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  Monday 1/12/15

Here I am at 5:30 am, awake. I keep trying to go back to sleep, but it's not happening.

I finally got to sleep around 7, I think? Then I slept until about 3pm, got up for a little while, then went back to bed for 2 hours.

We went to dinner at Epic, which is always good. We ran into some nice people that we know from HPU. One of them told us about a new restaurant named Scratch. Apparently it's a breakfast and lunch place, and it has some gluten free dishes. I'll have to check that out.

I was very busy all day working on my site. I also straightened up quite a bit. I tried to do laundry, but when I started the machine, water started spewing all over the floor! That was horrible. There's a big closet right in front of the washer and dryer, so I had to not only mop up all of the water, but pick up all of the boxes quickly so they wouldn't get too wet. It took most of my big towels to mop up the water, and then I had to move all of the wet and dirty clothes out of the washer, too, so that when they come to look at it, it's not in their way. Now I have two baskets full of clothes and towels that need to be washed. :( Fortunately, none of my stuff got too wet. I just had to dump out all of the boxes of business cards and transfer some of them to a different box. I had two boxes of Christmas decorations, but they're okay. What a mess and a big pain in the butt. I had been sort of tired, sleepy, before that, but that really woke me up.

I was very congested still today but then later on, I did feel much better. I just have the occasional mucus problem, I guess. Hopefully the cold is almost gone.

I stayed up until well into the next day and still had trouble sleeping.

  Tuesday 1/13/15

I kept waking up all day but really wanted to get as much sleep as possible because tomorrow I probably won't sleep at all, except maybe a little nap. Hopefully I can get back into a regular schedule that way. I finally woke up around 5pm. I'm not stuffed up or anything, so that's good!

The post office is looking for the box that I sent to my sister-in-law, but they said it could still get there, too. I'm supposed to figure out exactly what was in it and let them know, to help them search. Not sure I can remember all of it. I'm fairly sure that the woman that phoned me from the post office is the same rude one I spoke with last year that was completely unhelpful about my 3 missing boxes.

The washer repair person isn't coming until Thursday. I guess I'll try to find a laundromat tomorrow. We'll see...depends on how tired I am.

Apparently my brother David might be going to Turkey to teach English. I hope it works out for him!

The orchid plant I bought for Christmas is doing pretty well. They told me to water it every day, and I've mostly been doing that. During the holidays, I got a little lax, so one of the three flowers turned brown and died, but the other two are blossoming well. This photo on the right is what it looked like at Christmas.

My starfish plant (Cryptanthus bivittatus) is still half brown. I removed the lower brown leaves. The green and pink leaves are doing fine, but there are still some brown leaves left that I couldn't remove... Back in July when we went out of town, some of the leaves turned brown, and I wasn't great about watering it, either. I've been trying lately to do better on watering the plants.  The cactus is fine, of course! I think it would take a lot to kill that thing.

So apparently with this PACT app I've been using to lose weight, you have to enter in the meal information before midnight. I had emailed them a few questions, so I followed up by asking, midnight where? LOL! That matters since I live in Hawaii. If it's midnight Eastern time, that means 7pm my time! I hope they can figure that out for me.

I'm having a little trouble with these apps on my phone. I usually enter the info about my food on the Web site for MyFitnessPal, but it doesn't always seem to translate well for the app on my phone.

We went to dinner at J.J. Dolan's. I had 3 slices of pizza (just the toppings). Normally I eat twice that, but my appetite still isn't fully back. That's the only good thing about being sick. Either that or it's because I've been eating less for the past week.

You know what really doesn't help, is that someone in this building is always barbecuing (or in the building next door, which is right under my window), so it always smells really great here, and that does make me hungry! Time to make a pork chop... I bought these pork chops so I've been having one at night for my "dinner". They are so yummy!

I got very tired about midnight and slept for about 4 hours. That's a lot closer to a regular schedule.... well, it's a start, anyway! :)

  Wednesday 1/14/15

I got a lot done this morning. I went to Starbucks and finally used part of the gift card I got for Christmas! I got a caramel Frappucino (with sugar free syrup). Then I went next door to the gym and worked on the treadmill for a half hour. I wanted to stay longer, but I had other plans. It was freezing in there! Way too much air conditioning, especially this time of year. I didn't even feel like I broke a sweat. However, my legs definitely felt like they'd had a workout. I've been debating whether to cancel my gym membership or not. I think I'm going to try to go every day for a few weeks and get my leg strength up before I try the skates.

