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  Monday 3/30/15

I had an early conference call interview at 7 am, so I tried to sleep a little beforehand, but it just wasn't working. I'd slept too much the previous day. I ended up staying awake until about 9 in the morning.  So then after I finally got to sleep (and after I took the dry cleaning downstairs), I slept as long as I possibly could. I figure, just keep sleeping later and later, and eventually, it'll be really early again. I don't seem to be able to do it any other way.

We went to Science Pub around 5:30. It was a really interesting talk.  The speaker was this reporter/novelist named Steve Lopez, who works for the L.A. Times. He wrote the book that the movie "The Soloist" is based on. This is Homeless Awareness Week at HPU, so that's why they brought him in. He told us about how he found this guy and tried to help him, and how it changed his life. I guess it was basically the story from the movie (I haven't seen the movie or read the book) It was kind of depressing, but interesting.

I've always felt bad for the homeless, and that's one of the causes I tend to give money to, since I come from poverty and know so many people in poverty (many who are close to homeless).  Now that we live here and there's so much of it around where we live, it's impossible not to think about it. I feel really bad for anyone who is poor or homeless, but also I think it's disgusting that in this rich country, that we have people living on the street, or going hungry.  We don't take care of our poor, or our elderly, or our veterans, or our mentally and physically disabled, or those who are addicted and need help.   Living here, we have to put up with the results of that every day.

It's not safe for the homeless, and it's not safe for us to have mentally disturbed or drug-addled people running around, either. Even if you think these are "bums" (which of course I don't), then you should want to make everyone as clean and healthy as possible, to have less crime. I guess people on the right think that those people are lost causes and can't be helped, but that's just ridiculous. We need to raise taxes and do whatever's necessary to save everyone from dire poverty, disease, and homelessness. There are a lot of women, children and veterans in the US who go to bed hungry or have no home.  It's just not right.

Well, off my soapbox for now... I did buy his book! It's on my Kindle.

I'm finally watching the last Hobbit movie. I would have liked to have seen it in the theaters, but I didn't. It's been quite a while since I saw the last one, so I'm a little bit lost. Plus, it's always better to see these movies with my sister-in-law, who knows Tolkien like the back of her hand. I guess I'll have to watch them all again sometime. Not any time soon.

I also have the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 movie to watch.

When I have one of these wonderful movies that I wish I'd seen on the big screen, I put them in my Blu-ray player and turn off all the lights, and move my chair closer to the TV. It's almost, not quite, like being in a theater. At least I have an HD TV now. Who doesn't? LOL!

  Tuesday 3/31/15

Getting up later and later hasn't really worked out for me so far...

I've been spending too much time on my site and not enough time on things like housework, learning new songs, going to the grocery store, and going to the gym.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their lamb chops special, which is always good. I tried really hard not to stuff myself all day.

I spent most of the night working, but I did finally do the dishes, at least.

I was very tired and tried to nap a few times but it didn't really work. It really wasn't a great day. I was sick a lot.

  Wednesday 4/1/15

I set the alarm so that I only got 6 hours sleep. I'm going to try really hard to do that for a few days, until I'm getting up no later than 10. Of course, this is what I've been trying for years now and it never sticks!

David will be out of town over the weekend for a business trip. I'll be all by myself! Can I stand it? LOL! My only regret is that it's Easter and I like to go out for Easter dinner. I might go by myself to Scratch Sunday morning for gluten free breakfast.... most of the people I know here are religious so I don't want to intrude on their family celebrations.

I took my little cart and went to the Safeway. I was rushing! Started late and wanted to get back in time for dinner. We went to Epic. I ate a late "lunch" (breakfast?) so I wasn't hungry and just got a salad to go.

Then I poisoned my husband...well, not on purpose. He was asking if I had any snacks, and all I had was some Kale Crunch. I didn't think to look at the ingredients, and neither did he. Usually one of us does! It had cashews. He only had a little bit but got very sick. I feel terrible about it, but there's nothing I can do now. He's fine, though. I think I'd rather have his allergies than mine. I'm sick all of the time and have no real idea which food is making me sick, whereas he knows exactly what his is, and he gets an immediate reaction. Neither reaction is fun, that's for sure.

