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  Monday 2/16/15

I hope I hear from one of my band members soon.... I've been emailing but haven't heard back from any of them. I have a lot of questions!

When we had lunch at the Cuban restaurant, there were some guys sitting next to us (we couldn't help but hear their conversations) who were talking about Hawaii. I gather one had just arrived or was fairly new to the area, so the other two were filling him in. They seemed to agree that there isn't much to do here for such a big city. I felt like smacking them! There is so much to do. Mary was here for a week and we packed lots of stuff in. We could easily do the same for another 2 weeks, at least. I mean, there are over a million people on the island. We have lots of bands, theater, all the sorts of things you'd have in a big city. There's always something going on.

First you have lots of nature things like surfing, swimming, hiking, picnicking, snorkeling and more. Not to mention things like boating, water-skiing, hang-gliding and cliff-jumping for the more ambitious. The beaches are so beautiful here. You could spend days just staring off the beach into the beautiful waves. I'm not a huge nature person, but it's just so beautiful here. There are lots of activities all over the island, every weekend. Farmer's markets, classes, cultural stuff...we have lots of Chinese and Japanese so there is a lot related to that as well as Hawaiian, Korean, Filipino and more. Not to mention on holidays like this weekend, tons of stuff. Not even counting karaoke and all the other great nightlife, theater and restaurants.  These people were idiots.

Oh, and not only that but there is fun for all ages here. There are tons of things for kids (what they call "keiki" here), and young people who like loud music, and things for familys, things for the poor, things for the rich. Just so many things to do.

Of course NO place is fun to live if you're dirt poor, but I think that even though Hawaii is very expensive, it's so beautiful and the weather is so nice that it's better to live here, even poor, than anywhere else. I mean, you don't have to pay for heat, right? They have great buses and other public transportation. From what I've read, there are lots of jobs here. I know for a fact that our building really needs a security guard. Someone quit and now they're all pulling double hours. I grew up poor in San Diego, which was not fun, but I'm glad it was there rather than almost anywhere. San Diego is cold compared to Hawaii, though. Then again, we never did need air conditioning in San Diego.

Neither of us was very hungry for dinner after such a big lunch. I had the caprese salad at J.J. Dolan's. Later we had some food at home. I'm still eating too many carbs.

I spent most of the evening working hard on my web site, trying to catch up on things that I've neglected for the past couple of weeks! I went to sleep around 2am, I think? My arm was about to fall off from so much work on the computer.

  Tuesday 2/17/15

Wow, what a weekend - Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, President's Day and Mardi Gras! Just party, party, party! Well, ok, technically Thursday is the new year, but the parades etc. were all on this weekend. Today, Tuesday, is Mardi Gras. Yeah, baby! Woo hoo! Too bad there's no cajun restaurant around here...

I was so tired last night and didn't get up until 11. I plan to get up at 9 again starting tomorrow.

The allergies were really bad all day. Watery eyes for two nights.

Those flat rate boxes at the post office are pretty small. I told Mary to leave stuff that didn't fit into her suitcase (she only brought a backpack) and it's ending up to be 6 boxes! Whoops! I don't mind, though. I thought it would be, like, two boxes, but they are pretty small boxes as it turns out. I mailed out 4 today and will send out the other 2 tomorrow.

Otherwise, I've just been working working and working! Too much to do.

I spent a lot of time promoting this funding I'm doing for my site so please click on it and donate if you can...

It got up to 80 degress today, with 82% humidity. No wonder it was so miserable out. It's been way too hot for Winter. I haven't been able to wear any of my long-sleeve shirts like last year. I'm not asking for much; I just want it to stay in the 70's and not be very humid. Well, at least it was mostly nice while Mary was here. I know, people are living in temps in the teens, but hey, that doesn't help me a bit. It's still too hot here, just like it's too cold there. They'll warm up in a few months and it'll just get even hotter here!!

We went to Murphy's for dinner. They had lots of New Orleans-themed specials, but most had flour. I had the cajun steak and it was really good. Too bad Mary's not here; she and I could have gone out partying!

