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  Tuesday 4/7/15

I was going to meet with Cynthia at the mall, but I just couldn't make it up in time. Last night I just had so much going on, and I had slept so much, that I wasn't that tired. Then when I tried going to bed, my back was hurting, and I just didn't sleep very well, or more than about an hour. So I was just too exhausted to get up. She was very understanding.

David came home in the afternoon. It's great to have him back!

We went to dinner at Murphy's. I ordered their lamb chops again, but this time they came with a soy sauce-based sauce on them, so I had to send them back and get the turkey. Blah. So disappointing. They were very nice about it, though.

I was sick a lot today. It just happens so much lately. I'm getting pretty tired of it. I'm just going to have to mostly eat at home because I can't keep doing this.

  Wednesday 4/8/15

Today I started taking a second Glipizide to see if it helps my blood sugar... unfortunately, I think it also made me very sick. Hopefully my body will adjust to it within a few days.

We got our taxes done, so that's good!

Looks like our friend Stacey and her husband are coming out to the islands in a week, so we might get to see them. I know Stacey through my friend Lynn, who lives in Lubbock. Stacey used to live in San Diego but now lives up in Northern California. She's very nice, so it'll be good to see her and to meet her husband. I met her at the GH Fan Club events with Lynn.

Because I've been getting up so late and not going to the store like I should, I ran out of diet soda tonight. So stupid. I was even drinking flat soda because it was all I had. Then I switched to water. I ran out of that, too (I don't like tap water), so I went down to the first floor where the pool is and bought a few water bottles from the machine there. The things we do when we're desperate and lazy!

I can't believe that people are donating to those awful Memories Pizza people in Indiana that are saying they don't want gay customers.  It's so sad that hate is getting them rich.

I made some low carb, gluten free pancakes this week. Yum!

I did buy a couple of gluten free cupcakes and cookies at Let Them Eat Cupcakes today, after our dinner at Epic. They're not low carb, so I'm just eating a little bit at a time. Besides cupcakes, they make these really good chocolate-dipped macaroons.

  Thursday 4/9/15

I didn't get to bed this morning until about 11:30. First, I was sick a lot. Then I couldn't sleep for a while and had to get up for a while and then try again. Then I had something to eat. Also, I was supposed to do this conference call interview, but I didn't feel like it, so I asked a volunteer to do it, but I had to wait until she answered. Then it was so late, that I just stayed up and waited until the guy came to deliver the dry cleaning. After that, I slept like a log. I only slept for about 5 hours, so I'm still pretty tired.

We went out to the Taproom for dinner. I really like their salads. I ate most of it and took the rest home.

My blood sugar has not been great, despite watching everything I eat and taking more medication. I do still need to exercise more, but it's tough with my being sick all the time, and with my screwed-up sleeping schedule. Like always!

I will struggle to stay awake for a while, I guess... then hopefully go to bed a little earlier than usual.

 Friday 4/10/15

I actually did get up early for a change! Around 7:30am.

My poor MIL has to move again. She just moved within her assisted living place and now we have to find a new one for her. I don't want to go into details, but it's very sad. Moving sucks, especially if you're elderly, even if someone else is doing all of the work. Change is really hard. Since my SIL and her brother (ahem!) are so busy with work, I volunteered to find some places for her online, to help them narrow it down. I did that last time, too. I use this site, http://aplaceformoms.com  They're really helpful.

I walked over to Not Just Desserts, but they were closed. This happens way too often. I don't know how they stay in business! ;) I went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch after that.

I took a nap in the afternoon...I shouldn't have, though. I was really tired.

We went to Duc's Bistro for dinner. They're one of our favorite restaurants ever.  Always so delicious!

I stopped using PACT even though I was making a little money at it. It's just too hard to keep up with what I'm eating every day and making sure to put it on the MyFitnessPal.com website. First of all, because I stay up too late sometimes, and secondly because I'm just so forgetful and busy.

