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  Tuesday 1/20/15

My sister-in-law finally got the box I sent her for Christmas! Yay! I sent it around December 10.

I've been going to bed pretty early and getting up early, too. I got up around 6:30 am this morning. I'd prefer about 9...

It seems like I went from bad allergies, to a cold, back to bad allergies. I've been sneezing my head off for the past couple of days.

The Saga Continues.... the washer repair guy can't come until Thursday to fix the hot water that he somehow turned off. Apparently they only have ONE repair guy and he's busy...

My Yelp reviews are here!

I decided not to go to the gym today... just too much else to do.

I've had two big carts full of stuff to get rid of for a long while now. I finally decided to take them down to the River of Life Mission, which is two blocks away. I was hoping David would help me, but he's been busy, and now sick, so I got tired of waiting... fortunately, the security people downstairs let me use one of their carts, so I didn't have to try to take my two smaller ones at once. I had many bags of food, clothing etc. It's nice to help people out, especially getting rid of stuff I don't need or want.

David came home mid-day, sick, so I went out and got us lunch a little later.  Then a bit after that, I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of stuff. Then I had to go down one more time to sign for a package! I'll probably go down one more time to get us dinner. Whew! It's been way too hot, too.

I called Duc's Bistro for takeout. I walked over to Subway to get a soda first, and then I stopped at Duc's. They're always so nice there. They seem genuinely grateful whenever you go to their restaurant. Their food is SO GOOD! I don't know why more people don't go there (well, maybe the price). I got two orders of crispy springrolls and an order of the jidori chicken salad, plus dessert. I ate way too much of it, too. Not a good day for dieting.

  Wednesday 1/21/15

David has a big work presentation this morning. Poor thing, I hope he feels better soon! He rarely gets a cold so this is very unusual for him. He's way sicker than I was. He has a fever and his cough is much worse. I hope he can get to the doctor in the day or so.

Huh, I must have gotten sunburned on me feet this week when I was walking...my feet are dark brown and peeling! Weird. That's what I get for wearing sandals all of the time!

I woke up around 7:20, right after David left for work. I wanted to go to the gym, but I wasn't feeling motivated for a long while. Finally I did get dressed, but it was almost 9 so I decided to first run some errands. I went to the cupcake place, but they had run out of the gluten free cupcakes, so I then went to Starbucks and got a yummy Frapuccino.  Then I stopped by the Verizon store to ask why I've missed two calls that went to my voice mail but yet my phone didn't ring and it didn't say I had a missed call. Apparently if your phone or the person calling you doesn't have a signal, this can happen. I didn't know that! But anyway, they replaced my SIM card for free, and that might fix the problem.

The salesman was a nice young man named Jesse who just moved out here from Colorado and Nashville (his family spent most of his life in Nashville but he also lived for a while in Colorado).  We had a nice chat while he replaced the SIM card and also cleaned my phone and put on a new protector.

I happened to mention that sometimes with my phone (Samsung Galaxy), the "buttons" are so small that I type the wrong thing. He showed me another Samsung, called a Note 4, which is much bigger and has bigger buttons. Turns out that even though I just got my phone in August, it's paid off this month, so I can get a new one. I got their Edge instead of signing up for a contract, so that's what it does. Also, you don't pay for the full price of the phone, just 75% of it. So, before, I was paying $30 a month and now if I get this new phone, it'll only be $16 a month. For a bigger phone, with a better camera, and a stylus. Not waterproof like my current one, but that's not a big deal. So I might have to get that new phone. We'll see.

Then I went to nearby Walmart and got some new socks (for exercise) and some other stuff. Then I went back to the cupcake store, got the cupcakes and went home. David phoned, and he was feeling miserable, so I met him at Subway. I got a salad and soda, and then we walked home. I made him some frozen food that he likes, and after lunch, then we both took a short nap. Unfortunately, since he's sick and I was having bad allergies, we both woke up coughing. UGH. It was really bad there for a while. My eyes were watering a lot, and the eyedrops were not helping.  When they're that bad, the skin around my eyes gets very irritated and sore. I put some stuff on them, but I was miserable. We were both sneezing, too.

