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  Thursday 3/19/15

Since I posted last week's blog so late, I'm starting on Thursday instead of Monday and ending a week and a half from now, 3/30. Let's see if I can actually keep it going this time! Always such a challenge because I have two blogs and I try to keep them open so I can post in them, but then stuff gets in the way...life, my other site, programs crashing... and then I keep putting them off. No putting off this time!

I stayed up very late, until 5:30am. I'm so stupid! Why do I do this to myself? Habit, mostly.

I woke up around 1pm. I forced myself to go to the gym around 3:30, even though I really didn't feel like it! It was tough, too. I wonder why sometimes it's really easy and the time flies by, and other times it's really hard, and I sweat more, and my heart rate just shoots up? Blah. It's always so good when it's over, though. I stopped at Walmart and got a few things, then got a soda and went home.

I don't know how I get into these weird arguments online. Last week I was having a dumb argument with some guy who claimed that, even though he has swastika tattoos, he's not a racist. Today I'm arguing with someone about how many men go to prostitutes. It was in the comments of an article about Charlie Sheen, and he was actually arguing with someone else, who had claimed that most men go to prostitutes. He said it was only 50%. I said it's actually more like 1%, from what I'd read. I asked him where he got his 50% figure. He asked where one would find such figures, as if I'd asked something so ridiculous and impossible. I told him, go to Google. They have the information there. Academics (psychologists, sociologists, et al.) do studies on prostitution and other subjects.  It's amazing that people don't know how many studies there are out there, that academics study almost everything.

We tried to go to Murphy's for dinner, but they're closed until Monday! Looks like they're renovating. I guess St. Patrick's Day was tough for them. We walked over to J.J. Dolan's instead. I just had a small salad.

Now I'm just working on my site, as usual! I'm too tired to do anything else...the gym took a lot out of me. I got really sleepy for a while there, but I forced myself to stay awake because I knew that otherwise, I'd only be taking a nap and wake up before midnight.

I've been watching a TV show on Amazon Prime, so since I couldn't use the computer for other stuff, I've been slowly still going through my business cards.  After a while, the eyes get tired!  I had already sorted through many of the cards, but then when we moved a few years ago, I had to take most of them out of the nice boxes they were in and dump them in larger boxes for moving/mailing. Back to the ol' drawing board, as they say!  I also straightened up a bit in the living room....it was getting pretty messy.

  Friday 3/20/15

The weekends are always busy for me, with lots of work on the site.

I woke up after 1pm. Too lazy to get up or go anywhere... I considered going to the gym, but I was sick a lot with my usual problems, so I decided not to go today.

We went to Waikiki for our usual Friday dinner. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant we'd never been to at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Fresco. It was pretty good! Then we stopped by the Irish Rose briefly.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening recording some songs and listening to music.

I phoned this woman, Ginny, that had answered my ad on Band Mix. I've been trying to get a "girl band" together.  She plays guitar and lives in Waikiki. It sounds very promising! We would do music like Linda Ronstadt (the harder stuff), Blondie, Pat Benatar, Heart, Joan Jett etc.

I updated my songs page if you want to check it out!

I stayed up way too late again! It's almost 6 am.

  Saturday 3/21/15

I woke up around 10am, coughing and itching from allergies. We went to Zippy's for breakfast, then we walked around a little and then we stopped in at O'Toole's so he could watch some college basketball.  They appear to be renovating Murphy's across the street. A little later, I went back to sleep and woke up at 4:30. I'm so tired!

We tried another new restaurant, Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas. It's right next to Il Vino (I think they both may be owned by the same group) in the area called Restaurant Row. We enjoyed the food, although I think Il Vino may be slightly better. I was just happy to try someplace new, and they had a gluten free menu! With good options on it. Also, they had these little rice crackers (house-made I believe) that were really yummy. I don't like sushi, but I shared some of David's salmon sushi and it was really delicious. They put this wonderful sauce on it. Also, I had a great salad there. I ordered some pasta, too, and it was ok, but I took most of it home.

I spent most of the day just working on my site as always, and again stayed up too late.

  Sunday 3/22/15

I really wanted to go to the grocery store, but I was lazy as usual. I got up around 11 and then we went to lunch at Hooter's. I'm kind of tired of their salad, so I had some chicken wings instead. None of their sauces are gluten free, but they were great with ketchup! After all, what is barbecue sauce except just ketchup with some other stuff in it?

I was very tired still, so I just went back to sleep until about 4:30pm.

The usual stuff on Sunday! We went to Downbeat for dinner. I had their Greek salad, which is always good. We're so boring and repetitive. The people who work there are very nice and this one guy, who always works Sundays, knows what we like. He even brings me a soda to-go without my having to ask!

I was chatting tonight with a friend on Facebook who was asking me advice about her boyfriend.  Too many women are just so insecure. We all think we're fat and ugly, and that we need a man to make us happy. That's so sad. It gets even worse as we get older. I think we all tend to just give up and think, I'm too old to fix the problems in my life. You're never too old for that!

