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  Monday 1/5/15

After awhile, I realized that I have a cold, not just allergies. UGH. My throat is scratchy and sore, and I don't have any energy. So this evening, I'm just sitting around and watching TV - not much else.

  Tuesday 1/6/15

I slept most of the day. It's just been miserable with this cold.

I woke up around 7pm and felt a little better. I've been taking Aleve, so my throat felt better.

I just had soup after I got up. I had some Thai Kitchen spring onion rice noodles soup, which is very good. Later, I had a piece of the gluten free pumpkin pie I'd bought at Whole Foods, and some other small snacks. I've been eating a lot of sugar free popsicles for my throat.

I've mostly just been sitting around and watching TV, but I did get a little bit of energy to get the boxes out of the closet (so I can start putting the Xmas decorations away). Tomorrow maybe I'll feel like wrapping some decorations.  We'll see!

I've been taking my temperature, but so far I haven't had a fever. I still feel awful. I'm glad I don't have the flu, though. That's much worse.

Oh, and of course I also have a painful bump on my tongue. Yuk. Thank goodness for Orajel.

  Wednesday 1/7/15

Still very sick. I slept about 11 hours. I would have slept more if David hadn't called to wake me up! I did wake up once around noon to take some medicine and then went back to sleep.

I talked to my SIL Eileen who's birthday is today! Then I took a much-needed shower. I told David we should go to dinner, but right now...not sure i have the energy. We'll see.

I went back to bed for a while instead, and he brought me dinner home. I can't get back to sleep now, so I started the laundry. I did go back to sleep a little while later...was feeling awful. I slept for about 4 hours. So I think today my total was about 15 or 16 hours!

Still not doing much besides sitting here, doing a little work, but mostly just watching TV. Thankfully that awful bump on my tongue stopped hurting. I'm so tired of blowing my nose. It sure hurts...

When I was taking clothes out of the washer, I noticed a gross black ring around the inside of the washer that I'd never noticed before. Rubbing at it didn't do a thing. I was not at all happy to have to scrub it when I'm sick, but I didn't want to keep using it that way, either. It was really gross. Finally I got it off with an SOS pad. I wonder how it got there in the first place and whether it's been there since we moved in or not? It wasn't obvious. Our washer is very small and it's underneath the dryer, so it's hard to see inside of it unless you just happen to be looking inside of it from a certain angle (especially that part of it). Weird!

Doing the laundry and gathering the trash around the place pretty much took most of my energy, but I forced myself to clean up the kitchen a little and load the dishwasher, and run it. It was really bad. Good thing I can't smell much because I'm sure it was pretty awful.

I need to go back to bed soon. My ears are really plugged up and my throat is scratchy again (whenever I talk at all, it gets that way). I tried to go to bed, but my nose is keeping me awake. It's very itchy and sore. I just took another allergy pill, so maybe that will help and I can go back to bed in a little while.

I just posted this on a site where people were complaining about mail here, which often goes through a sorting center in Richmond, CA. When I  was lying in bed, trying to sleep, I thought about how awful the postal service is here. Here's what I posted: Since moving to Hawaii in summer 2013, I've lost packages both coming in and going out. I've been mailing stuff since the 70's, plus ordering a lot from catalogs and then the internet (and I've lived all over the US). Over my whole life up until now, I've lost maybe 3 packages. Since moving here I've lost at least 5, possibly 6. When we moved here, we mailed a lot of our stuff (96 boxes) from Georgia. 3 of the boxes never arrived. We'd used stamps.com labels, and apparently those do sometimes fall off, even though we taped them on. One of the labels got mailed to us, ripped up, with a note explaining that the box was lost. The other two boxes were scanned in here in Honolulu (we had tracking numbers). So they got here and then disappeared somehow. I don't know what was in them, aside from a few obvious missing items, because we only had a few weeks to pack a whole household full of stuff, and a lot of it went into storage. I didn't have time to write down what was in every box, and it never occurred to me to write down the address on the outside, since we had labels. The postal workers here were utterly unhelpful, too. Then two packages I'd mailed to Canada this past year also never got to their destination. And now my Christmas gift to my sister-in-law, that was mailed in early December, hasn't arrived. I was told it might get there after Christmas, but it's 2 weeks past Xmas now, so I'm worried. It was a big box and didn't go Priority because it would have cost me an extra $60. However, I did write both of our addresses all over it, so it should have either gone to her or come back here. Unless, as I suspect, someone along the way is stealing packages. Since it's happening to both outgoing and incoming boxes, it's probably someone here in Hawaii doing it. So very sad. I collected lots of stuff over the year to send to my sister- and brother-in-law, so now I'm going to have to try to rebuild their gift somehow.

  Thursday 1/8/15

For those of you who like to write articles, this article has lots of great links to sites that pay for articles. It's about 5 years old, though, so some of them may not still be in business or paying. Judging from the crappy writing on some of these sites, it may be worth it to write for them even if you're not the best writer. $150 for writing one article for Salon.com, for instance, is pretty good. I guess I should have been doing that all along rather than writing on my own site. Oh, well.

