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The last two weeks, I've been SO busy, that I fell behind on everything, including the blogs.

Sunday night I had a lot of trouble sleeping because of waking up coughing. I was supposed to have two conference calls for work Monday morning, but went back to sleep instead. When I woke up, I was itching a lot.

I confess that I've been spending way too much time on Facebook and Twitter! LOL!

I read some interesting articles online and learned something I didn't know about food allergies. Apparently, if you're allergic to certain plants, then you should avoid certain foods that are related. For instance, I'm allergic to grass, so I may have a problem with celery, peaches, tomatoes and oranges. I guess I'll have to cut them out of my diet and see if my allergies get better.

I've been trying all week to give up eating out, but it hasn't really happened yet. It's hard because we live near so many restaurants, we like eating out, and I hate cooking! :)

Monday I went to the grocery store, finally. I took my cart over to the Safeway. I found this great kale salad at their deli that has cabbage, carrots, red onions, blueberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and pomegranates. Very yummy and healthy!

I didn't go to the gym Monday, but I got quite a lot of exercise running around town. Later on in the evening, we walked over to Gordon Biersch for the monthly Science Pub. This month's lecture was about urban planning - making Honolulu age-friendly. We saw some of our friends there. I had great cajun fish tacos. I usually have them there, but the past two times they've been kind of bland. So this time I asked for extra-spicy, and they were delicious! The waiter - whom we've had many times - thought that they only had the hard shell type of corn tortillas, but another waiter, and the cook, said that they had soft corn outer tortillas, so they brought me those, and it really made for a much better dish.

I'm still using the two apps, MyFitnessPal and PACT, to help with dieting and exercise. I'm been doing well, but I still need to eat healthier.  You can see my progress I've been testing my blood sugar the past 3 days as well. I kind of got out of the habit of doing that for a while. So far I've earned $1.12 on PACT just from listing what I eat, and my exercise! Free money! Woo hoo!

I had a few annoying computer problems this week... first, I got an email notice telling me that my Office 365 subscription had to be renewed and that it's $100. Well, apparently when I bought this laptop last year, it came with that program pre-installed. I just thought it was a regular Office program, but it's by annual subscription instead of the usual one-time fee that Office has. It's helpful if you have it on multiple computers or devices, but I don't. I have 2 other laptops, but they have previous versions of Office installed. So I didn't realize that I was paying for just one-year's subscription instead of the full program.  When it runs out for good in February, I'm going to have to buy just the regular program for $149. That's so annoying. I paid $100 for nothing last year.  It's either that or try to install the older version of Office that I have, or go to an alternate program like OpenOffice, which is not as good.

Then my browser, Firefox, was freezing up a lot, so I switched to Chrome. I'd used Chrome a few years ago (another time when Firefox was giving me problems!) but I didn't stick with it because it did this weird thing where it jumped around on Facebook. It's working fine so far! Google wins another one. Last time I also tried Opera but didn't like it. This time I also tried Safari but hated it. I went to Facebook first thing and it kept logging me out! I couldn't figure out how to make the fonts or size of the screen bigger, either. Typical Apple nonsense.

This was posted on Twitter by Senator Diane Feinstein. "More children are homeless than ever before. My bill would ensure they are eligible for help. "  So sad. I heard that there's a new building down here somewhere for helping the homeless, but they won't help teens! That's pretty stupid.

I posted this on Twitter: Please help my friend's son, Jake, a super nice and smart guy; he's hilarious and has an amazing speaking and singing voice!

On Wednesday, I went to the gym and asked which machine they would suggest would be good to strengthen my legs for using the roller skates. One of the replies was the Elliptical machine, which I'd already read about. It looked fun, too. Their trainer showed me how it works. Well, it turns on much like the treadmill, but unlike that one, the machine has to be GOING for you to put in your information. It asks you which work-out you want, your weight, your age, and how long you want to go. However, I'm not co-ordinated enough to do the pedaling while I'm doing all that, and I kept slowing down, and then it would stall out. Very frustrating. Then once I started doing it, it was so exhausting. My heart rate shot up to 160-something, and I was sweating buckets. So I had to stop after about 10 minutes. Clearly this workout is too much for me right now. It's great and burns a lot of calories in a short time, though.

So on Friday I went back to the treadmill and did a half an hour, but I increased the speed and incline, and I pumped my arms, in order to keep my heart rate up.  Once that's easier, I'll try the Elliptical machine again. They also suggested leg lifts and squats to improve my leg strength.