Ha ha ha! This guy posted a joke on Facebook (making fun of a common FB meme):

Ok, so let me see how this turns out...
It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. So if you are reading this, then thank you for being a part of my life. So leave a ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WORD essay on how we met. DON'T SHARE. Once you respond, I will know that you have nothing better to do than be on Facebook all day

So I typed: "I don't know you in real life." I copied it and pasted it 10 times, and then copied that and pasted it 10 times. Then I realized that was only 1000 words, so I said, You didn't say it had to be DIFFERENT WORDS! Oops, oh, well, this is only 1,000 words, but it will have to do. I don't think FB will allow 100,000 words...

So silly. But fun!

I stayed up way too late again working, but I got a lot done.

  Wednesday 2/18/15

Usually David phones around 11 and wakes me up to see if I want to go to lunch. He didn't today, so I didn't wake up until around 12:30pm! Yikes. Too late.

I had a conference call for work and then went out to the post office to send a bunch of packages. There was no line, but I had about 11 to send, 4 to Canada. Then I went to Walmart and bought some stuff. I tried to return or exchange our digital photo frame, but I didn't have the receipt and it was more than 90 days old. Darn. Things should last longer than 4 months. I probably did buy their protection plan, too, but I couldn't find what I did with it. This time I'm making sure to keep the receipt and register the plan.

I had also brought my camera with me to see if they still sold it. I tried to charge it but it's not working, so I don't know if I'm using the right cable or not (if there's another one, I can't find it). So I need to see if they still sell it so I can figure all that out. If not, then maybe I'll try it online. I went to Walmart and had the camera in my purse, then forgot it. Hoo boy.

Then I stopped at McDonald's and somehow between there, 5 blocks from my house, and walking home, I lost the Diet Coke. I probably left it at the McDonald's, but I don't know. I need to make sure i'm awake before I go out and run errands! LOL!

I haven't been sticking to my diet very well. I just need to stop eating chocolate - that's the main thing. It's hard, but I'm bad at it. I eat it late at night, which is the worst time. I keep doing it. The late-night eating has really got to stop.

Later on, we went to dinner at Epic, and I had the duck salad, which is always good. We watch TV after we got home. Nothing too exciting!

I did a lot of work today on my site. I've been neglecting my exercise as well as my singing, in order to get work done. I've also got tons of photos from last week I'm trying to edit so I can put up on Facebook.

Here are the photos from Mary's Visit!

  Thursday 2/19/15

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? LOL! So after the guy came to deliver our dry cleaning today, I went back to sleep. I set the alarm but apparently I got up and went back to sleep. I was supposed to do a conference call with Kevin Bacon. I was very annoyed, until I found out that they had changed the time of call to an earlier hour, so I would have missed it, anyway. I didn't receive their email. Then I found out that I already had missed a call from Monday with Tim Kring, who's doing the new show "Dig". I love his shows! I also went to high school with his wife, Lisa. So annoyed that I missed that one.

Then I got very sick from gluten poisoning as usual.

My day got a little better, for the most part. I went over to Not Just Desserts to get some more sugar free/gluten free pastries. The lady who runs the place, Chef Kate, was just leaving, but since I was there, and another woman was there, she re-opened. She still had food, but I guess she usually closes up in the afternoon if no one is there. It was so nice of her to open up again for us. Another woman came in, too. It was after 1, so it was way after lunchtime.

Chef Kate is really nice, and funny. She's a tiny little ball of energy that talks a lot, very fast. I'm so grateful for her for serving healthy food that I can eat! I had the meatloaf for lunch, to go, along with a whole bunch of desserts. The lemon meringue pie is so yummy!

She's got a lot of diabetics in her family, so that's why she makes healthy food that tastes so delicious. Her credit card machine wasn't working, though, so I went next door to O'Toole's, where they have an ATM. The bartender there recognized me because we stop by there sometimes on the weekend. He was quite shocked to see me on a weekday and by myself! LOL! So I went to get the money out, and I thought I remembered my ATM code, which I rarely use, but I had used it more while Mary was here. Then I messed up typing it in, so I didn't get money! I'm like, WTF? But then it did finally give me money on a second try. And then I turned and dropped my wallet and my credit cards went flying across the floor! LOL! But otherwise my day went well after that.