After a good while of goofing off, I decided to go to the gym. I was feeling guilty from eating two of those cupcakes, too! I spent a half hour on the treadmill. That's not a long time, but my feet were hurting, and I made sure to crank it up to a good pace.

We spent some time just relaxing and watching TV. It was a rare treat because usually he's so busy. A little while later, I went to Downbeat and got us some takeout. I sat at the bar and had a soda while I waited. The girls that work there are really nice. One of them had made some sort of ice cream drink and took a photo for Instagram. It looked delicious, but none of them wanted to drink the whole thing, so they gave it to me. Well, it was really good, but I'm trying to watch my weight, so I just had a little bit. It was something with vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup and some kind of apple flavoring and either run or maybe vodka. So good, though!

I got myself a salad, but when I got home, I wasn't hungry yet. Later on, I had some leftovers from yesterday. I guess I'm saving the salad for tomorrow.

Things went really well today in a lot of ways so my life is looking up!

I've been having a lot of achy muscles because of all the exercise. Ah, well...

The weather was a tad cooler today, I think. It was still above 80, though. The gym was nice and cool, and so was Subway.

  Thursday 1/22/15

Wow, I didn't wake up until 10:30, and only because the dry cleaning pickup phoned.

I was a complete ditz and forgot to write down that I had a conference call interview this week, so I forgot to set my alarm for it. Also, I missed another that I didn't even see in my email. Egads!

I got dressed and was thinking about whether to go to get my hair cut or go to the gym when the repairman arrived to fix the washer. I had completely forgotten he was coming! Also, I forgot it was Thursday, so that's why. And also, he's supposed to call first. Ah, well, it worked out, anyway.

I was kind of sick for a while from my usual problems, but then I did go to the gym. I decided to wait on the hair cut until tomorrow. She only takes cash and I didn't have the time/energy to go get money out of the ATM. I had my Greek salad from Downbeat for lunch, and then later I went to Starbucks and then to the gym. I spent a good 45 minutes on the treadmill and for once, my feet didn't hurt!

After I got home, I recorded some songs. Then we went to Murphy's for dinner. David's still got his cold but getting better. He stayed at work all day today and didn't even take cough medicine before going to bed.

We watched some TV after we got home, and then I recorded some more songs.

I just did work on my site for a little while after that. I should do the dishes but I'm too tired!

  Friday 1/23/15

I've been so tired all day! Probably because of all of the exercise. I woke up around 10:30, so I had plenty of sleep.

I was planning to take the day off from exercise, but then my attitude changed. I was supposed to have a conference call at noon, so I went out around 11 to grab food from McDonald's. I felt so guilty, and very tired, after eating that. Then my call was canceled. I went back to bed, but even though I was very tired, I couldn't sleep. Eventually I decided I would get my hair cut and then go to the gym.

It was raining off and on all day, more than usual. I got caught in some of it on the way to the gym and got soaked.

So I got my hair cut across the street, then I went over to Starbucks, and then the gym. I was annoyed with myself because I forgot to bring either my iPod or my headphones, so it was kind of boring. Listening to music definitely makes the time go faster. I tried to memorize this song, but it was too hard to do while I was walking really fast. I did about 35 minutes. That was all I could stand.

I just took a shower and then relaxed at home after that... my whole body is sore today, and it's hard to move.

We went to dinner at Hatsuhana, the Japanese restaurant in the Hilton that we like. He likes the sushi and I like their chicken and salad. We went to the Irish bar afterwards for a few drinks as usual.

I had a little more energy after I got home, so I did the laundry and straightened up the place a bit. Our washer is still leaking a little, so I'm going to have to call the repair place again on Monday! Sheesh, it never ends. At least it was just a little water - not gushing, like before.

I'm watching the movie "Boyhood". It's pretty good. Very real. Sometimes a little too real! I love the actors. I didn't realize that it was almost 3 hours long, though. I'll probably have to watch the rest tomorrow.

I've been pretty good about sticking to my diet and exercise, but I definitely ate way too much today.