We listened to the 70's channel for a while, and then later I watched TV while working on my site. Just the usual stuff! I got a lot done, though.

  Monday 3/23/15

Yesterday my phone was acting weird, so I restarted it. I turned down the volume because we were out to dinner. Then I forgot to turn it up again. So when the guy came this morning to pick up the dry cleaning, I didn't hear the phone ring. I slept so soundly! I didn't wake up until almost noon. Fortunately, I called him and he came back. This time I also gave them some pants to hem up for me. I had bought them at Ross and didn't bother to check how long they were. They're super long! I asked them to take them up 2 inches, but they'll probably still be a little long.

I went back to sleep and then woke up for good around 1:30. I was feeling lazy and didn't go to the gym. I did mail a package at the post office, got some groceries at Walmart, and got some food at Subway.  Then I worked on my site and was sick a little for a while, usual gluten problems. (No, not from Subway -- I don't eat the bread)

Then I met David for dinner over at Epic. Otherwise it's been a pretty uneventful day.

I did get the brilliant idea to finally ask at Subway if they had the cardboard cup carriers (the kind they give out if you have multiple sodas to carry), and so I got one of those. It was very handy and made it much easier to carry stuff home. I'm planning to keep it and use it in the future, like if I go to 7-11 or anywhere else to get a soda. It's only a few blocks, but I have a bad back, and without the carrier your hand gets all wet and slippery - makes it difficult to walk very far while carrying it, especially if you have other things to carry as well. I was looking for something I could buy that would help, but I hadn't found anything that worked.

I deal with a lot of people who volunteer for my TV web site, but sometimes you get these people who are very weird, or lazy, or whatever. Most of the volunteers are very nice and normal people! I had someone volunteer to watch TV shows and review them, and she writes very well. She was having some trouble accessing the NBC press site, and I tried helping her, and I don't know, she just gave up and won't reply to me. Weird! Some people are very strange or over-sensitive. Who the heck knows what happened? Frustrating.

I was putting the laundry away and then, I had some sugar free popsicles and I sat down, felt kind of sick, really hot and really super sweaty all of a sudden. I tested my blood sugar and it was normal. It was very strange, almost felt like I was having a low blood sugar episode, but I wasn't. I had not exactly been running around, so I don't know why I felt this way. It didn't last too long, thankfully. Hot flash? No idea.

David got his new Hawaii driver license today in the mail. That was quick! He just took the test 3/9.

I was very tired and tried to go to bed early, around 10:30, but then I woke up around 1:30, itching and wide awake, so I just got up.

  Tuesday 3/24/15

I have a lot going on this week. Today I have 2 phone conference call interviews in the morning, then we're supposed to go to Kaiser around lunchtime so we can pick up a prescription and get my blood checked. Then a guy is coming in the afternoon to look at repairing some stuff in the apartment. Wednesday I'm going with Cynthia to Whole Foods and out to lunch, etc.  Thursday is Kuhio Day, a state holiday. If the federal building is open, we're going to walk over there and try to get my social security card replaced (they spelled my name wrong). Friday I'm hoping we can go hear this band down at Anna O'Brien's (the one Irish bar here that we know of that we haven't been to yet). The woman that might help me start a new all-woman band is playing in one of the bands there. It all depends on whether I can convince David, and we might get Tom and Cynthia to join us. We'll see! So that's a really busy week for me.

So tired, but I had to straighten up the place for later... then I decided not to go to Kaiser after all, and tried to go back to sleep for a little bit. Then the repair guy called to ask if he could com earlier. I was sound asleep! Hopefully he won't take too long after he gets here...then I can sleep for real, for a little while.

Thankfully, he didn't take too long, and I was able to go back to sleep!

I forgot that we have "Da Freak Show" tonight at the Hawaii Theater. It's HPU's annual student talent show. Should be fun! It was last year. We only stayed for part of it because I wasn't feeling well, but I enjoyed what little I heard. They had a great band at the beginning, Street Light Cadence, that used to perform in this talent show before they graduated.

I'm trying to get our band on the program for the annual Cinco de Mayo Block Party, especially since we've been working on so many Latino songs lately. Not sure if they'll choose us because we don't have any good recordings on youtube. We really need to get some. We'll see what happens! Too bad I didn't record our last rehearsal because it went really well.

  Wednesday 3/25/15

I went to bed around 3am, and I had terrible trouble getting to sleep at first. It was just hard to get comfortable. I woke up around 10:15 but was still very tired and could easily have gone back to sleep.

Cynthia is picking me up any minute now for lunch and shopping!

We had a great time. She drove to Whole Foods. We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant across the street, Mexico Lindo. It was not that great, but then I guess, coming from San Diego, I'm picky about Mexican food. I just had a taco and a tamal, and they were not very good. I think the other place we went to, La Cucaracha, was much better. We might be trying another one on Friday, Los Chaparros.

We had fun chatting while we ate and shopped. I always love going to that store and getting gluten free goodies.  I especially love the Kale Crunch chips. I can't order them online, so I stock up there.