I should have brought my iPod, but I forgot. They had 3 TV's on overhead, with the closed-captioning, but it was all boring stuff. There was an exercise room in front of me, with elderly people exercising, so I mostly watched them dancing around. I think it was Zumba.

It was a little after 9am, so I went over to Let Them Eat Cupcakes, which opens at 9. I bought 4 gluten free cupcakes! I only ate one of them...trying to stick to my diet!

I went home, rested a little, and took a shower, then went out and did a little shopping and got lunch. David had a work thing all day. I was pretty tired when I got home, so I tried to sleep. It took me a very long time, but then I slept until about 5pm. I kind of wish I hadn't because now I'll be up too late again!

My cold is much better today. I didn't cough at all while sleeping, and I didn't have to take any cough syrup.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their Scallops Provencal, which is always delicious.

I went to bed around 11pm and amazingly, slept through the night!

  Thursday 1/15/15

Hard to believe that January is half over already! I feel like Christmas just ended.

I was supposed to have a conference call around 8, so I got up at 7:30, but then the call was canceled. I hate getting up early for nothing. I tried to go back to sleep, but I was hungry, so I got up and had some food. I guess I'll just stay up if I can.

I have another call at 1pm. The repair guy is supposed to come look at the washer around 2. I hope he can fix it. We have a lot of dirty laundry now.

Things have been going badly all day. UGH. I had a bunch of things go wrong with my second call, although it turned out okay in the end. Then I was really tired and also having my usual allergy problems, which made me feel sick all day. Then the guy came to fix the washer around 5pm (they'd said between 1 and 6 so you know how that goes!).

The repair guy said it would cost almost $700 to fix the washer. I said, ok, well, I'm not the one paying.... I suggested he go ahead and fix it, but he said the owner had said to give him an estimate first! Which really annoyed me because he didn't tell me that, and we couldn't get hold of him at first. The washer's been out since Monday, so I have a lot of laundry to do! And replacing the washer apparently would cost three times as much (it's a special kind that's small and has a dryer on top it, stacked, for apartments, plus it's Hawaii).  So then he was finally able to get hold of the guy, who said to fix it. Well, then he was going to fix it just to a certain extent, so I could use it, but he tried and said he couldn't. He needs some parts, apparently, so it won't be fixed until next week. It's so annoying. So now we'll have to go to a laundromat this weekend. Very aggravating. If I'd known that it would take so long, I could have given the dry cleaning guy some clothes earlier in the week when he came to pick up David's work clothes! Grrr! Now it's too late. It would take too long. It's been a long time since we've had to go to a laundromat, and it's never fun. 

Then right after he left, I was very sick for a while because of gluten poisoning, so we didn't go out to dinner. I just went to bed and didn't wake up until about midnight. It was a bad day, like I said.

Friday 1/16/15

I had some food after I woke up...I'd been dreaming about food, so you know I was hungry! First I dreamed we were in New York, and I wanted to walk all over New York City, so I could get to know all of it (like it was Waikiki or something, ha ha!).  We were in some kind of big grocery store or market and they were giving out all of these free samples, so we were munching on little appetizers. Then later we were with our friend Barbara and in some store that had all sorts of cheeses and chocolates, and I was trying to decide what kind to buy (and still we were sampling). They were very yummy. So I woke up, starving. There were little cheeseballs that had chocolate in the middle. That probably wouldn't taste good in real life, but they sure did in the dream. Another one was a type of parmesan with balsamic vinegar on it. That might work in real life. And then a third kind was a very soft cheddar. I also dreamed about buying lots of Beanie Baby bears.

I went back to sleep and woke up around 6:30am. We'd never got around to changing the address with our banks, for some reason, so I had to phone them for that.

I'm seriously considering going to Starbucks and the gym again. I should have gone yesterday but just too much going on, plus being sick.

