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It's been a tough couple of weeks. David was very sick last week. He was getting all better and then had a terrible coughing fit on Thursday and was feeling awful on Friday. Then he got a fever of 102 degrees. He almost never gets sick at all.  The doctors here at Kaiser will prescribe medicine for you over the phone after just talking with you (which, honestly, I feel is kind of odd), so they gave him a new inhaler, cough medicine and antibiotics. He was feeling much better the next day or so.

We were supposed to go to the HPU Spring choral concert on Friday, but David was too sick, so we didn't go. I was very disappointed, but I had to take care of him. I always enjoy the choral music. Then on Sunday the orchestra and band had their concert, at the Hawaii Theater, which is just a few blocks away, so we went to that. David was feeling much better by then. They played with this group Streetlight Cadence, which is an indie folk/pop group comprised of people who used to go to HPU. They're very good. It was a really good concert, all the way around. Plus I got to see many HPU people that we know.

I wore this new dress, and I didn't realize that it was very low cut, and worse, if you slouch like I do, it does not look good. I did have a shawl and kept pulling that around me as best I could. I hope it didn't look too bad!  Next time I will have to pin it.

I had hoped to escape David's terrible cold, but I was feeling very tired all day Tuesday and then Tuesday night, I got the sore throat. I was so annoyed. It's been a pretty horrible cold. Wednesday I also had severe intestinal troubles (probably from gluten poisoning, but it was a really bad case of it). I thought maybe I had the flu because I had some aches and pains as well, but thankfully, it was only Wednesday. I just have a chest cold or virus, like David did. I've mostly been sleeping all week. I had a fever almost as bad as his for two days.  It's a little better now. I'll probably keep sleeping for a few days until it's all gone. I hope the cough doesn't get too bad. So far, the Robitussin is helping a lot. It's a weird virus, judging from the two of us having it. There is not much of a runny noise at all. There's a lot of mucus and congestion. It becomes a chest cold quite quickly. I hope I don't get bronchitis again.

In the meantime, we finally got a new bed frame and box springs. Our old bed frame was what they call a platform bed, which means there were no box springs. It was a frame and headboard, but underneath, it just had boards going across, and the mattress was on that.  It was cheap, and first the right side gave out, and that had to be replaced (when it was still under warranty), and then the left side gave out completely. So we've been sleeping on a slanted bed. I finally said enough is enough, so I phoned and got us a new frame, and this time it comes with a box springs. There's no headboard, unfortunately, but we're just grateful to have a flat, even bed to sleep on. We were taking turns sleeping on the slant or on the couch, and that isn't fun.

It's been so unusual for us because we haven't eaten out hardly at all the past two weeks! We've either been cooking at home or getting take-out. While I was sick, I certainly have been eating a lot less. I hope I lost some weight!

My old singing teacher from Stony Brook, Suzanne Galer, is on Facebook. She was my second voice teacher. My first voice teacher was an old lady named Mrs. Manning who passed away a long time ago. Ms. Galer was a graduate student when I was an undergrad at SUNY Stony Brook. After that, I was at UT El Paso for a year and had Ms. Anna Sylvan as a voice teacher. I had found her UTEP page, I believe, on the web years ago, but I couldn't find her on Facebook. I went looking for her again online and I was so shocked and saddened to find that she has passed away. She was very young, too. Here's her obituary. She was so nice. I wasn't a very good singer then, and she wasn't able to help get me past the vocal problems I had, but she did help me quite a lot. Everything I ever learned about singing I got from all of my various voice teachers and choir teachers. They all helped out.  Ms. Sylvan was also my teacher for French, German, and Italian diction. I had her for that for a year, two different semesters. I didn't always understand everything that any of those teachers told me at the time, but eventually, once I figured out how to support my breath, I was able to use the tools and skills they passed on to me. I'm sure I'm not the only student Ms. Sylvan has influenced, and she will be missed. I just wished that I could have told her that before she died.

Speaking of singing, I updated my songs page again with some new songs, so check it out! Maybe one day I'll be healthy enough to sing again! I guess it's a good thing we didn't get that Cinco de Mayo gig after all. I wouldn't have been able to sing by Tuesday!

