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  Monday 5/4/15

As you may recall, I've been sick with a cold since last Tuesday, and now I have sinusitis. I didn't sleep too much over the weekend, due to coughing, but finally I got a good cough medicine from the doctor. At first it didn't seem to work very well, but it finally has been working and I was able to sleep through last night. Yay!

It makes me wonder, though, who comes up with these instructions. They say "take no more than 4 times per day" when it would be so much easier if they'd just say something like "take every 6 hours".  Or they say "5 ml" and then you have to figure out how much that is, rather than saying "one teaspoon". This one didn't come with a little plastic cup, either. The other two were also 5 ml and came with a plastic cup that is about 20 ml and a line for 10 ml. Trying to measure 5 ml is really hard on that cup. At least this stuff actually tastes good! It's promethazine-codeine and tastes like a bit like lime-ade.

I just woke up around 2:39pm. Thankfully, my mouth is feeling better, too. I guess all the little cuts are healing. there's almost nothing worse than having a cut on your tongue or inside your mouth. It makes it very difficult to eat or even swallow.

David has some thing this evening until 7pm. I don't have much food in the house because we didn't go to the store lately. I'm going to either have to muster up the energy to go out myself, or figure out how to get food delivered here in the building. I hate having to deal with the whole intercom system here. It's a bit of a pain. I mean, I did go out the past two days, so it's not like I'm that weak... I'm just being a little lazy.

David's going to come home a little early and pick some groceries up for me at Safeway. I don't have to go out. Yay! Normally I would want to go out, but I'm still sick, so all I really want to do is lie or sit around.

I took a little nap and David brought home groceries. We had rotisserie chicken for dinner, and then he left for his student thing.

I wish I could sing, but I can't even barely talk....  I tested out singing, but it's too difficult and makes me cough.

I stayed up way too late listening to music and trying to organize my list of songs (which ones I've done, which ones I need to re-do, etc.).

At least I got the laundry and dishes done! I even was able to straighten up around the house a little and gather the trash.

  Tuesday 5/5/15

I've been very thirsty and tired from the cough medicine...

I got up around 9 because I had an interview at 9:30.  Then I went back to sleep before 11 and slept until after 2pm. I'm still coughing myself awake quite often, but I can sleep in-between. I'm really tired of coughing!

I got to ask famous movie director M. Night Shyamalan a question over the phone...it was about his new TV show, but still, it was cool. He takes a lot of flack, but his movies are very interesting. "Sixth Sense" was great, of course. I really enjoyed "Signs," although I hated the ending quite a lot. We both really hated "Unbreakable," mostly because it was so slow. I think I did watch "The Village" on TV, but I don't remember it very well. I haven't seen his others yet. For the past 20 years, I've only watched a few movies because of spending so much time watching TV, for my site. Also, David never really liked going. He's not a fan of movies. I used to make him go with me. When we moved to Lubbock, I had Lynn to go with, so I stopped making him go, and so we got out of that habit.  Since then, I haven't really had anyone to go with regularly, and he's too busy now as dean, anyway. I try to see the big superhero movies, at least, plus most of the movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Whenever possible, I watched when we were visiting others, or they were visiting us.  I went to a couple of movies with our friend Elizabeth in Tuscaloosa, but she has a big family and was often too busy to go.  We now have friends here, so hopefully I can go more.

I'm looking forward to next weekend, in fact, when I go to see the latest Avengers movie with Tom and Cynthia! I hope it'll live up to my expectations. I was kind of disappointed with the first one. I know I'm in the minority about that, though. Of all of the superhero movies, I have to say that the X-Men movies have been my favorites, as well as the Captain America and Thor movies.

I had some Paleo Coconut Flakes for breakfast...so yummy. Later I took some leftover rotisserie chicken and cut it up, added some sugar free bbq sauce, and some cheese, put it in the microwave. It was delicious. For dinner, David brought me a sandwich from Subway.

I took a long nap this afternoon. Blah. I was still coughing and waking up a lot.

I decided I'm going to stop taking the cough medicine unless I really need it, or before bed. I'm just tired of being so sleepy from it.

This Saturday, the post office is doing their non-perishable food drive, so I went in our kitchen cupboards to look for stuff. I found more than I thought I had. I also found some chocolate I had forgotten about it, so I'm very happy about that! I've been mostly sticking to my diet, but I'm sure not going to waste good chocolate. 