  Saturday 1/24/15

David woke me up at 10 so we could go to Kaiser because I needed to get my bloodwork done for my usual diabetes test (luckily their lab is open on the weekend and no appointment needed!). I expect my numbers may still be bad since I've only been eating right and exercising for the past two weeks... not that I went crazy before but it was the holidays and I definitely over-indulged quite a bit.

All day my stomach has been hurting (from my usual problems, but it doesn't usually manifest itself this way...hopefully it won't last too much longer). I felt a little better after eating lunch, at least for a little while.

We discussed whether to take the vacuum cleaner in to be repaired or not, but we're going to get a new one tomorrow instead. He didn't feel like dragging the vacuum there and all that. It's fine because I'm sure we bought a cheap one last time, anyway, so it probably would cost half as much to fix it, anyway, at least.  We seem to go through one vacuum cleaner every year or two! Which is bizarre since I don't exactly vacuum often. Hopefully I can get the place cleaned next week because it really needs it.;

We went to lunch at Hooter's as we usually do on Saturdays. There was no football on of course, just basketball. I was SO hungry. I like the salad there, and David likes the chili, so it's become our habit.

Then I came home and napped for a while because of not feeling well. I woke up around 4 and still didn't feel well. I planned to go skating in the park...

A little later, I felt better, so we did go to the park. Wow! It was exhausting. It used to be so easy to skate. I'm not just talking about when I was a kid, either. We went to a roller rink in the 80's and it was still very easy to skate. Of course, that was 30 years ago and 50 lbs. ago!

I put on my helmet, knee and elbow pads. The knee pads are a little too tight; I need to get a larger size, apparently, because of the fat around my legs, right above my knees. It's so gross.  I also had wrist protectors but I couldn't figure out how to put them on. So we went down in the elevator... I was holding on to David the whole time. The lobby floor is nice and smooth, so that was great! But once we got outdoors, onto the sidewalk, it was much, much harder. I tried to go at a normal pace but had to take it very slow.  It's like getting your "sea legs", I guess. There were some stairs, too, so that was difficult. Then we had to cross the street. Thankfully I didn't fall in the middle of the street! Now you would think, that I wouldn't fall, holding onto David, either, but you'd be wrong! I did skate around the park a bit (there's a sidewalk-like "path" in it), but I had to hold on to David the whole time, and at one point I slipped and fell, and he grabbed my arm, but all that did was wrench my arm and shoulder quite a lot. I fell on my knee, but I had the knee protectors, so it didn't hurt. I got right back up. I'm sure it was very hard on poor David, who worries, anyway, and probably thinks I'm crazy for even trying to skate.

The main thing, though, is that it was just really HARD. I was sweating buckets and had to keep sitting down on the benches to rest. Wow, I'm really out of shape. And this was after 2 weeks at the gym on the treadmill, and other walking. That did not strengthen my legs at all, apparently. So I was exhausted after that. We went back to the apartment and the whole thing was about 20 minutes. I'm not saying it wasn't FUN, but it was also very hard work. Clearly, I need to work out some more at the gym to get my legs stronger.

I was very happy to learn, though, that 20 minutes of skating is about the same as an hour on the treadmill, in terms of calories burned, so that's great.

I'm very late posting this because I've just been so really busy. I don't remember where we went out to eat Saturday night. One of our regular places downtown here, like Murphy's, probably.

  Sunday 1/25/15

I didn't get up early today... slept in.

My mind is totally blanking on what I did Sunday. I think I did some singing on the weekend and recording, for fun.

I know that I wanted to get a new vacuum, but I didn't. I believe we went to Zippy's for breakfast. I've been keeping up on my diet, so I had an egg white Denver omelette, some bacon and no hash browns. Boring! :)

I think I mostly worked on my website....then later, I went to the gym. David had a work thing in the afternoon. After he came home, we went to J.J. Dolan's for pizza, and then we walked down to Murphy's for dessert. I'm generally sticking to my diet, so I felt very guilty for eating the chocolate pots de creme.

I had a very bad night of coughing and slept poorly!

I hope you all had a great week. This is very late. Sorry! I hope to catch up soon.

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