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  Monday 5/18/15

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night (shouldn't have taken a nap). I had to wake up around 7:30 for a call, and then I went back to sleep until the afternoon.

I was also having trouble sleeping because of coughing... I'm not sick any more, but the allergies keep the congestion going for awhile.

We went to dinner at Epic and then watched TV. Nothing too exciting today! I'm doing laundry. I felt really tired around 10. I still had to take my pills with food, so I cooked up some leftovers. It's so hard to keep regular hours.

I went to sleep about 1:30am and managed to sleep fine for a change, although I did have some weird dreams about characters from "Empire." At one point, someone (my dad?) was about to attack me, and I started yelling for help, and then I woke up. Whew! I was so relieved that it was over.

  Tuesday 5/19/15

I had to get up around 6:30 for another call. I was so tired! But I couldn't get back to sleep before my next call at 11. I finally did go back to sleep after lunch and slept until about 5pm.

We went to Murphy's for dinner, like usual.... I like their corned beef now. I got sick of the turkey.

I just spent the evening watching TV, and working, as usual!

I can't wait until we go out to California and Vegas next month. That should be fun and it'll be great to see everyone!

I found this site http://www.holdthecarbs.com and it has lots of low carb stuff, and many gluten-free items. I ordered some crackers, tortilla chips, sugar free chocolate chips, granola and some other items. I hope they taste good!

I'm still enjoying the Paleo Coconut Flakes, too, for breakfast. They're not as low carb as I'd first thought, though.

I just have too much to do.... I have all of my business cards out in the living room and I haven't been going through them much like I wanted to do. I spent a little time on them tonight.

  Wednesday 5/20/15

I stayed up all night because I had a 6am call, and then they canceled it. SIGH. I slept the rest of the day. David got take-out at Duc's Bistro.  Let's just say it was not a very good day for either of us, so we decided to eat in today. Their food is always good.

I really need to clean our guest room... it's been so messy for months! Every time I go in there and plan to clean it, I change my mind and wimp out...LOL! It just need to make some decisions. Blah.

I ended up staying up all night and most of the day!

  Thursday 5/21/15

I had slept so late yesterday that I just wasn't tired. I had a call at 7am this morning, and another one at 10. Then I went out and ran some errands at the post office and other places. After eating, I decided to try recording some songs. I can still sing pretty low, but not quite as low as last week, so I guess it means I'm almost all better. Today was a pretty bad allergy day, though. 

Then a plumber came tofix our kitchen sink, which has been slow and not draining well. Then I got sick from the usual problems. It was after 2:30pm by the time I went to sleep! Then I only had about 3 hours sleep before David called to see about dinner. I went back to sleep and then woke up coughing.

We just ate dinner at home and watched some TV. I'm surprised that I'm not more tired.

I really need to clean out the fridge. It's so dirty!

I went to sleep about 11 and then woke up a few hours later. I was itching a lot.

  Friday 5/22/15

I took allergy medicine, but here I am itching again, less than 4 hours later. That makes it hard to sleep or do anything else, for that matter!

I can't seem to go to sleep, either. It took a long time, but I finally went to sleep about 7am. I slept until almost 5. Oh well.

I'm so tired of Firefox freezing up all of the time. It's so annoying. Who has time to deal with figuring these things out? I tried Chrome and other browsers, but they all have their own problems with slowness or freezing.  My computer's only a year and a half old.

I hadn't realized my foster mom Marianne's movie (with her husband David) Melinda's World had Zac Efron in it when he was 13! That's so cool. I watched the movie but it was before he was big, and I don't remember it. I have the DVD somewhere...

 We went to Waikiki and ate again at Giovanni Pastrami, then to Kelley O'Neill's. We were supposed to have dinner with some friends, but one of them got sick.

I got some of the snacks I ordered from http://www.holdthecarbs.com/ and they're really great. So yummy.

I don't know what I did, but I have this intermittent pain in my upper left thigh. I hope it goes away! (it did)

One of my cousins posted on Facebook about my uncle Leonard.  Apparently he served on the USS Franklin, known as "Big Ben" or "The Ship That Wouldn't Sink."  Here's an interesting old documentary about it.  The sound is not great, comes and goes.

This was my uncle Leonard, whom they called Buster (he died before I was born); the YouTube video here is an old documentary about his ship, the USS Franklin. Very interesting documentary, although the sound goes in and out a lot. He was a Fire Controlman (FC3C). Wikipedia says, " Fire controlmen were highly skilled technicians responsible for the operation of various forms of range finding gear, and solving ballistics calculations to control the firing of the ship's guns. These skills were originally employed primarily for naval gunfire support, and surface combat, but during WWII, the responsibilities expanded into anti-aircraft warfare as well." There's a website about the ship http://www.ussfranklin.org We have a lot of military in our family. My dad and brother Stephen were in the Air Force. My brother David was in the Army and reserves. My nephew Jeremiah was in the army (killed in Iraq) and my niece Eliza was in iraq and Afghanistan in the National Guard. I'm not really sure about my other uncles, grandfather, cousins et al. It's good that they have Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day and Veterans' Day (although not really sure that we need all three of those holidays).

Even though mine was a military family, we didn't grow up with all these super patriotic values that everyone seems to have today. My dad didn't talk much, about anything, let alone military or war stuff. I'm sure it must have been hard on his family to have the oldest son die in the war, though.  I don't recall my mom saying much about this kind of thing, either. Since my dad had served for a long time in the air force, and I think they met when he was in it, we went to the Naval Hospital for medical services. The naval hospital was really awful, and she used to say terrible things about it (and justifiably so). My brother Stephen only joined the air force, I believe, to avoid the draft. David was 4F but later somehow joined. Pat was too young so his number never got called. This was all for the Vietnam war. I doubt any of them really wanted to be career military.  We were all geeks, so maybe if there had been a space force, we would have all wanted to join! LOL!