My brother Pat and his wife Laurie's anniversary was this week... of course, we saw them get married in August! I guess they got married previously and then had another wedding for family. A lot of people do that nowadays. They've been married 26 years! It's funny because I was going to post an old photo of Pat anyway for "Throwback Thursday," but then I saw it was their anniversary, so it was an excellent opportunity to dig out an old one from their wedding. Woo hoo! :)

I was reading an article recently about an actress and her husband who go to marriage counseling regularly. To them it's no big deal, and they also said everyone should do it right away, not just after they're having problems. I don't think that's very realistic. For one thing, most people have hang-ups about going to a shrink or counselor. They don't want to tell their secrets to strangers or think they can help them.  Then with marriages, there would be more worry that the counselor might favor one person over the other and place the blame. I don't think that's what counselors do, but it's what people think they do. And then lastly, they aren't free, so I don't think most couples can afford it. Sure, two rich working Hollywood stars can do it! Not the rest of us. Now, me, I would go, sure. I have nothing against therapy. I've never gone, but sometimes I think maybe I should, for my own "issues." But I'm pretty lazy, and I think that's also another reason most people don't go. I would have to be pretty unhappy to get around to finding a psychiatrist and then going, and I'm sure I would have to go alone. Fortunately, I don't think I need one. It would be nice, though, if going to a therapist was a routine thing we all did, like going to get a physical. Get your mental health checkup with your physical checkup. I like that! Of course, there are plenty of people who don't get physicals, either. There are lots of people who are afraid of going to the doctor.

I don't mind going to the doctor. It just seems there are always more I need to see and it's time consuming. We have Kaiser here, so most of the doctors are all in one building, which is convenient, except we don't live near it. It's about a mile and a half away. And then the specialists are in another part of the city, much farther, so that's not convenient.  I'm supposed to go in sometime and get my bloodwork done again for my diabetes. I've been putting that off. Thankfully, the lab is open on weekends, and you don't need an appointment. They do have doctor appointments on weekends, too, which is great. I think I still need to get one female physical exam done, too, and I still need to go the dentist (unfortunately, that's not Kaiser). They're very convenient in many ways, like I can email my doctor, and I can get my prescriptions via mail.

I saw something on TV about Kaiser having a fight with the unions. Uh-oh! Here's a link that talks about it. Now I feel bad about going to Kaiser. :( I think we only had 2 choices via David's work, and they were the better choice.

I can hardly wait for the new Avengers movie! It came out this weekend, but I'm seeing it next Sunday with Tom and Cynthia. Yay!

We were supposed to get together with our friends Lena and George, but we've been sick, so we had to postpone...and now they're going to be out of town. It's hard to match schedules sometimes.

My MIL just moved to a new seniors home called Elmcroft of La Mesa. I hope she likes it. I went online today to find some good Mother's Day goodies for her.

We're going out to San Diego and Las Vegas in mid-June. I can't wait! It'll be nice to see everyone again. I don't really miss flying, but I do miss seeing other places and people. It's good that we've had a lot of great visitors the past two years, though.

The Robitussin DM stopped working, and I was coughing my head off, so I started taking David's prescription cough medicine, Cherratussin. It's fine because I've had that many times before. It helped me sleep for a while without coughing. Yesterday my voice was almost gone. I sounded like a teenaged boy whose voice is changing, or a lifelong smoker. Today it's better, but when I do talk a bit, it starts sounding like that again. I'm sure David's glad to have me shut up! LOL!

Today is Saturday, 5/2 and I don't have a fever. I decided to test out how I'm doing, so we walked down to Hooters, which is on the harbor and about a half mile away. Going down there wasn't too bad, although I was very thirsty (probably from all of the medicine I've been taking). We walked very slowly as I'm still kind of tired and weak. The big fight is today, Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather, so the place was packed, and they were charging $25 at the door! Since the fight starts later, and we were just there to eat, they let us in. I don't care about boxing whatsoever, and David would only care if it was heavyweight. We had to look up what weight class it is (welterweight).  There are a lot of Filipinos here in Hawaii, so they all turned out to watch Pacquiao.  I actually had a chance to interview him months ago in a conference call with some other people (I forget what show he was on), but it was one I decided to sleep in during, instead. If he wins the fight, I'll be even more pissed at myself for missing that call. (He didn't win) I was pulling against Mayweather, though, once I found out that he's a wife-beater.

