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  Tuesday 12/30/14

My friend Ellen has an interesting new website. Please check it out! http://chitchatconfessions.com/

I woke up around 7 this morning and had a really hard time getting back to sleep because of itching! It took me many hours. :( I'm annoyed because we were going to go to Whole Foods. At least David did go to the regular grocery store for me.

I did finally wake up around 2pm because it was really pouring outside. The noise of the rain hitting the windows, hard, made very loud sounds and also knocked our blinds around a little.

Eventually, we decided to go down to Waikiki for dinner. Bad idea, in a way, because it was way too windy and kind of cold. I made sure to wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and socks, yet it was still a bit too cold for me. You know, it was 76 degrees but with the wind chill, it was 61! Later on, it did drop down to the 60's at night.

We went to Kani Ka Pila Grille. For one thing, they have really good hot chocolate. They also have good food and gluten free bread. I had a fish sandwich. We usually sit in this little bar and restaurant area near the pool, but due to all of the wind, there was no one sitting at the pool, and they had closed down the umbrellas at the tables and shut down some of the doors they have, to keep the wind away. We sat at the bar. The big chatter was about how one of the umbrellas in the upper pool or bar area had been picked up by the wind and went flying! Luckily, no one was hurt.  Then we went to the Irish place as usual, Kelley O'Neal's. They had some really awful, too-loud singer there.

After we got back, I did some singing and recording.  Then I worked a bit on my site and watched TV. The usual! I finally did finish cleaning up the place.

I'm very sad that tomorrow night, new year's, is the last night I'll be able to have my Christmas lights on and look at them.  We always taken them down on new year's. I'm really not looking forward to putting them all away, either.

We did end up getting quite a few cards after all. It just took them a while. Probably about 50 at least.  I'm glad that only a few I sent out came back since people had moved... quite a few people did send us cards to our old addresses, though, including one to my old PO box, so that was hysterical. :)

I was listening to songs on ThisIsKaraoke.com tonight and someone had done the Weird Al version of Pharrell's song "Happy", which is "Tacky". Funny video. I'd never heard the Pharrell one, so I listened to it. It's quite catchy and repetitive, easy to learn and sing, so I'm going to have to do that one.

I'm still singing holiday songs. I've got the South Park song that Kyle sings, "A Lonely Jew on Christmas" stuck in my head all week.

  Wednesday 12/31/14

Finally New Year's Eve is here! I've been hearing fireworks downtown for two nights....that's way too early.

I spent part of the day fighting with an idiot online friend. Or should I say - former friend.  I had mentioned the whole Bill Cosby mess, and this Facebook friend, Tommy, had participated in the conversation. He's the type who always uses lots of punctuation marks (way more than me) and is always over-the-top, very effusive, whether he's praising or condemning.  I've always thought that he was "kind of an idiot" (he's not the only one I think that of), but I liked him, anyway.  Anyway, so today he was saying that most of the people that he's seen defending Cosby were women. Personally, I found his comments a bit sexist, but I didn't say anything. We'd already had one argument a while back, and he unfriended me, and eventually forgave me, so I try not to argue with him.  But one of my other online friends (I met her a few times in real life, years ago) happened to mention that she has a black acquaintance that was defending Cosby. Well, Tommy, who is bi-racial, got very annoyed with her comments and chastised her for bringing race into the conversation. Well, he's right that what she said was in appropriate, but it was not THAT big of a deal, I thought. I said that Bill Cosby himself is always bringing up race, so that's perhaps why she mentioned it. I was just trying to make peace! Tommy was not happy with my saying that and left the conversation abruptly. I could tell he was annoyed, so I said to him in PM that some of my online friends sometimes say inappropriate things, but she wasn't trying to be racist (basing that on years of knowing her a little in real life and sometimes in Facebook). I wasn't excusing what she said, just trying to explain it. I also gave him a little bit of her background and that of some other women I know who, shall we say, tend to not be very enlightened, or political or liberated. I know quite a few women who are only right wing and/or Christian because they were taught that way by their family, and married someone the same way, and they never questioned it. They're not particularly knowledgeable, or educated, or care that much about politics. I don't know if she's one of them or not, but it's possible. At any rate, it wasn't enough for Tommy, and he called me a racist for defending her and then unfriended me on FB.