To figure out your target heart rate, you subtract your age from 220, and then 85% of that is the heart rate you should have for a "vigorous work out". So mine is 142.

I think it was Tuesday that I was very sick from the usual gluten allergies. I really want to eat at home more, but it's so hard.

Thursday I had the place cleaned finally, by Maid Bridgade. I always pick up all of my knick-knacks and other stuff off all of the surfaces so it's easier and faster for them to clean (they charge by the hour). I put some of it away in closets and the rest goes on the beds. Things like photos, remote controls, clocks, coasters, kleenex, hand soap, tooth brushes etc. all gets taken off, along with the decorative items.  Even though we have a much smaller place, as well as fewer decorations, it still takes a long of work and time on my part. I also have to pick up the place, make sure all of the trash and recyclables are out of the way, and get the dishes put in the dishwasher, and I also do the laundry, including bathroom rugs and all that. Then when they're here, I also help to move furniture. So it's very hard work on my part as well as theirs. Oh, and then after they leave, I have to clean anything they missed as well as wipe down all of my items and put them back where they belong. Anyway, they came around noon and it only took them a little over an hour (there were 3 of them). It went pretty well. The place was really filthy. I had the floors, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned around Halloween, but otherwise it hadn't been cleaned for quite a while, and my vacuum has been broken. Their vacuum was ok, but I still see a little bit of glitter here and there when I walk through the place (from the Christmas decorations).

The last two days, I've just been trying to catch up on work, especially the blogs! And also, I'm still spending way too much time on social media :)

I wish I could tell you guys about everything that's going on, but some stuff must remain private (and some will be revealed in the future). Darn it!

We went out to J.J. Dolan's Wednesday night. I took home some leftover pizza and tested it for gluten, and it failed. Bummer because I love their pizza. Well, I can only eat salad there for now...

There's this other place, Proof, that is supposed to get gluten free pizza, so I look forward to trying theirs. I also found out that there's a bakery called Not Just Desserts not too far from here (right near O'Toole's, another Irish bar that we sometimes go to), and they do both gluten free and sugar free stuff! If I can get them to make some pastries that are both, that would be AWESOME. I'll be in hog heaven. Sure, I can make my own, but it won't taste as good, and I'll have to eat ALL of it. With a bakery, I can just get a little at a time. Because even though it's "sugar free", doesn't mean it's that low carb, so I can only have a little. Not to mention, it probably won't be low fat or low calorie, so it won't be good for my diet (just better than those places that only have gluten free).

I got into this silly discussion with a woman on Facebook... a friend of mine had told me that this one place, which is both a bakery and a restaurant (not Zippy's) might have gluten free stuff, so I asked on FB. The woman that replied privately did try to help and told me about that palce mentioned above. However, her basic attitude was, don't eat here. I mean, really, that shocked me. Every single restaurant in the world should have SOMETHING that ANYONE can eat, whether it's due to allergies or being vegan or whatever. That's just crazy to say, people with allergies shouldn't eat here. OK, so you're saying that we don't want at least 10% of the people.

Thursday night we went to Murphy's. I usually have the turkey there, but they had lamb chops on their specials. They have wonderful lamb chops. They were the tiny ones, so I only had two and gave David the other one (less fat that way), and I only had a little of the mashed potatoes and all of the asparagus. So not too bad. I believe they're very careful about gluten for me...

Friday we went to Waikiki for dinner. We went to Kani Ka Pila Grille in the Outrigger Reef. They had the Hawaiian band blasting! Weird because they're usually not so loud. That type of music is supposed to be quiet and laid back, but the speakers were turned up way too high.  They were short-handed, but we didn't have to wait too long, thankfully. They have gluten free buns. I had the mahi-mahi sandwich. Then as usual, we walked over to Kelly O'Neal's. That place is always freezing, but the people there are very nice. Someone had a little bulldog, named Butter --so cute!! Every bar should have a dog. Actually, Honolulu is a very dog-friendly place. We see dogs all of the time when we're out at bars, restaurants etc.

Speaking of dogs, we've really gotten to know a lot of the ones here in our building. There's this one couple that has this HUGE dog and he has a really big head. We call him Big Head Dog. I think he might be a St. Bernard. He's a very sweet and friendly, too. Most people have little tiny white fluffy dogs, or chihuahuas, or poodles, or terriers.  I hope the people with the huge dog have one of the 3 bedroom places, at least! Earlier tonight we saw a couple in the elevator that had a little Pomeranian in her purse. It looked a lot like the one we had when I was growing up.