I took a nap after I got home. I went with David to J.J. Dolan's for dinner. We just watched TV as usual. He has tomorrow off because of Prince Kuhio Day, so he could stay up a little later than usual.

I've been doing more work on my site and actually catching up on some stuff for a change! Yay! But I think I spent too much time sitting here because my lower back has really been hurting.

I need to do the dishes in a minute...they are way over due. I don't know why I always put those off.

  Thursday 3/26/15

I went to bed about 4am and then had to get up about 8:30 for a conference call. David has today off due to a state holiday. We walked over to the federal building so I could get my new social security card. I wasn't feeling well. Too tired, and I had a bad headache. Also, it was too windy out and I wasn't dressed for that, and I was getting hungry. We waited a while and then we decided to come back another day. We went to this place called Cafe Julia, which is, strangely, in the YWCA. It was pretty good. I had a lamb burger, although honestly it tasted like beef. It was good, though. I had it with a salad. Then I just went home and slept for over 5 hours. Too much.

At least I did walk over 2 miles today...

For dinner, we went to The Tap Room, but I just wasn't hungry, so I took food to go.

Normally, the people here in The Honolulu Tower (and in Hawaii, for that matter) are very nice. Two days ago, when I got into the elevator, all dressed up, there was a young man in there, probably in his 20's, with a lip stud. He said, "You look nice," as if he knew me. That was odd, but I thanked him. I think he was just socially awkward.  That was fine. Then yesterday, the elevator was pretty full when it got to my floor, but not THAT full. This big fat guy stood in front and just stared glumly at me. I squeezed past him and said, "I think I can fit." What a jerk. Everyone else in the elevator had scooted back to make room, but he just stood there. Thank goodness most of them are not like him.

Not too much going on today, just working on my site like usual. I'm sure I'll stay up too late again, since I had so much sleep.

  Friday 3/27/15

Today was a pretty short day. I got up fairly late and then we went out and had a great time, I drank too much, and then I went right to bed! Ha ha! That doesn't happen very often.

We met Tom and Cynthia at this Mexican restaurant, Los Chaparros. It was okay.... they had good chips and salsa, and drinks, and my tamal was very good. Tiny little place. It's actually very near the Blue Ribbon Cafe, where we've been many times for karaoke. We should have walked, actually. Anyway, we had a good time at dinner, talking and laughing. Then we walked a few blocks over to Anna O'Brien's, an Irish bar here in town that we've never been to. They're owned by the same guy who owns O'Toole's and Kelly O'Neill's, which we've been to many times. 

We had some drinks downstairs and then around 9pm, we went upstairs to where the bands play. I met Ginny, a guitar player that I might start an all-girl band with. Another band played first, and then her band. The first band was good but super loud. Too loud, actually. You could barely hear the vocals. They were really good, from what I could tell. It was too loud for the others. Tom and Cynthia left, but I don't blame them. I chatted with Ginny and with her friend.  We heard a little bit of her band but then we had to leave. David had a work thing early the next day.  Her band sounded great!

I started falling asleep in the cab home. We had planned to take this free shuttle that goes between the Irish bars, but it didn't arrive, so we took a cab.  The room was kind of spinning, but I didn't get sick or anything. I just conked out for most of the night! LOL! Not something I do too often, that's for sure. It was fun, though.

  Saturday 3/28/15

I ended up sleeping about 12 hours and then we went to lunch over at Hooters like usual. I had my usual chicken garden salad. I was still pretty tired and I think I did have a short nap later on. Mostly I worked on my site and tried to wake up. I wasn't TOO hung over by that time.

We were going to go to Murphy's for dinner, but it was pouring rain, so I didn't want to walk that far. We were walking down Smith street when we noticed that the new Ethiopian restaurant is open. It's had a sign up for a while. We went in and tried it. It was pretty good! They've been open for a week but have their official opening on Friday.

It was a very low key day after the "wild partying" the night before...LOL! Just kidding, of course.

I still ended up staying up way too late.

  Sunday 3/29/15

We really need to get a new bed frame, but we're trying to wait until the summer to see if we're moving again (like last year, since we're renters with a one year lease, we might have to move to another apartment). The frame is really falling apart, especially on one side, so we're both sort of sleeping on one side. It's kind of funny, actually.

We went to lunch at Gordon Biersch... halfway there, I realized we're supposed to go back there tomorrow night for Science Pub. UGH. But he really wanted to go, and I was half asleep, so I didn't argue. It's always so beautiful there on the harbor, anyway.

We stopped at Long's on the way back, and then I went back and we both napped. Then I woke up for a while, and I was kind of sick, then I napped a little bit more.

I just mostly worked all weekend. I did do laundry and watched TV. Otherwise, nothing exciting.

I'm going to need to get the place cleaned again soon. It's so dirty!

For dinner, we went - as always! - to Downbeat Diner. It's always so good there.

Tomorrow I have a conference call interview at 7am. I guess I'll go to bed as soon as the show I'm watching is over....

Have a great week! Next Sunday is Easter. David will be out of town for a business trip. Happy Easter!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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