It really upset me (I think in part because I was so tired). I shouldn't have let it because as I'm always saying on social media, online friends are not like real-life friends. It does upset me, or anyone when an online "friend" acts like a jerk, but it's not like real-life friends, so we shouldn't get upset. We don't really know these people, only what they choose to tell us. Even though I've chatted online with Tommy many times and had some really heartfelt conversations, he was not really my friend, and he proved that by the way he acted. It's such a shame because I was actually agreeing with him, for the most part, and I always enjoyed reading what he had to say.  But, ah well, he's a head case, with anger management problems. Judging by what he said to me, he probably thinks most people are racists.  Let's just say that none of my real-life friends would ever act like that. My real life friends and family are mature and we know each other, so they don't make assumptions, or call me names etc. If I said something they didn't like, they would tell me, or call me on the phone to let me know, but it wouldn't wreck our whole relationship because they know me.

I'm very sorry for the people out there who ONLY have online friends because it's not the real thing. This is not to say that online friends can't be very nice and honest people.  However, you don't really know until someone gets upset or angry whether that person is a real friend or not. I don't know about you, but my real life friends are not usually jerks or have anger issues. They don't just suddenly fly off the handle over nothing.  I do have plenty of online friends that I would love to meet and be real friends with, but who knows if we would actually like each other? You can't know because maybe that other person is really weird in real life. Maybe they have some annoying habit that you hate, or vice versa. Maybe they're very embarrassing in public or treat waiters badly or pick their nose in front of you. You just don't know! LOL!

I know of at least one person in real life that I can barely stand in real life, yet online she is really nice, and we get along great. I have some very good online friends that I get along with great, but I suspect in real life I couldn't stand them.  So you just never know.

I hate being accused of things I didn't do or say, and I hate being called names that I don't deserve, or treated unfairly (I'm sure everyone feels that way). I've called people racist before, but I generally don't do that unless they are really being bad. I might say their COMMENTS are racists, or insensitive etc. but I try not to call people names, especially ones that are so bad.

Back to our day...We went over to Kahala Mall and had lunch there and then went to the Whole Foods. Kahala doesn't have a food court like many malls. There are about 4 fast food places, and I can't eat at any of them, except for Subway (we have one of those right near by so it's no great treat). David really wanted to eat at Taco Bell. I found that Kahala has a place called The Counter, which is a burger joint (more of a real restaurant than fast food), but they have a whole gluten free menu. We were both really hungry, so he went over to Taco Bell and I stayed and had a bison burger. The gluten free bun was not that great, but still it's nice to eat lunch and not be poisoned.

I phoned my friend Ira while I was waiting, in part because I'd read on Facebook that they got snow today in Temecula and some other areas. He lives in Temecula. They did get snow! It was nice to catch up with him for a little bit.

The mall was not too crowded, but Whole Foods was pretty bad. Especially if you used a cart, which we did. Fortunately, I knew pretty much exactly what I wanted, so we didn't take too long, less than 20 minutes. If you live in Hawaii, you get used to small stores with narrow aisles... it can be pretty annoying, especially if it's at all crowded. Whole Foods is very popular, especially near the holidays. There are two or three here already, and I hear they're building another.

I got some cheese, olives, gluten free frozen foods, some veggies and a few other things. It's always great to pick up some stuff there. I wish we lived near it!

After we got home, we went out for a quick drink, and then I tried to take a nap, but it didn't work. David was able to nap - good for him! I was sick a lot all day from gluten poisoning, so that wasn't fun.

I did quite a bit of work on my site and on some other stuff online.