I do miss our Bugs, but at least I get to see and pet many other dogs. I hope we can have pets in our next place. NOT that I want to move any time soon!

Last week the washer repair guy came and repaired our washer yet again, but it still leaks a little, so he's supposed to come back. He was supposed to come on Tuesday between 2 and 6.  I waited around for him all afternoon. So then after 6, I went to meet David for dinner. The washer repair guy finally called then! I said forget it, I'm out. I mean, really...I waited around all day for nothing.  He's trying to fit me in, but it looks like it'll be next week. I just put down towels in front of the washer when I run it, so it's not a huge deal, just slightly annoying.

The weather cooled off a little, so it's mostly been in the low 70's -- enjoyable.

I really love it here, and I hope we can stay forever. We have a great life. Eventually we might want to get a house, out in the suburban area. The traffic is bad, but they're building a commuter rail system, so David said he might be ok with doing that. I know he doesn't love living downtown like I do. I mean, it definitely has its conveniences, but it's very noisy, among other things. He grew up in the suburbs, so he's not a city person like me. :) But I wouldn't mind living in Kailua, which is really nice. I wouldn't mind having a house again, with a yard and a dog. I can go either way. Like I said, I love our life. Even with my allergies and all that, I love being able to just walk down the stairs and go to many restaurants, bars and stores, or walk down to the harbor just 4 blocks away, or go to karaoke any time. I love having friends, and a band. Hawaii is just so beautiful, and I love all of the fresh flowers everywhere, and exotic birds and fish, and the great food. I love that it never gets cold or snows, and the rain never lasts very long. We don't have earthquakes, blizzards or tornadoes, and hurricanes are very rare. People here are really nice, and friendly, and laid-back. I can just walk a few blocks to the 24 Hour Fitness, or walk around the area, or go skating, or swimming in the pool, or swimming in the ocean...there's just no excuse for being lazy or out of shape here because the exercise possibilities are endless. Not that I need an excuse for being lazy!! I'm plenty lazy.

I made an appointment with a podiatrist....it'll be late February. I really need to get more comfortable shoes, especially now that I'm exercising so much. I have weak ankles, short heel, wide feet and a high arch, so it's hard to get comfortable shoes. I need to get orthotics and orthopedic shoes. I sent an email to drcomfort.com to ask about getting new shoes. I'd gotten them there years ago when we lived in Alabama. I usually wear sandals here, but they give me calluses or blisters after a while.  Because no matter how well you tighten the velcro to your feet, there's going to be some sliding around, and that's what causes calluses or blisters. When you get the special inserts and shoes, they fit your feet better so you don't have those problems.

We had a pretty relaxed weekend. Saturday we went to Hooter's for lunch as usual. I do love their grilled chicken garden salad!  David likes their chili and watching sports on their many TV's (not any sports going on today, I don't think).  It's a nice half-a-mile walk down to the harbor, with a great view. On the way back, I stopped at Subway and got a soda.

The French restaurant I like, Brasserie du Vin, is out of business. Today was their last day! Apparently they forgot to renew their lease on time, and the owner of the property wanted to raise their rent substantially. That's the gossip, anyway. I had hoped to get their pear salad one last time, but they wouldn't let me do take-out. Oh, well. Too bad. I hope an even better restaurant moves in there. That's a prime spot, right across from the Hawaii Theater.

As usual, I messed around far too much on Facebook and Twitter on Saturday. I was just feeling very lazy. I didn't go to the gym, either. Tsk tsk!

I watched "The Princess Bride" online because it came up in discussion. I saw it when it came out, back in 1987. I only remembered that it was an ok movie. I don't know why everyone loves it so much. Perhaps I was just the wrong age. I'm not really into quoting movies, anyway, but the only ones I did quote were in the 70's, when I was younger. I was already 25 when this movie came out. I did love Cary Elwes because he's gorgeous, but otherwise, it didn't stick in my brain. Then later it became a big cult favorite. I still don't know why! I did enjoy watching it the second time around, though. I watched it here for free!

Sunday, David went shopping for some new clothes. I was going to go with him, but I decided to stay in bed instead. Lazy! :) We went to lunch at Gordon Biersch afterwards. I had half of their goat cheese spinach salad, which is not bad. I hate eating healthy ;) I didn't go to the gym again, but it is a half mile to Gordon Biersch from here so that's walking a mile, easy.

I did a lot of work all day and all night!  We went to Downbeat Cafe as usual for dinner. I ended up staying up working until almost 5 am. Bad idea, but I did get a lot done. Time to start getting up early again!

Have a great week, everyone...

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