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  Starting Monday 3/9/15

Wow, weird day. First I had a conference call at 7 am. Gotta love that Daylight Savings Time! Hawaii has none so, before we were 2 hours before California, and now we're 3 hours before. UGH. Then, I had to get ready for the pest control people.

I haven't seen many bugs, but I figure, better safe than sorry. Once a month or so, they post a notice downstairs that you can arrange for the pest control to stop by on a certain day, and it's only $20, so I had them stop by today. They said they'd be here between 8 am and 10. Ha, yeah, right. They came by sometime after 10:30.

Anyway, I had to straighten up the whole place last night, wash the dishes etc. and then this morning, I had to clean out the cupboards under the kitchen and bathroom sinks (they asked me to do that before they spray).  I fell back to sleep, on the couch, before they got here. They didn't stay long, once they got here, thank goodness!

The dry cleaners guy came around 10am so I had to run the large laundry bag downstairs for that... So all of this was before 11 am, and I was so tired. I went back to sleep and then didn't wake up for good until David called me after 5. That's way too much sleep.

I had trouble sleeping last night, though, so I really needed it. My allergies have been really bad the past few days, with my nose running a lot and my eyes watering, and being itchy. My poor nose is really sore, like I've had a cold.

We went to dinner at Epic... I had their great duck salad. It's really yummy. The people there are very nice and know us well.

I just worked the rest of the night. Nothing too exciting going on!

  Tuesday 3/10/15

I woke up around 3pm. A little earlier than yesterday, at least.

I had to phone DISH Network for a third time in the past month or so...not happy about that! I hope they've finally figured it out.  See, when we moved here, I had to put my DISH account on "pause" because we're not allowed to have satellite dishes here in these high rises. I stlll have my old DISH DVR boxes with lots of shows on them, plus I had moved many episodes to external hard drives as well. So I'm slowing copying them over to DVD. So every once in a while I have to phone them and ask them to pause my account again. They wanted to charge me $100, and worse, they were sending my bill to our old address! So I phoned twice before and spoke with two different women, both of whom assured me that they would send me a new bill with just the $5 per month on it and that they put my new address in.... of course that didn't happen! I just got an automated phone call from DISH, saying I still owed them money. But then when I called in, they said I owed them $23. I said, no, I don't... so the customer service guy first tried to say that was all they could take off the account, but I pointed out that this was my third call, and that I called in time the first time, and I had received NO bill, and I was told that ALL of it would be taken off.  So eventually, finally, he fixed it (hopefully)! LOL! What a lot of fuss. I supposed I should also have asked them not to have their stupid automated service phone me at 5am, either! But they probably still think that it's in the central time zone.

I finally heard back from the other band. They didn't want me.  They said their other singer came back, but I'm not buying it. I think there's more to the story. It's fine, 2 gigs a week sounded like too much, anyway... I think they just didn't like me that much (not my singing, but my personality). Who knows? Just as well, since one of them made a homophobic remark. He was joking, but I was none too pleased that he would say that in front of me and think it was ok. I kind of scowled and said, "okay..." I wasn't sure how to handle it, so I just changed the subject, but maybe he decided I wasn't the right fit. Who the heck knows? Ah, well. At least I know it wasn't my singing, or my stage presence. Could have been my lack of experience, though. I'll never know...but not a big deal .I'm not that disappointed. I mean, no one likes to be rejected, but at least I already have the other band!

I'm still hoping to start an all-female band. There's a woman that contacted me on Bandmix. I need to phone her about it.

As if that isn't bad enough, I just realized I left my credit card somewhere.... SIGH. Hopefully it's at Gordon Biersch. I'm waiting for them to call me back.  Yes, they just did and it's there. I don't know why I keep leaving it there. This is the second time this year! LOL! I guess I know where we're probably going for dinner. Good, that means I don't have to go to the gym today. It's a mile walk there and back.

I saw a beautiful lacy shirt on a Facebook ad, so I clicked on it and went to their site; it took me to dresslily.com I ordered a few other things, too. Everything came within a week or so except the shirt! Eventually I emailed them, and they said it takes 10-25 business days because it's coming from China. Well, it still hasn't come, and it's been over 40 business days! :( Hopefully they can find it or send it again.....SIGH. Darn it. Most of the stuff they sent, I liked. I haven't yet worn the dress I got...it's a little clingy for my tastes.  I got my purse from there and it's beautiful. I use it every day. It's hard to know when ordering stuff online what it'll look like in real life!

The shirt finally did come a few days after I typed that. It's a little small, but hopefully once I lose weight, it'll fit well. It's very pretty.

So it's been an odd day. First I found out I'm not in the band. Then I reconnected on Facebook with two of my cousins, Patty and Neesy. I've spent hours looking through their photos etc. It's great, especially to get the old photos because I don't have too many. Now I've also been chatting via email with my cousin Terri.

I went to the gym about 5:30 and got in a good work out. That's not a good time to go, though. Too many people go there after work. I was lucky to find one empty treadmill. Then I got some food at McDonald's. I was home by 6:30 and it was still not dark out, just heading that way. I guess it's staying light later. Good!

I put the clothes away and now working on my site.

Of course, now that I had the place sprayed for cockroaches, I saw another one! That sure didn't help. UGH.

  Thursday 3/19/15

Now it's a WEEK later! How does the time go by so fast? I can't believe I didn't keep up on the blog again.

I was kind of down about the band thing, I guess. I've mostly just been working on my site and trying to stick to my diet and exercise.