Most packaged gluten free products are nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free etc. and so was this one, except for the nuts. It's organic, non-GMO etc.  I wasn't buying them for him, so I didn't think to look at the ingredients. You can just never be too careful.

  Thursday 4/2/15

I went to bed a little earlier but then got up way too late. The phone kept ringing, waking me up, and that always throws me off.

I woke up around 3:30 with a survey research call. It was a real one, not a scam. I love filling out surveys, so that was fun, even though I was half asleep.

I can't believe it's Thursday already! The time really flies by.

I had been worrried that I hadn't heard back from the woman that was going to start an all-girl band with me. She was just busy. I heard from her via email. We're still working it out.

I really hate April Fool's Day. I guess I'm very gullible. I usually stay off Facebook but then someone always reposts something late that is still an April Fool's Day joke! So irritating.

David has tomorrow off (Good Friday is a holiday here), but he's still doing some work this weekend in his office. Boo!

  Friday 4/3/15

We went to Waikiki for dinner...we went a little earlier then usual since he had the day off. We went to Giovanni Pastrami again. It's a good place with a huge menu. Then we were walking by the Macy's, so he was going to buy some new shoes... they had good prices, and I went to pay with my Macy's card, but they wouldn't take it. Turns out that Macy's closed my account due to lack of usage. You'd think they would have told me that, especially since I just sent them a change of address in August. So that pissed us both off, and we left without buying anything because we couldn't get the good discount and didn't feel like standing there, filling out another application. I hate when department stores do that.

We went to Cheesecake Factory and I got some cheesecake. Yum! They had ONE flavor that was gluten free. They had ONE that was low carb, too, but not the same one. SIGH. Still, it was very yummy and I tried to just eat a little bit of it a day so I wouldn't spike my blood sugar too much. It's very rich so I didn't really need more than a couple of bites at a time.

I did a lot of work on my site this weekend, and watched a lot of TV shows, and caught up.

  Saturday 4/4/15

We went to lunch at our usual place, Hooters, and then later, for dinner we went to Downbeat. David then left for the weekend. I did catch up on a lot of sleep this weekend, too.

Also, I spent a lot of time recording and singing, so that was good. Not that David minds my singing, but I don't do it if he's watching TV or sleeping. It's just too small of an apartment.

I was having problems with Chrome freezing up a lot, so I gave up and went back to Firefox! So far, so good.

My site went down a few times this weekend, but now it seems to be okay. Frustrating when that happens. Hopefully the server is not dying.  Speaking of that, my DVR in the bedroom has been having problems, too, and I have the same worry. I spent a lot of time the past week, recording stuff there to DVD, just in case.

Sunday 4/5/15

This morning, I met up with our friends Lena and George for Easter breakfast! They're Greek, so they celebrate Easter a week later, so they didn't mind giving up part of their day for me. It was so much better than getting take-out, that's for sure! We went to Scratch, which is really good. They're one of the few places downtown that serve breakfast. We had a nice visit, too.

Not too much else going on, other than the stuff I said above: work, singing, sleeping! A little bit of housework, but not too much.

It looks like my band might actually be playing this big Cinco de Mayo block party they have downtown here every year. Keep your fingers crossed! I've been in touch with a guy about it, but his last email was vague, so I'm not sure it's a done deal yet. That would be really cool, fun, and good exposure for us. Luckily it's a Saturday, too, so we can play late and it won't be a problem for anyone.

It was kind of chilly this weekend at night and very windy. I've had to close the door to the lanai at night because otherwise the wind rattles the blinds and keeps me awake.

Monday 4/6/15

I was getting up early the past few days... I had some conference calls this morning, but then I ruined it, went back to sleep. Ah, well.

I updated my songs page, so check it out! Recorded quite a new songs lately. I've also been singing some duets on TIK (you can find the link on that page). There's  a guy on there, Jim, and he and I have done quite a few duets, so I told him I would make some more... so that's what I've been doing a lot the past two days. It's fun!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Cynthia at Ala Moana for some shopping and lunch, so that should be fun!  Then David will be back in the afternoon. Yay! It's not like he was gone a long time, but I still missed him.

Time to go do the dishes and then go to bed..... Hope you all had a great Easter or Passove!

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