Later, I got a bit dressed up, and we walked over to Blaisdell Center, which is a little over a mile away. We had hoped to find someplace to eat, but by the time we did, it was getting late, and the only restaurant we found, a Korean place, was being very slow to even take our orders. So instead we got a quick bite at Jack-in-the-Box.  Then we walked over to Blaisdell. They were selling drinks, so we got a few. It's new year's eve, after all!

The concert was great. He's always so funny. Then we walked back downtown. We stopped at The Tap Room and had some more food, and more drinks. David got very tired, so we went back home. I would have liked to have gone out more, but it wouldn't be fun on my own.  We just sat around until almost midnight, and then he opened the champagne for the toast. It was pretty loud outside. We'd already heard LOTS of fireworks by the time midnight came. They probably had actual fireworks displays somewhere, but all we had were the noisy kind. The noise and occasional fireworks went on for quite a while after that.

Oh, forgot to mention that during the concert, someone sitting near me (possibly the lady on my right) smelled really bad. It may have been really bad breath, or gas, but man, was it HORRIBLE. I kept turning towards David and holding my nose LOL!

I took a lot of photos while we walked around and I've posted them here.

  Thursday 1/1/15

What day is it? LOL! Hard to remember when David's home every day...every day is Saturday! Whoopeee!

We went to lunch at Hooter's again. I usually like their chicken salad, but I wasn't in the mood for it. I had a cheeseburger. It wasn't all that great. I guess they don't have regular friends any more, and their curly fries and tater tots have gluten. The sauce they normally put on this burger also has gluten, so I just had mayo. I wanted to try this mudslide drink they have, which has vanilla ice cream, but again--gluten! Very frustrating.

I had some pork in the freezer, so I decided to cook it...making pulled pork. The only trouble is that it smells wonderful for hours, so you're starving by the time it's actually done.

I stopped at Walmart after lunch... I know, it's a terrible place, but it's one of the few department stores near where we live, so it's very convenient. Otherwise, all I have to shop in is Ross, Long's and grocery stores. They have a few things there that I really like, such as these gluten free cheese crackers by Van's. I haven't seen them anywhere else.  Also, they have these tiny Canadian chocolates called Sixlets that are gluten free yet taste like malted milk balls.

They sure had some great after-Christmas deals, especially on Xmas cards, wrapping paper, and decorations. I collect bears, and they had this pretty big one for only $3! It probably would have cost at least $15 in other stores; it was $11 before the holiday. It's not even that Christmasy.

I tried to nap but couldn't, again! I was very tired, though. Ah, well.

Later on, we went to Murphy's for dinner, but they had a limited menu for the holiday. I would have had the ham and black eyed peas, but it was not gluten free. David had a salad, so I just nibbled on his cucumber and broccoli.  When we got home, the barbecued pork was done, so we had some of that. It was pretty good...a little too lean. Pork tastes best when it has fat, of course.

 Alabama lost...oh, well. Big bummer.

I started taking down the decorations...blah.... I hate that part. Not just because I'm lazy but because I love the holidays and hate to see them over!

  Friday 1/2/15

I was so sound asleep this morning when the phone rang that I didn't even hear it. Fortunately David was around and picked it up.  The dry cleaning guy usually comes on Thursdays around 10, but because of the holiday, he came on Friday about 9am. I like to have my clothes on and all ready to just jump in my crocs and grab my keys so that I'm downstairs and ready. I got it done pretty fast, though, fortunately.

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep because of terrible itching. I had to practically bathe in Benadryl gel. So when I tried going back to sleep this morning - same problem. Not quite as bad, but it took me a long while. I had to put more Benadryl on my back and take an aspiring to try to dull the horrible itching on my back.  Allergies just suck.