Back in the 70's, most people I know were anti-military. San Diego was a navy town, and everyone knew sailors, but in general the service itself was looked down on. When they had military day at the baseball stadium, people would boo. Everyone called the sailors swabbies, and the Marines were jarheads, and these were not terms of endearment. I don't think there's anything wrong with being in the military, and we definitely shouldn't treat people in that profession with disdain. However, I hate war and think it's wrong, and we shouldn't spend so much money on it. I can't help it, though. I'm a liberal. I would much rather we spent the money on helping the poor, and on education. But it's still weird to me that people seem to now revere the military and say "thank you for your service" and all that. That was not the case 20-40 years ago. Things sure have changed!

You may not know it, but Hawaii has a lot of military! We have lots of bases, from what I can tell, including the one at Pearl Harbor. Although I don't think we should have so many military employed, it will definitely hurt the island if they have fewer military and few resources. It's not a black and white situation.  Especially since we have so few middle class any more. Going into the military is one of the few ways nowadays that someone without a college education can make more money than, say, working at McDonald's. They get a lot of benefits (although I think they have cut a lot of those, which is not right).  Now if only they would also take care of all those poor homeless veterans out there. OK, off my soapbox now!

I'm so annoyed because I was going to make reservations at Il Vino, which we love. Turns out, they went out of business and closed last weekend! Also the restaurant next to them, which we also liked. That's such a bummer.

I went to sleep around 5am.

  Saturday 5/23/15

David woke me up about 11:30 and went over to Hooters for lunch as usual. I'm kind of sick of the chicken there, so I had a bacon cheeseburger, no bread or fries. I had celery sticks. Most of their dressings and sauces are not gluten free, so I had mayo and mixed in some ketchup, which made a nice dipping sauce for the celery!  I always love going there because the waitresses are so nice (they know us now) and it's so pretty there right on the harbor. A guy had two cute little black pug dogs that he was training for service. They had the most adorable little wrinkly faces and were begging for food, as dogs do, especially in a restaurant. I wonder if it's cruel to dogs to bring them into a place that is just soaked with food smells, since they have such a heightened sense of smell? I wonder if it just drives them crazy. They seem to act like it does. Or maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

I stopped at Wal-mart on the way back and bought a few things. They have some great superhero T-shirts and shorts! After I got home, I went back to sleep. I saw a really cute baby onesie with Spider-Man on it. It said "Future Webslinger!" I wish I knew someone with a baby...

We went out to Downbeat Cafe for dinner. We usually go there on Sundays, but we're meeting our friends Lena and George for dinner tomorrow somewhere else. Not sure where yet! Then we stopped at J.J. Dolan's for drinks. I have to say that not just Hooters, but most of the people here, and especially waitresses and bartenders, are very nice and especially nice to regulars.  We've lived a lot of places, and people here say hi to you on the street a lot, and waitresses are chattier. Of course, what do you expect from a place where people are always hugging and kissing, I guess?

When we got back to our building, our favorite dog Sophie was there, with her owners. She's always so sweet and friendly! She has little bug-eyes that make her extra-cute.

I just worked for the rest of the evening and watched TV. I tried to go to bed around 6 but couldn't sleep.

  Sunday 5/24/15

We went to breakfast at Zippy's, since I couldn't sleep! I don't really like it, but there aren't many breakfast places around here, aside from donut places. I wish I had the money to open one! Scratch must make a mint because they have people lined up every day. There are two main reasons I don't like Zippy's. 1) I don't know if any of their food is gluten free, so I have to be really careful what I order. 2) When I order eggs and bacon, they almost never make it the way I ask.

I went to sleep around 9am. David went to the grocery store while I was sleeping. I woke up around 4:30pm. I had made reservations at Soul de Cuba for 6pm so we could meet our friends George and Lena there. Well, apparently I was on the website for some place in Connecticut with the same name! So when we got to the restaurant, they were all booked up. Fortunately, George and Lena drove up right around then, and they drove us over to Gordon Biersch. We had a nice dinner there, but they had a fairly loud blues band playing, so it was difficult to hear each other talk. We had a great visit, though.

Then David and I stopped at Murphy's for drinks and dessert. I need to get back on my diet, though. Lena and George look great. They've been getting in shape.

After we got home, I did some singing/recording and some work around the place like laundry. I finally cleaned up the guest room! Yay! It only took 3 1/2 months.

All through life (I mean real life, not cyber life), we encounter people who are our friends, and then, for whatever reason, they stop being our friends. I guess it's like people who date you and then don't call. It's just so sad because you wonder what you did wrong or what reason they might have, and then you also miss them. Then if you see them, it's so awkward.  I had two good friends do that when we were younger, and we're now friends on Facebook! Which is weird, especially since they never did apologize or explain why they stopped being friends. I could never do that to someone, just stop calling, stop being friends. I guess I'm just a lot more loyal than some people, or maybe I just value friendship more. Even though I do have a lot of friends, I think it's important to keep the ones you have.  But people are weird. We had some friends stop doing things with us one time and then it turned out they thought, for a particular reason, that we would hold something against them (which was very silly). They wasted all of that time that they could have been getting to know us better, just out of a silly fear that made no sense. Ah, well. Treasure your friends and make sure they know you value them!

  Monday 5/25/15

Happy Memorial Day!

I still haven't gone to bed.... I'm going to post this, even though I haven't yet posted my TV Blog. I'll try to post that later today. I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your week.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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