I had hoped we would go out for karaoke, but we didn't. Maybe this weekend.

Last week, David had Friday off, so we decided to take the opportunity to go get our driver's licenses, finally. This is the third time we've tried. The first time, they told us that we needed our passports (all we had brought were our licenses from Georgia, which are still valid). This was after trying to go to the nearby satellite DMV, which does not have the facilities for us to take the driver's written test, so we can't get licenses there.  Then the second time, they wouldn't let me get one because I didn't know where my social security card was, and I have no W2 form (since I don't have an employer! I have my own business but yet my Tax ID is not good enough).  I need proof of being legal and all that, I guess.

So Thursday night, I started looking through my boxes of business cards. Mind you, I have THOUSANDS of cards, so I figured I wouldn't find it, but luckily, I did find it, and fairly quickly.  So we thought we had all of the right forms, we stood in line, and the first line let us through, but the ladies at the second line didn't like the fact that my social security card has my name misspelled (it says "Lanove").  WTF? It's never mattered before, but I guess now they have much more strict laws because of anti-terrorist BS.  David got his license, at least. At first they were giving him trouble, too, because our copy of our rental lease wasn't signed, but they eventually did let it go.  Which is good!  Especially since his expires sooner than mine.

I just have to take my papers to the federal building down on King Street and have them fix the social security card...just a bit annoying, but still....grrr!

Since I had dragged out half my cards, I left them out, so I can start going through them again. Yeah, like I have time...

Saturday I got a mammogram. I was way overdue. It was relatively easy, and at least Kaiser let me schedule it on a Saturday! Yay! I still have a few other doctors I need to see. It sucks getting old and trying to schedule all these appointments.

Sunday evening we went out with our friends Lena and George for dinner. We met them at a place called Mac 24/7 in the Hilton Waikiki. It's a pretty good place. They have gluten free pancakes. They're massively big, so I took home many leftovers, and I froze them because they're too high in carbs, anyway.  We had a great time with them.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day, so David and I walked down to the area near Murphy's and O'Toole's (on Nuuanu, near Merchant). They rope off a few blocks and have many booths. It was pretty crowded, as we expected, and there were bands playing. We bought a corned-beef-and-cabbage sandwich that was really good (Murphy's corned beef is not usuallyt hat good!), and it came with fries. We shared that, and then David didn't want to stick around (he's not a big fan of crowds or noise), so we walked up to the Tap Room. They were featuring corned beef sausages. Now, normally their food is really good, but this was not good. I don't know if they used corned beef that was too lean, or what, but it was really dry and overcooked. I'm sure it did taste better on the bun.  This is the place that also has lots of cupcakes, but they didn't have any gluten-free ones for me. We just had a few drinks and left. I was kind of in the mood to drink, I guess. I made some delicious smoothies at home with Bailey's and Diet A&W root beer.

There were lots of festivities going on all over. I could hear many of them all evening! I ended up going to bed pretty early, and I still slept way too late. I guess I needed sleep.

My brother went to Turkey last week! He's teaching English there. He's been sending emails describing everything. Sounds exciting.

I can't believe March is 2/3 over.

I do post pretty often on Twitter and Facebook, so check those out. You don't have to be a registered member of Twitter to read my posts!

Someone I know on Facebook posted an interesting article about the new Apple Smartwatch. I was surprised to learn that it doesn't even have a phone in it. I don't get why anyone would want one. It's not a big screen like an iPad, and it may hold music, but I doubt it's as good as an iPod, so....? What's the point? Email on your wrist? I guess I'm too old to understand. Besides, I don't like wearing a watch. I haven't worn one in years. I'm home most of the time, so I can just look at the clock or computer.

I hope the new "Avengers" movie in May will be good... I enjoyed the first one, but I found it a little bit disappointing. I'm surprised that the Star Wars movie is coming out in December, instead of May. They should have had it come out May the 4th! Come on... I guess they'd rather have the Christmas ticket sales. Whatever... Speaking of Star Wars, there's a Star Wars March Madness Characters Tournament -- you can vote for your favorite characters. I love Han, Luke and Leia the best, but my guess will be that someone like Darth Vader will win because the majority of the votes will be coming from kids, and fan boys. What I really don't understand is why Luke, Chewie and C3PO are not on there.  I guess they wanted to have characters from the other 3 movies, too. Pffft!

I'm hoping that our band can have some concerts in April and May. Stay tuned! The other band members had various things going on the past few months. Two are really busy, one broke his kneecap etc.  They had said there might be an April gig, so that would be good. I'm trying to get it set up so that we can play at the Cinco de Mayo Block Party in May. I emailed them but haven't heard back. I guess I have to call!

We had talked about buying a new PA system, so I was going to buy this one on Amazon that cost about $600. So we would have had to split up the costs... but anyway, one of our band members, Phil, went to the music store, and they told him that one would probably blow out our speakers. Glad he checked! He will probably be buying a smaller, cheaper one, but he has to test it out first with our speakers. Hopefully that will work out. The PA died on us during our Christmas concert.

I've been going to the gym the past few days, even though I got up really really late! But I don't know where my socks have been going. I bought 6 pairs about a month ago, and now I can only find a few. Someone said they might still be in the washer's agitator, but I don't know...it's a really super small washer. I suppose it's possible? I'll have to look into that.

Nothing much else going on! I guess I'll go ahead and post this and then try to keep it up going for next week. Toodles!

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