I cleaned the house quite a bit. It really needed vacuuming, especially in the bedroom because my bathing suit was bundled up in a towel, so when I started dividing up the laundry, the sand went everywhere! I should have shook out the sand, but stupid me...I didn't. But it's fine because the rest of the place needed cleaning, too.

I had such a huge lunch, that I wasn't hungry for dinner. We got take-out at J.J. Dolan's. Really I just wanted to get out of the house because it was so hot. I can't believe how hot it was today. It was in the 80's. In February! Crazy. Last year it was in the 70's, very nice all winter. That's really the ONLY thing I don't like about living here.

Why wouldn't I love it here? My gosh. See the reasons above about what a wonderful place it is to live. Also, we're doing well. We have friends, and I'm in a band. I found a bakery that makes yummy low calorie, low carb, sugar free and gluten free pastries and other food! What more could anyone want? I just hope we get to stay here forever. To me it's home now.

The only bad thing in my life is my health, especially not being able to lose the weight. I keep trying!

I got out the jumprope and used it for about 5 minutes. That was all I could do, for now.

  Friday 2/20/15

I got up way too late today... after 1pm. I just didn't want to get out of bed. I was cold, too. I think because it was rainy outside.

After I woke up, I made sure not to read my email or anything else...I just went and got dressed and ready for the gym. I first stopped at Starbucks to get caffeine, and then I spent a half hour working hard at the gym on the treadmill. My legs were having a hard time, possibly because I hadn't done it for a while, or possibly from rope jumping last night. Working out always feels so good when it's over, doesn't it?!? I always get a Diet Pepsi next door at 7-11 before I got home. Then I promptly spilled it at home. Grrr! So stupid.

Larry from my band finally called me, so that was great. We talked for over an hour. He loves to talk! But we also had a lot to discuss. I would call the others but Phil is always busy, I don't have J.J.'s or Paul's numbers, and I have a hard time understanding or hearing the other two. It makes it difficult to talk on the phone. Most of them have email but don't answer me when I email. Today we found out that Larry and Bobby are on Facebook, so I friended them and made sure they saw the pics I have up of the band, and I added some more, and Larry sent me one to put up of the band back in 2008. They look so different!

We don't have any set gigs right now, but we'll probably rehearse in March and see how it goes. We need to make sure that our PA is fixed and that we know the songs etc. We need to have some serious discussions about concerts etc. and then maybe we can start getting more gigs. There are lots of places down here to play, but I don't know much about approaching people to ask them if we can play. We do have to make sure we're ready to play, though, first!

David had a lunch meeting, so we didn't do lunch. We went to Murphy's for dinner, where I just had the turkey dinner as usual. It's gluten free and relatively light.

I spent the rest of the evening working on my site, more or less! Lots to do.

I've been itching a lot, especially on my back. Bad allergies, ugh.

I tried again to do rope jumping, but I pulled my calf muscle, so I had to stop. So much for my five minutes!

Saturday 2/21/15

I asked David to wake me up at 10, but I went back to bed until about 11:30. We walked over to Hooter's for lunch as usual. I only ate half the chicken salad and took the rest home. I stopped at Starbucks to get some caffeine, and then I went to 7-11 to get a few things... That was all over a mile walk.

At home I had some more of the gluten free, sugar free desserts. I fear that they still have too many carbs in them because my blood sugar was high this morning. So I need to really watch how much I eat and probably stop buying them too much.

I have a lot of work to do this weekend on my site. Too much!

Usually I try to watch TV while I do work, but sometimes I find if the show is too good, I neglect my work. If the show's too boring, then I tune it out. So I try to find shows that are just in-between. They keep my attention but without totally sucking me in. :)

If you're one of my friends who donated to my site, thanks so much!