It's been cold this morning. Weather.com says it's 62 degrees outside. Brr! That's way colder than anything I noticed last year. I don't check the weather every day. I just go by how cool it is when I'm up.

I went back to sleep around 7am and then slept 9 hours. I tried to go back to sleep again around 5, but I wasn't tired enough. I still feel like crap, but I feel less like crap.

I decided to give going out a try. I met David over at J.J. Dolan's. I had a snack about 4:30, so I wasn't all that hungry. I got a salad and didn't finish it. The lights and noise were giving me a headache. We stopped next door at The Tap Room and I got more food to take home for later. I was very glad to get back home again and rest.

This gluten free pie is very good.  This is the one I bought at Whole Foods. It's even good without whipped cream, and normally I don't like ANY pumpkin pie without whipped cream. The crust is good, too, not like most GF pies I've tasted.

I went back to sleep for about four hours...still sick.

Apparently our building is trying once again to yank the liquor license of a local place. It's crazy. Last time it was Hasr's Bistro, which is about a block away. They had bands outside and you could hear the music up here sometimes. Big deal. So now the restaurant has to put their bands inside, where there's no room. Now they're going after this local bar called Fixx. We don't go there because it's mostly a college student bar, but still, I think it's silly that they feel they can get rid of the drunks that walk down the street every night by getting rid of ONE bar, when there are probably over a hundred places nearby that sell liquor. I mean, it's downtown. Even if you somehow got rid of all of the noisy drunks (and that would have to include people who live here and walk inside the building noisily), you'd still have the loud crazy homeless people, and the loud bus, and the loud sirens, and the loud siamese cat that lives downstairs, and all of the yappy little dogs. It's just not possible. We live downtown and that's one of the drawbacks. It can't be undone. It's like people who live in Waikiki complaining about tourists or Friday night fireworks. It's not very Aloha to complain or to try to make a business go under. Even stupider, this place is not even that near us, so why target it?? It's at least 3 blocks away.

I started putting the Christmas decorations away. Finally! I have a lot more energy tonight, that's for sure. I also cooked up a pork roast that's been marinating. I put away about 12 boxes. I just have about 7 more to go. It's mostly just the tree and ornaments left.

  Friday 1/9/15

I had a hard time getting to sleep this morning because I was so stuffed up. Then I slept really well for a long time, but then I woke up around 10:30 sneezing. I'm so tired of my nose being itchy, sneezy, stuffed up, and runny!

I'm still very tired, but I'm trying to force myself to stay awake so I can go have lunch and get a few groceries. That didn't work... I took a shower, got dressed, and then said, never mind, I'm going back to sleep! I slept until about 4:30pm

David was waiting for an important work call, so I took my cart over to his office, and we went to Walmart and got the things I needed, then came home. Hopefully we'll be going out to dinner after his call. I'm starving! I had a KIND bar this morning and that's it.

Eventually we went to Murphy's for dinner. I was so hungry, but it was pretty good. They had a good stuffed-chicken special. Then we came home and watched TV. It doesn't seem like Friday because we're staying home...too sick still. I barely made that walk over to Murphy's, and I was coughing a lot.

Things are looking up! I think 2015 will be great for us. Not that things are terrible now :) But I think 2015 will be even better.

As often happens here...there was a guy yelling outside at night. I looked out and there was some crazy or drunk or drugged-up guy in the park across the street from us, dancing around and yelling. He did that for a very long time. I was tempted to call the police because he was SO annoying, but he wasn't bothering anyone, really, so I didn't... I just wish they'd enforce the park hours a little better. I think it's supposed to be closed at 10pm.

I felt better after I had a rest. I put the laundry away, tidied up and then spent most of the rest of the night putting away most of the rest of the Christmas decorations. I just have the tree itself left to take apart and put away. I'll save that for tomorrow. Whew! It took me hours because I had to wrap every single fragile ornament in case we end up moving again before Christmas (as we often do!). Even if it's just from one apartment to another, I don't want to risk them getting broken.

I hope I didn't over do it...very congested and throat is a little scratchy again. Might be from the coughing, though.

  Saturday 1/10/15

I had a very hard time sleeping due to coughing. It's just the next stage of the cold... I should get Robitussin but keep forgetting.

Still sleeping a lot, but otherwise much better. David had a work thing this morning over at their other campus.

We went to the Taproom for dinner so he could watch some football. I like their food. We walked over to Murphy's for dessert. On the way home, next to the Inspire church, there was a homeless guy there with his cart. That's not unusual at all. What was unusual is that just as we were about walk in front of him, he started peeing all over the sidewalk. I mean, like he had a hose and was watering the lawn--that's how much there was. We had to walk in the street to get around him. It was pretty gross and shocking. We've both seen guys relieving themselves in public here, but usually they're behind the bushes in the park or in the alley, peeing on the side of a building. I feel bad for them, usually. But this guy was a jerk. Probably drunk or something. It was truly disgusting and I really felt like calling the cops, again.