I wish I could hurry up and get well, so I can go back to real dieting and exercise. One thing that's been really good, though, about being sick, is that we've been mostly eating at home, so I haven't had nearly as many gastric troubles from eating unintentional gluten. I was sick some today from it, but it was the first time in almost a week. I guess we'll continue not to eat out so much.

We have a ton of recycling to take downstairs. We've both been very lazy about it. I also ordered a new hat rack that has been sitting here for quite a while now, waiting for me to put it together. The old one has broken many times, so it was time. The problem is that I pile too much onto it and then it falls over, and it's made out of wood, so the branches or whatever you call them, break when they hit the floor. This new one looks a bit sturdier.

I had to break down and take more cough medicine... too much coughing. I have such a headache from the sinus infection and coughing. Also, I still have a little fever. I hope I don't have to go back to the doctor. It's been a week. Enough is enough!

I've been having a lot of gluten-related abdominal pain tonight, too. It's not fun. Eventually I felt better after a long while.

  Wednesday 5/6/15

I still wake up quite often from coughing, even though I'm propping myself up with pillows. However, my speaking voice sounds more normal now, and I have more energy, so hopefully that means I'm on the mend. If I'm still coughing by Saturday, I'll probably use the Sinus Rinse Kit to clean out my sinuses. I really hate using it, but it does work.

We went to Murphy's again for dinner. We're both sick of it, but it's one of the few places around here we can agree on. Well, he's very picky!  LOL!

That reminds me, the other day we went there, and we were walking back (it was light out still), and there was this woman sitting in a car, parked by the side of the road. David and I were talking, and laughing, and I looked over at the women, and she asked if we were interested in going to a comedy show. It was so weird.  It would have been one thing if she was passing out flyers or something, but talking to us from her car was very odd, like she was selling stolen watches, or drugs, or something. We just said, "No, thanks" and kept walking, but we both thought it was so strange! Maybe because we were laughing, she thought we would appreciate comedy...who knows!!?!

I took some Mucinex and it really cleared up my sinuses! The doctor I saw on Sunday said not to take it because she wanted the cough medicine to work on its own. Clearly, though, the medicine was not working that well. Hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight.

  Thursday 5/7/15

All of the medicine failed me and I was not able to sleep very well; I kept waking up coughing. Today I did the sinus rinse kit, and it didn't help, either, when I tried to go back to sleep. I emailed my doctor, so I'll see what she says...

I went to the pizza place with David, and then we stopped at Tap Room so I could get take out. I was feeling so tired and worn out. I'm so behind on the things I wanted to do, like going to the store and getting my hair cut.

I wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do! Sleep, clean, watch TV, read, listen to music, record, exercise, go out with friends... and when I'm sick, I have even less time. SIGH.

I still have a little bit of a fever, here and there. I hope my doctor gets back to me tomorrow.

  Friday 5/8/15

I woke up coughing around 12:30, but other than that, I didn't sleep too badly. I feel rested for a change.

My doctor called me in a prescription, but it has hydrocodone in it, and I can't take that. One time before when I had it, it made me dizzy and short of breath. I'm dizzy enough! :) Hopefully she can get me a different one that I can pick up on Saturday.

I went out by myself for about an hour today, for the first time in a while. I'm exhausted! All that walking around. First I stopped at Ross and got a new purse. The one I use most is literally falling apart. I couldn't find one that was just like it, but I like the one I got. At first I was looking at this purse that had fringe on it - reminded me of one I had back in the 70's! But it was $80, since it was real leather. It's Ross, so it was marked down from $125. Good bargain, but still. I didn't like it THAT much. The one I got was only $16.

I had bought a purse online months ago, and I like how pretty it is, and it's roomy, but instead of a strap it has a chain and it's kind of clunky.  Here are pics of my purses

Then I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a few things. I brought my little red cart so it came in handy. Then I stopped at Subway and got a sandwich for later.

I phoned my doctor and she's not there today, but they're having another doctor call me in a little while, to have a short chat, so I can get some more cough medicine...hopefully it will work better than what I'm taking. Update: There is no stronger cough medicine than the one I'm taking that doesn't have hydrocodone in it. That bites! Hopefully I will continue to sleep ok and get better :(

We're going to Waikiki for dinner at Hatsuhana, the Japanese place we like in the Hilton. It's always good, they know gluten, and you don't need a reservation.

