asked for a table right at the window because we were in this weird area that had a big post blocking our view. It wasn't a big deal or anything. I would definitely go back. The food was delicious. I wasn't starving, so I just had a salad and some scallops.  David had some kind of fish, I think? And creamed corn. We shared the second and it was wonderful.

I went to bed really early, around 8:30pm. I was just so tired!

 Saturday 5/30/15

I woke up around 3:30am, which was not good, either.

We went to Zippy's for breakfast. It was particularly noisy in there with lots of loud people. One guy at the other side of the restaurant kept making weird or loud noises (he may have been mentally disabled), and another guy came in and started talking loudly on his phone. UGH.

We didn't do too much that was interesting during the day...I just worked a lot.

We went to Gordon Biersch for dinner. I just love the ocean view there.  The weather is still great. If only I didn't have such horrible allergies, my life would be great.

Again I went to bed very early and got up very early....

 Sunday 5/31/15

I did a lot of work around the house today...things that needed doing as well as work on my site.

We went to the grocery store and then went to Hooters for lunch. I had a cheeseburger but had to send it back because it tasted like the meat had gone bad. They were very nice about replacing it.  They should be, when it costs so much there.  The people there are always super nice, though. It was raining earlier but then it cleared up. Rain doesn't last too long around here.

When we were out, we noticed that I had somehow managed to scratch my face. Yikes. I hope it doesn't leave too much of a scar.

I'm sorry my blog is so boring this week. It should get better once we travel, and once I get back with my band. I need to make some calls about that this week!

I still haven't received that package that they said was delivered... hopefully I'll get it this week.

The last two days, I've been spending a lot of time on this site,   It helps you keep track of which shows you've watched or which episodes you might have left to watch. It's good for binge-watchers or anyone who watches a lot of TV or movies. I mean, it's quite a bit of work for me, but it actually forces me to try to figure out which episodes I haven't watched yet, so that' very useful.

I took a very long nap after lunch and I didn't wake up until after 8:30 at night. I sure didn't want to mess up my schedule like that, but things seem to keep happening that way.

I just worked as usual and watched a ton of TV. I had really bad itching all night, especially on my back.

In college, we had a good friend named Subha. Her son, Ajay, just got married this week.  Time sure flies!

I hope you have a more interesting week than I did!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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