Later on we went to lunch at Zippy's. I usually have their 2 egg breakfast with bacon and hash browns, but they're not too good about getting them all the way I like. I like my eggs a little bit runny so, kind of over-medium. Usually if I order that, though, they'll come out over-easy. Last time they were practically raw. I don't like the whites to be runny, or not too much, just the yolk. So this time I decided to ask for them scrambled, with cheese, and they were really good. Which is funny because they're omelettes are not that great. I like my bacon medium, too... a little bit crispy but not burnt. Usually I'll either get them under- or over-cooked. It's maddening! So they came out under-cooked. David loves them that way, so he ate them, but I asked for crispier bacon and got it, but by that time, I had finished the rest and really didn't want it. I like to eat it all at once, so sue me.  The hash browns there are always good, but they're best when they're pretty crispy.  Anyway, at least it was nourishing.  Then we went over to Murphy's and I had some of their wonderful chocolate pot de creme, which is really delicious, but I shouldn't be eating it! Tomorrow I go back on my diet for real.

We had a long nap and then later we went down to Waikik for dinner, to Hatsuhana, a great Japanese restaurant in the Hilton. He loves their sushi. They have good chicken and fish, and they cook it without soy sauce if you ask them to, and it's delicious. I also had a salad.  Then we went to Irish Rose, which is nearby. It had started raining a little (it rained off and on all day). We had drinks there. It's not my favorite place...tends to be very smoky, even though smoking is illegal here in bars. The chairs are not that comfortable, either, unless I want to sit over where all the smokers and dart players congregate.  They make good drinks, though, and I had more Cinnamon Toast shots.

When we left, the wind was really intense and it was blowing rain really hard. Awful. Normally we go out and flag down a cab, but this time we phoned one. He came pretty quickly, thankfully. I checked my phone and it said High Wind Advisory for Oahu. Winds 15-35 mph and gusts up to 60 mph. It sure felt like it. Some areas lost power.  Once we got downtown, it was a little better, not that we stayed out in for very long.  It was not cold at all, just very windy and wet - uncomfortable because the wind was throwing that rain at us, which feels like little knives.

I took down most of the decorations, but I still have my Christmas tree up. I intend to take that down tonight if I get the energy. I took down most of the lanai lights earlier, but I still have a few more left to take down.  Then tomorrow I'll have to drag out all of the boxes again and start wrapping the fragile stuff so I can put it all back way. It basically means re-organizing the supply closet again (which is really big, and I'm grateful for that). Then it'll be set until we move again or until next Christmas!  Since I never know when we'll move again, I just find it easier to wrap up every ornament or other fragile decoration as if we do move. Otherwise it's a pain in the you-know-what to have to do when moving time comes, on top of everything else that needs to be packed.

More itching! UGH.

  Saturday 1/3/15

I've been emailing back and forth with some of our band members. We're trying to get a new drummer, and also we need to get a new PA system. I have some more songs to learn, too. Exciting! But more work :)

After I get all of the Christmas decorations put away, I might start going through my business cards so I can see if I can find my social security card, so that I can finally get my Hawaii driver's license. We tried last week, but they would only accept either a social security card (which I can't find - haven't used it for years) or a W2 or 1099 form. I have my own business, so I don't have those forms. It's really stupid.  I asked the accountant who does our taxes if he can help me out, so he's going to see what he can find in the previous year's forms.

I've been working on another website that might turn into another business...stay tuned!

For lunch, we went to Gordon Biersch. Big mistake because it was super windy! The wind kept blowing everything around as well as my hair. Really annoying. The waiter was funny but kind of a jerk, too. He was entertaining. We got a free round of drinks because he took so long to bring salad dressing.

I've been trying to eat healthier and get started on my new year's resolution of losing weight. I've been doing a lot of walking, eating salads and avoiding most bad foods, but I still eat too much chocolate.