I did go to Starbucks and had a Caramel Macchiato Latte... I have it half-caf, light and sweet, with sugar free syrup and extra extra whip. Yum! :) It gave me good energy to go to the gym. I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill. The first half hour wasn't so bad, but my feet were hurting for the last 15 minutes. I had planned on an hour, but my feet hurt too much. The shoes I have are too hard on my toes. If they'd let me, I'd wear my sandals, but they'll only allow closed-toed shoes. I remembered to take my iPod this time, so that helped a lot. Then I stopped at 7-11 to get a large Diet Pepsi before heading home. Or I should say, hobbling home! I could barely walk...LOL! That's good, though. I need to get in better shape.

I've barely moved since I came home. I have a conference call in a few minutes and then I might just go back to sleep!

It was a really busy weekend... let's see, on Friday David had something going on in the evening, so after his thing, we just went to the Tap Room for dinner. After that, at home, I did some singing and recording, and working on songs for my band.

Saturday 1/17/15

I've been getting up pretty early, so we went over to Zippy's for breakfast. Then we checked out this place Scratch. They have a bake shop, but the only thing they had was peanut butter cookies, so I left.

My band had rehearsal 12-2, so we walked over there. It's about a mile, so I got two miles of walking in today. The rehearsal went great, but I had asked for a list of which songs we were doing, and I didn't get one, so I was a little lost. I just had to use my phone to look up lyrics when necessary. We're working on a bunch of new songs. Well, they're new to me...the band used to do them and knows them already. I'm singing lead in one called "Sabor a Mi" by Eydie Gorme and also helping out on "Evil Ways".  Looks like they're going to try to learn "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for me, too. It was a lot of fun.

We went to Waikiki for dinner. We decided to try the Hard Rock Cafe. It's the worst one I've been to. We both had salads.  Because David is allergic to nuts, they left the nuts off mine! Ridiculous. Even so, the salad was tasteless. The chicken was awful, worse than lunchmeat chicken. Thin, dry and tasteless. The rest of the salad was ok, without the chicken. They took a really long time to bring drinks. I was surprised because we'd enjoyed their food and service in Nashville, Vegas and other places.

As usual, we went to Kelly O'Neil's afterward for some drinks. They had a duo that was pretty good. Turns out they're part of the Jim Hubbard Band. You can hear them here.

Sunday 1/18/15

I was up early again and made some apple pancakes.

We walked 4 miles today! We went on a 3 mile walk, and then later walked down to Hooter's, which is a half mile each way.  I've been very achy every day, from all of the walking.

I wanted to go to the grocery store today, but I was exhausted after the first walk, so I went to lie down for awhile.

The football game was good while we were at Hooter's (even though I'm not a football fan). The chicken salad was very good, too, as always. It was very crowded there - more than usual.

The rest of the weekend, I was mostly just working on my site, or on Facebook. For dinner, we went to Murphy's and had some delicious lamb chops!

Monday 1/19/15

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

David was off today, of course, but he did go in to the office for a little bit. He first did another 3 mile walk, and I was going to go with him, but I had to stay and wait for the dry cleaner guy to pick up our dry cleaning.  After that, I went to the Starbucks again, and then to the gym for only about a half hour, but I made sure to make it faster because I had to get back home.

First I washed some clothes by hand, since our washer is still not working. Then I thought, oh, I'll just put them in the dryer. However, the repair guy that was here on Thursday forgot to plug it back in! We couldn't reach it without having to drag both the washer and dryer forward, which we weren't sure about whether it was safe to do.   So I called the appliance repair place's office, and eventually they got back to me. They said he would be back over to fix both the washer and dryer between 11 and 2. So I waited around, dressed, for hours, and he didn't come until almost 3pm.  Then he took 2 hours and finally left, assuring me it was all working. However, the hot water is not working on the washer. Jesus!!!!  I'm so annoyed.

For dinner, we went to Downbeat Diner as we usually do on Sundays, but this being a holiday, we put it off until today.

Poor David caught a cold, so he's pretty miserable. But he's not like me. He doesn't stay in bed.

The past few days have been really hot again, in the low 80's. A year ago, it was nice, in the 70's. This sucks. We have to put on the a/c if we take a nap. It cools off a bit at night, thank goodness.

Now I'm washing our clothes, in warm water (better than nothing at this point!)...

Have a great week!

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