I don't know what happened, but somehow when I got this new computer last year, I ended up with three different folders named "documents" and it's very confusing. I'm finally condescensing them. Yay! Turns out that was a bad idea...

So annoyed...I pay for a subscription to this site thisiskaraoke.com (TIK) so I can upload my songs and not have to delete any. It's via Paypal. So I got an automated email in January from Paypal that said that my subscription was about to expire. I logged in to Paypal and it said that my subscription expired in June, not January. I emailed them, and I got four different replies from them, but not ONE of them understood what I was saying (I mean, like, not even close)! I didn't hear back from TIK, either. I went ahead and subscribed again, just in case. So now I went to TIK and it still says I have a free account, so it won't let me upload any more songs. I went to Paypal and it shows that my subscription went through (I paid via my bank account, NOT a credit card). Then it shows that it was canceled a few days later, and it says "because of credit card", which of course makes NO SENSE. So annoyed at these incompetent people, especially Paypal. I just had to email them all again and hopefully it can get sorted out. So so frustrated and angry.

We went down to PF Chang's for dinner. I always love their lettuce wraps, and they're healthy. Then we stopped at the Irish place. They had a band singing. I was actually very cold because our cab was cold and so were all of the places! Too much air-conditioning.

  Sunday 2/22/15

I've had tons of work to do this weekend, so I've just been super busy trying to get everything done. Whew!

We tried to go to Scratch for breakfast/lunch, but it was too crowded, so we went to Gordon Biersch again. I'm pretty sick of that place. They don't have too much I can eat that I like and that I'm confident is gluten free. I just had some garlic edamame.

I recorded some songs in the afternoon, for a change. I'd moved my laptop out of the guest room, so I had to move it back in and set it up again. I have a new mic now, so I got to use that finally. It's a Shure 58. I'd had a Shure 57 before, which was fine for recording, but from what I've learned, the 58 is better for when I'm on stage.

We didn't do too much during the day. I just had so much work to do. For dinner, we went to Downbeat as usual.

  Monday 2/23/15

I slept in way too late, but I did get a lot done over the weekend, and today.

TIK finally fixed my account so I have the premiere account again and can upload songs. Paypal is still clueless and wants me to phone them. Like I have time!  I'm still trying to get ABC to figure out the problem with the GH transcripts on my site so they can fix that (and our local ABC station is trying to help figure it out). In the meantime, I had emailed the Hilton Hawaiian to suggest that if they have to cut their fireworks short again because of rain or wind, that they announce it to the audience we know what's going on. They agreed that was a good idea. LOL! My adventures in customer service. I still need to find someone to come fix the blinds in our place, and the closet door, which has come off its track. The guy who'd done it before doesn't seem to want my business any more, since he's not answering me.

We had the monthly Science Pub over at David's work at Gordon Biersch. This time I had the cajun tacos. The talk was very interesting.

Last week I'd hooked up my ROKU again and was having trouble getting it to work right... there was lack of sound sometimes, and lines through the picture. I'd hooked it up with a splitter because I have 2 other things that use HD as well as the regular cable, and the TV only has two HD inputs. Turns out that the splitter has a button you have to push so you can switch from one thing to the other. I know that sounds obvious, but it doesn't look like the old kind of splitter and it came with NO instructions. Anyway, problem solved and it works great now.

We were checking out this channel that has old film of Las Vegas from the 70's. Very cool.

What doesn't work is their YouTube app. I get picture but no sound (and this time, it's not the splitter). The app doesn't work right. Sometimes the sound comes in and then goes out again. It's just for that one channel. The others work great. I can now watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu streaming on my TV as well as a karaoke channel and many other nifty channels... If you like watching lots of movies and don't mind paying some monthly fees, I really suggest you get a ROKU or something like it. I got the cheapest one they had on Amazon, which was the ROKU Lite. They have a ROKU stick now in Walmart that's also cheap. I guess it's similar to the Amazon one. I don't like watching internet videos on my computer so this is so great to have.

My life is not very exciting lately, just work work and more work for the most part. I haven't even watched the Oscars yet...

Have a great week!

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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