I bought some roller skates online; now I'm waiting to get the helmet and pads. I tried the skates out on the kitchen floor, and it's funny because they are so heavy and I'm so out of shape that they're tough on my ankles. I'm planning to start slow. I'll keep practicing in the kitchen to try to get my legs more used to them.  After I get the padding, maybe next weekend, I'll have David go out with me to the little park across the street that has a short sidewalk path, and start there. Then later I can always try real sidewalks or other places. I used to love skating and I've been wanting skates for years, but it always seemed like we lived on a big hill or I couldn't find the skates or some other excuse! No excuses now... I think this will be exercise that I will actually enjoy. It's a lot of fun. I used to skate all the time when I was a kid. I did it a few times again in the 80's, and it was like no time had passed. I guess it's like riding a bike in that sense. But I'm much older now, so I have to be more careful. I wish we had a rink nearby.  There's a skate park, not too far away, which I may go to at some point...

Tonight we went to the pizza place/pub J.J. Dolan's for dinner, and then we walked down to the karaoke bar Blue Ribbon, which is over 2 miles away from us. It was a nice walk and the weather was fine. I brought my sweater and scarf in case it was windy or chilly again, but it was just pleasant. I wore this fairly new shirt I got that says "Karaoke Queen" in sparkly letters. This place is very laid back. Nobody stands up to sing. Everyone's sitting at tables or at the bar, and they just pass around the cordless mics. They have these really pretty girls that work there, and they're very nice, and they also take care of bringing you the mics and putting in your songs as well as taking your food and drink orders.  We went there around 7pm, and nobody else sang for quite a while, but they didn't seem to mind me singing, so I just kept singing. Around here, they don't mind if you sing 2 or 3 songs in a row as long as no one else is putting in songs...probably because you pay $1 per song. Anyway, it's a good place for karaoke, and I had a lot of fun. Eventually, other people started singing. We were only there a few hours, since David is not a late night person, anyway, but it was fine. We took a cab home, though.

I recorded a few songs after I got home....

I found "Miracle on 34th Street" online so I watched it. I'd been wanting to watch it all Christmas, but I forgot to record it on the DVR, and the On Demand for the movie was not free. I'm sure I have it on DVD somewhere in storage in California. Anyway, it's a great old movie and always fun to watch. My favorite Christmas movie.

  Sunday 1/4/15

One thing that people never talk about is how filthy Hawaii is! The lava ash just gets everywhere. You don't notice it unless you go outside and try to sit on your patio or try to clean it or touch Christmas lights that have been hanging out there for a month. It's just black. Probably why it gets so dusty here so quickly, too. Blecccch!

We went to Hooter's again for lunch. Much nicer day today. Just beautiful. I had the chicken salad there, which is always good. David likes their chili and watching football. Then I worked on my site for a while. I'm trying not to take a nap. It just wastes my time and messes up my schedule.

Most of the rest of the day, I've been cleaning up around the apartment.  For dinner, we went to Downbeat as always. They have wonderful food. I had the ham and cheese omelette and some veggies. I would probably eat there almost every day if it was just up to me :)

I took down the last of the Christmas lights out on the lanai tonight. I still have to wrap everything in bubble wrap and put it in boxes. Tonight I'll probably take the boxes out of the closet and start wrapping.  We'll see!

  Monday 1/5/15

I know I complain a lot about allergies, but they really dominate my life. I hate it. Even though I take lots of allergy medicine and do my best to avoid allergens.... waking up itching, eyes watering, coughing etc. is no fun, not to mention the intestinal problems.

This morning I had an early conference call, and then I got really sick and went back back to bed around 11. I slept fine but I kept having terrible nightmares. I dreamed I had been kidnapped and kept as a slave by this rich and powerful guy, and he keep threatening me, and every time I'd escape, he'd find me. Most of the dream was about running and being chased. I don't think it has any hidden meaning...I just watch a lot of TV, where there are a lot of chases and other similar situations. Or maybe I'm just trying to deal with the stress of all I have to do!

David is home late tonight...he's going to the HPU basketball games. I wasn't invited...LOL!

I have some Hawaiian songs I need to learn. Been putting it off. It's a lot of work learning new songs, especially in other languages. Has to be done, though. Mostly I just haven't been singing too much since I've been sick a lot from the allergies.

Have a great week!

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