Just the usual tonight, watching TV and working on my site!

I'm looking forward to the new Avengers movie. I'm going to see it sometime in May with Cynthia and Tom. I was going to see it out in San Diego, but it looks like we're not going to be there until June. There's also Ant-Man coming in July, and a new Fantastic Four movie in August. Not too many great movies playing while we're out in San Diego, though. Maybe I'll see "Tomorrowland" or "Aloha" (that one was filmed right down the street from us).

I guess I've gotten picky in my old age because there are only certain types of movies I really really enjoy. I like ones that are really fantastic or magical, but they have to be a certain quality. Like for instance I loved all of the old Star Wars and Star Trek movies (not the new ones), and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, and now the Hunger Games movies. And then lastly I love most of the superhero movies. I do love scifi, but there's just so much bad or boring scifi out. There's nothing worse than sitting through a 2- or 3-hour movie, just to find out that it's boring or too heavy or preachy or dark.

I don't go to many movies, though, so there are probably ones I would enjoy a lot more if I actually watched them. I did enjoy last year when Barb and I saw the Planet of the Apes movies. They weren't fantastic, but I enjoyed them. The X-Men movie was best, though.

I've had lots of weird dreams lately. Last night I had some really long weird dream about some guy who was up to no good. I don't know if he was a murderer, or a child molester, or both. I think it was set back in another time, too. The story escapes me, but it was a very disturbing dream and sometimes I was in it, and sometimes I was watching it, like a movie. There was something about this guy escaping before people found out what he'd done, and some family was protecting him, not realizing that he was evil. They moved, and he went with them, and then he left this crazy woman at their old house, in charge of it.

Then this afternoon, I had lots of strange dreams. I did have one good dream where I was singing Christmas songs with a choir (possibly I was leading it, but I'm not sure). I also had a dream that I discovered that I had a sister, and she was Mariah on Y&R.

Then I had this horrible nightmare that I was in my house alone (not a real place I've lived) and I went into this room and suddenly the door slammed behind me, and an evil voice said I was locked in! But when I tried the door, it opened. There was no one there, but there with this evil looking doll (not as bad as Chucky).  And then it moved! So I picked up a knife and started stabbing it violently in the head, over and over. Still, it opened one eye! Fortunately, the phone rang just then, saving me from any more of that dream. Yuck.

After I woke up from the sister dream, it did occur to me that it's possible I do have siblings out there that I don't know about. My dad was certainly not faithful to my mom. Ah, well. I doubt I'll ever know.

I tried to go to bed around 2pm, but I didn't sleep too long. Too much napping.

 Saturday 4/11/15

David went to a memorial service for one of his professors that passed away. So sad. He was apparently quite a great guy, too.

I had a really hard time trying to sleep, so I went to bed after breakfast/lunch. We went to Zippy's. I slept until around 5 when David woke me up for dinner. We tried a new place called Square Barrells. It was okay. It's mostly pasta and burgers, and they didn't have many gluten free options. I love this kind of conversation:

"Me: Are your salads gluten free?

Server: Yes.

Me: What about the salad dressings?

Server: No."

LOL!  Well, then....??? I only know one person who likes salads without dressing. That's not me!

I ordered two appetizers. One was charcuterie, which I always love. It's just meat and cheese, basically. It was really good, although the blue cheese was a bit too intense for me. I also ordered this terrine, but it was kind of tasteless. David liked his burger and fries. The fries WERE awesome. They're cooked in pig fat. They had no gluten free desserts, which is just as well. They really need to get some more gluten free stuff. It's so easy to buy gluten free bread, hamburger buns and crackers, so more places should do that. We probably won't go back unless we hear that they've added some more gluten free items. Then again, I think I did hear them say that they're going to have breakfasts, and we do need more breakfast places here in the downtown, especially on the weekend.

It was a fun night, though, because they were having their grand opening. They were giving out free Prosecco (which was really good) and raffle tickets to win gift certificates. It was very fun. A girl near us won, and she was very excited.