I have a lot of sympathy for the poor and homeless, as I've explained many times before, and I regularly donate to/for them. However, there's no excuse for this.  They have a new sit-lie ban that supposedly says no one should sit or lie down in public areas downtown between 5 am and 11pm (i.e. the homeless) but they don't seem to be enforcing it as well as they should. I really think they should do what Salt Lake City has done and provide housing and other support for them. No one should be living on the street, nor should they be having to use the bathroom in public. The rest of us shouldn't have to see that kind of thing, either. I read that they're making more public restrooms for them, which is also good. Not soon enough, apparently!

For three days this week, I didn't have my usual digestive problems, because I was eating at home. Tonight for the first time since Monday, I got really sick again....UGH. I definitely need to stop eating out so much.

I got my skating helmet and pads, but of course I've been too sick to use them yet. Hopefully I can next week! I intend to cancel my gym membership, too, since I never use it.

I couldn't find where I'd put my glasses, and David helped me look. We looked all over the place and couldn't find them.  Finally I remembered where they were. He had spilled something early near the couch and it went in his shoes (that were off) and all over the floor . I had sat down there to mop it up, including inside his shoes. I tend to take my glasses off when I have to see anything close up. There they were, on the floor, under his shoes! Yikes!

I'd read in our paper about this app called PACT that helps you stick to your health goal. You pledge to either stick to your diet, exercise or eat more fruits and vegetables, and you pledge a certain dollar amount per day. You enter your food and all that into another app like MyFitnessPal and then if you don't make your goal by the end of the number of days you set for it, then you have to give them money. Otherwise, they give you money. I wonder how that works? I mean, they're taking your word for it. You could lie. I guess they figure that people will be honest and the ones who feel guilty for not sticking to their diet will pay even though they could lie. LOL! I have no idea, but we'll see how it works. I signed up for PACT on my phone and then MyFitnessPal. The latter is also on the web, which is good because my phone was having some trouble accessing it at first. I just rebooted my phone and that seemed to fix the problem. It's much easier, though, to enter food etc. on the web than in my phone.  Except if you eat something with a bar code, you can easily scan it in your phone, so that's pretty cool. I love the modern technology! Anyway, hopefully it will help me stick to my weight loss goals.  My only problem with it is that it says you have to eat at least 1500 calories per day and they only let you set 2 pounds per week as a maximum goal. Last time I lost weight, I lost 25 lbs. in two months, which is more like 5 or 6 pounds per week. We'll see how it goes, I guess! I think the money thing will be good incentive. I'm not saying I never waste money, but I hate wasting money for something that doesn't benefit me at all, so hopefully that will help me avoid desserts or other bad foods.

I put the tree away, and all of the stuff back in our closets, and straightened up, re-arranged the furniture back to where it was. Back to a normal apartment again! Seems spacious now with no Christmas tree.

Our vacuum cleaner is not working right, so I have to try to get it fixed, or get a new one. Our place is SO dirty, especially the floor. It has lots of glitter, tinsel and fake pine needles, along with the usual detritus. I noticed that there's a number to phone on the vacuum cleaner. It says something like, don't take it back to the store for repair, call us first! So we'll see, otherwise I found a vacuum repair center we can take it to.

  Sunday 1/11/15

I've been getting up later and later, and this morning when I tried to go to sleep, I kept waking up coughing. Finally I went to sleep (badly) in one of the rocking chair gliders in our living room.

I'd just had a few hours' sleep when David woke me around 11 so we could go to the Times Supermarket. We were long over-due to go. I was so tired, though!

Then we went to Hooters and had lunch. As always, because he likes their chili and I like their grilled chicken garden salad. It's a huge salad, and according to MyFitnessPal, it's under 400 calories. It's very filling.

Besides my cold, I've also been sick a lot with my usual digestive problems, from eating out again...my own fault, I know!

I finally got Robitussin when we went to the store, so I took that, and then I was able to sleep very well for an afternoon nap.  I got up around 5pm and we went to Downbeat for dinner. They were out of corn tortillas, which is annoying. That really limits my choices. Can't be helped, I guess. I just had an omelet, but I only ate about half of it. I wasn't all that hungry to begin with, really. I took the other half home.

I did some work on my site and then had a Lunchables Turkey and Cheese a little later (without the crackers and Oreos of course).  Then I had my last piece of gluten free pumpkin pie, with whipped cream. Aw.... that's ok, I'll be eating much healthier now.

I guess I misunderstood how PACT works. They don't reward or punish you for eating too much. The goal is not to lose weight - the goal is merely to login what you ate. Which is pretty simple. And I have to eat 1200 calories, not 1500, to meet that goal, I guess?

I did the laundry, so now I'm going to bed early for a change. Hopefully my cold will be gone soon!  I woke up a few hours later. I guess I've slept enough for now! Have a great week.

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