I wore my "Avengers" shirt and got comments on it. That's fun!  Then when we were leaving a guy at a nearby table was surprised we were leaving. He assumed we were tourists and said "Enjoy the island!"  No, we're not tourists, we just don't like boxing! We come here every Saturday.  We just said, "Thank you," of course.

A little while before we left, I started feeling really tired all of a sudden. The walk back was really tough. I stopped once to sit for a minute and rest. I would have liked to do that more. Also, it's very hot outside. I'm very happy to be sitting here at home, with my soda, relaxing. I had hoped to take a nap, but I was coughing a lot, so I decided to wait until tonight to sleep.

Later, we went to dinner at Murphy's. Everyone was somewhere else watching the big fight! Neither of us cared about it. I tried the corned beef, and it was really good. My appetite still hasn't really returned yet, though.

I keep biting the side of my tongue, and inside my cheek, for some reason. I don't know what's going on with that! Thank goodness for Orajel. I looked it up online and it says that maybe my teeth aren't aligned correctly. Another reason I need to go to the dentist!

It's been pretty nice weather lately, so I can't complain too much. We're still in our windy- and sometimes-rainy season, and it's mostly been in the 70's. We have a few warmer days, but not too many.

It's Saturday night --Tried to sleep but kept coughing. Then I got up to see about moving to the chair, and all of a sudden I just felt awful. Like my heart was pounding really fast, and I was a little nauseous, maybe dizzy, and then really hot and sweaty. My blood sugar was fine, so it wasn't that. It felt quite a lot like having low blood sugar.  My temperature is a little high but not too bad. I don't know, but it was horrible. I tried to take my blood pressure, but we have the kind with the cuff and I couldn't get it to work. I don't have the hand strength to pump it, I guess. I'm okay now, but it was really scary. I wondered if I was having a heart attack or something. I probably just took too much Sudafed or maybe all of the medicines I'm taking didn't work very well together. I hope that's it, anyway.

I went back to sleep and then woke up, feeling the same way, so I woke up David to help me with the blood pressure monitor. That was probably a bad idea because he gets far more worried about these things than I do. It was a little high, but not too bad. I was fine after that. This is such an awful cold. I'm so tired of coughing. Hopefully I'll be better in a few days. I can't sleep now because I keep coughing and I'm just awake now. SIGH.  Well, at least I didn't have a heart attack or anything!

Sunday--I finally slept about an hour? Just exhausted. After I woke up around 10:30, I called David, who'd gone into the office, to come home. We went to Straub Clinic because Kaiser no longer has any urgent care here on the island. That really sucks because it means, no insurance. At least as far as we could find out. Straub is a really nice place and they treated us well. They should, considering a doctor's visit is $200! Yikes! Anyway, the doctor examined me and said I have sinusitis and so I got an antibiotic and cough medicine (both of which we'll have to pay for since with Kaiser you can only get prescriptions at their place if you want the insurance price). David dropped me off at Gordon Biersch so I wouldn't have to walk and he dropped the car at home, then took my prescriptions in to Walmart. They wouldn't fill it without my being there, or my ID, so he went to Long's. They were glad to fill it and, when they heard that we're Kaiser members, they said they would give us a discount anyway. So that was nice!

We had a nice lunch, although I did cough a lot. There was a big table of Italian people sitting nearby. The waitress was very nice; she just moved here in March from Virginia Beach. People here are very chatty.  I walked home and, although I'm very tired, I'm not weak today like I was yesterday.

I'm heading to bed soon; it was too hot to sleep when we first got home. Well, I tried, but the new cough medicine isn't that great, either. So far I still haven't been able to sleep without coughing. Heck, even just sitting here, I'm coughing. The new medicine isn't working.

I hope this goes away soon because it's really annoying and painful. Hope you all are well and healthy. Have a great week!

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