I bought a salad yesterday at Jack-in-the-Box. It's not so great, but it's ok. I just cut it up more, add in nuts, and I put my own dressing on it. It's not bad. I had half tonight.

I got a lot of work done this weekend. I stayed up as late as I could, but I went out pretty early. I was so tired!

Oh, yeah, I had another weird dream. This time I was in some sort of class with Robert Downey, Jr. It had something to do with a new diet, like a juicing diet or something? My friend Lynn was also in the class with me (we did once take a cake-decorating class together, so that's probably why). So, anyway, I got to chat with RDJ, but I kept stumbling over what I was trying to say and it came out sounding horrible and inappropriate. He walked away. The next day, I apologized, and he gave me another chance, and I did the same thing! I was mortified, and Lynn seemed pretty embarrassed, too. Now, it wasn't at all like the movies, where he would have thought I was cute or adorkable. SIGH!

 Sunday 4/12/15

I woke up super early, about 5:15am. Too early!

I had the rest of my salad for breakfast. Thankfully I haven't been as sick, so I guess my body did adjust to taking more Glipizide.

Besides doing a lot of work on my site, like usual, I also had quite a lot of dishes and laundry to do. I'd been putting both off. Too lazy!

Happy Easter to all of the Greeks out there!

We went to the grocery store, too, which was very needed and overdue. A week's worth of groceries for us here costs about $200, give or take. That's without getting much meat or dinner, though, since we eat out for lunch and dinner, most of the time.  Not counting any other snacks or shopping we buy later in the week, or anything that I forgot to put on my grocery list. We shop at Times, which is probably the third or fourth cheapest store. It's the closest one to us, aside from Safeway, which is really expensive. Costco is always too crowded to go on the weekends, no matter how early we go, and David's too busy to go during the week. The other stores that are probably cheaper than Times have a terrible selection, so it's a waste of time. We checked them all out when we first got here.

Most of our grocery shopping includes some meat and cheese; salad veggies and/or dressing; soda, bottled water, gatorade, milk, yogurt, sometimes fruit; and the rest is usually non-food items like medicines, paper products, soap etc. Sometimes nuts or other things I run out of like spices. When we do eat at home, he usually has a frozen dinner or toast, and I usually have a salad or some meat and cheese. I love the turkey Lunchables lately, too. What do YOU buy?

We went to Hooters as usual for lunch. I just had some chicken wings.  I was very tired and took a nap in the afternoon, so I ended up sleeping through dinner. We didn't go to Downbeat like usual.

I didn't go to bed too too late, but I only slept about 5 or 6 hours. I'm sleeping on the couch now. Not because of marital strife! LOL! We just need a new bed frame. It's too hard on my back and neck to sleep on it right now. I let him have the good side, and I tried sleeping on that side with him, but I keep turning in my sleep and then sliding down...not good. The couch is not great, but it's way more comfortable than that.

We do have a guest room bed, but...don't judge me for being so messy. It has stuff piled all over it, ok? And also I still have to wash the sheets from when Mary was here two months ago. So I have to clean up that room and wash the sheets before I can sleep in that bed! :)

 Monday 4/13/15

I woke up really early again... about 4:30. Maybe I'll sleep a little more later.

I guess there are some geeks on the net complaining because in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie in August, the Human Torch is black. I know that some people think those complaints are racist. I don't think it really is, at least for most people.