It was a great dinner. I love the jidori chicken there. Then we went to Irish Rose for a little while. I was feeling very sleepy for a while but then perked up. The weather today was just beautiful, I have to say.

Then I got an obscene phone call on my cell phone. UGH.

I learned something this week about myself that I'd never realized before, thanks to Facebook, of all things. I've always thought of myself as a science fiction fan. So when there was this FB quiz about how many of the top scifi movies you'd seen, I took it and was astonished to learn that I'd only seen 28 of them (out of 50).

I'm really more of a fantasy fan. I like scifi books and TV, of course, but with films, I prefer movies that are not depressing. So many scifi movies have dystopian futures or are very violent and many don't have happy endings. I'm one of those who likes happy endings in my movies. So I love the Star Trek, Star wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Hunger Games movies because either I grew up with them or have read the books. Which is not to say that I don't love movies like Bladerunner, but I don't seek them out as much as I used to.  I'm much more likely to watch a scifi TV show than a movie, probably because with a TV show they usually have good character development.

Also, I just don't watch that many movies because I don't have anyone to go with most of the time. If I do go, I'm more likely to see a superhero movie. I like those the best!

Most evenings, David goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 (later on the weekends), and then I'm up for awhile... before I got sick, I was on an earlier schedule. Now that's all messed up again, of course! Usually I work on my site, and watch TV, but I do take some time out to eat, and clean, and sometimes to listen to music.  I spend way too much time on my site, though.

Master Card had sent me a second card, and the letter they sent said something about getting a new RFID chip, which didn't make sense. My old card already had an RFID chip, and the two cards are exactly the same, except for the card number. I phoned, and it turns out that what really happened is that my card may have been compromised. Apparently, when a company that uses your card has their data compromised, and your card may be in there, then they automatically send you a new card. Weird, huh? Why didn't they just say that in the letter, or call me?

I stayed up very late, and then I still couldn't get to sleep...

  Saturday 5/9/15

I did sleep pretty well, once I finally got to sleep! I slept too late... I need to start getting up earlier so I can get my schedule back again. So frustrating!

David had a work thing during the day while I slept. We were going to go to Il Vino for dinner, but since it's the day before Mother's Day, it was full up, as was the restaurant next to it. We went to Ruth Chris, and we got a seat in the bar. It was kind of cramped, and loud (made it hard to talk), and the place is super-expensive, but the food was great, and they have huge portions, so we enjoyed it. It was raining a bit on the way back. It's very humid today.

I spent most of the evening working on my site and catching up on watching some TV. I did the dishes, at least.  Not much else!

I went to bed about 5:30 am.... that's the earliest I could manage it as I was just not sleepy before that.

  Sunday 5/10/15

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, I briefly chatted with one of the security guards downstairs about how it was raining, and he wished me a "Happy Mothers' Day!"  Now, I wasn't offended or anything, but it struck me as very presumptuous and kind of sexist. He's never seen me with any kids, so he has no reason to think I'm a mom. I doubt he wishes male strangers "Happy Father's Day!" Oh, well, not a big deal.

I'm very excited this morning (although also so sleepy) because I'm meeting Tom and Cynthina to see the new Avengers movie! I can't wait. I hope it's good.

It was a fabulous movie. Best one of all of the superhero movies yet. It was also great to see the 3D Star Wars trailer, too. We went to Downbeat for dinner and David met up with us.  I was getting very tired, though, since I'd only had about 5 hours sleep.

I'm looking forward to the Ant-Man and new Fantastic Four movies, too. I have to say that some of the other summer movies looked good, too, like the new Terminator, Bond and Jurassic Park movies as well as Tomorrowland.

Tomorrow is bulk trash pick-up day, so we had to bring down a bunch of large pieces of wood from our old bed frame. What a pain. I had forgotten and was just about to go to bed when I remembered. UGH. I didn't want all of that sitting around here again for another month.

I tried to sleep early but I kept waking up. I have an early conference call at 3am my time. I'm still coughing myself awake periodically, but otherwise I'm doing much better. My speaking voice is back to normal.

Have a great week and I hope everyone is healthy and happy! I can't wait until this June when we'll be visiting our friends and family in Las Vegas and San Diego.

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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