Here's the thing. Human beings hate change, even though change is constant and inevitable in life.  As you get older, it gets even worse. You feel very nostalgic for things from your childhood, even if you had a crappy childhood! So if you grew up reading comics, the ones you read are what you consider THE comics and THE versions of those comics, even though they make constant changes in the comics. I mean, I only read them in the 60's and 70's. I pretty much stopped reading them regularly in the 80's.  Even so, in that roughly 20 year period, there were lots of changes (which I didn't much like at the time, either, but got use to them). Clark Kent and Lois Lane became TV reporters. The Daily Planet was taken over by what-turned-out-to-be villains who made it a TV station. There were a whole new slew of heroes and villains by Jack Kirby (Darkseid et al.), who had previously been at Marvel.  Over at Marvel, the X-Men completely changed. Previously we'd had Angel, Cyclops, The Beast, the Ice Man and Marvel Girl, with Professor X. The Beast was just a big guy who could bounce around, hang from the ceiling etc. He wasn't a real beast with blue fur yet.  Then they changed it and got rid of Angel, and brought in a whole bunch of New X-Men like Wolverine, Storm and others.  These are just a few of the major changes during that time.

If you've read comics your whole life, then you saw many more changes, including how they got rid of the Comics Code Authority and started having more sex and violence in the comics.

Of course it's terrible that most of our superheroes were white. That's a given. It was what it was. It's unrealistic for us to think that they should all stay that way when they have superhero movies and TV shows.  Even in the comics, there are now black, Latino, and gay superheroes that were previously white and straight.  There are female versions of male heroes. But I'm guessing that most people grew up reading comics and then stopped at some point.  Also, it's different if you have a new comic with, say, female Thor, as long as you still have regular Thor as well. Not to mention, it's much better if they start a new gay superhero and don't co-op an existing superhero that we already like and suddenly replace that hero with a gay one. Again, it's not about being prejudiced, it's about not wanting change.

Every comic book fan has to go through this. That's why I hated the Superman movies and it took me a long time to warm up to the TV versions, too. Once I told myself that "Smallville" was just an alternate-timeline Superboy, then it was a lot easier to watch. There again, we had Asian Lana Lang and African-American Pete (instead of redheaded Lana and blond Pete), on top of all of the other changes. We learned to love them. Otherwise your only choice is to be a totally annoying geek and rob yourself of the enjoyment of watching your childhood heroes come to life.

I grew up reading "Fantastic Four" and, unlike a lot of people, I guess, I liked the other two movies, even though I thought Sue Storm was terribly miscast. It wasn't about Jessica Alba being Latino, either. They did dye her hair blonde and pretended, more or less, that she was white. She just didn't look or act like Sue Storm, to me. The other characters were all great.

This new movie is as different, I'm sure, as the two Spider-man series and the two Batman series. Change is inevitable.  The other reason people may be objecting to an African-American Human Torch is that he and Sue Storm are supposed to be brothers. I guess they'll have to be step- or half- or adopted siblings now.  I know that Michael B. Jordan will do a great job because he always has in his previous work. I used to watch him on "All My Children" and he was in a few other primetime series and movies.

I'm sure there are indeed some comic book fans who object for racist reasons. They don't matter. Who cares about some racists? Pfft.

I saw the photos of the new cast, and I do still object to their new Sue Storm. She is not pretty enough, IMHO. She has kind of a wimpy look to her. The trailer looks good, though, so I'll reserve judgment until I see it.

I've been watching the "Daredevil" series on Netflix and it's really good. They stick pretty close to the comic, from what I remember. My version! LOL!  Except for the character of Stick, who came along in the 80's. Their casting is excellent and I was positively gleeful when I first saw Foggy. It's very violent, though. I like the Comics Code Authority version better, that's for sure.

It looks like we might be going to the HPU play "You Can't Take It With You" next weekend. The funny thing is, both David and I were in this play, at separate high schools. I was in it at El Cajon High the one summer I was there in 1976. I understudied the lead and worked in the background (it was a class and I was a newbie Sophomore; the seniors got the lead parts). We did have one performance, though, where they let us understudies perform for an audience. But they only had understudies for the girls as there weren't enough guys! I was very happy about that because the guy who played the lead, Robin, was very cute, and I had a huge crush on him. We got to kiss in the play, so I was pretty thrilled by that. David played the lead in that play, at Carlsbad High School, the year before, so that is really funny.

I think I'm going to post this and then go back to sleep for a while.... have a great week, everyone!

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