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  Monday 12/1/14

I'd set the clock for 10, but I woke up at 8:30am! I hate when that happens.

I was sick all day. My eyes were watering like crazy, and my skin was really dry and flaky. Then I was having my usual gluten problems. It's hard to get anything done when you're sick all of the time. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but it didn't work.

I recorded a few songs but felt like otherwise, I didn't get much done. Later, I did do laundry, and dishes, and I cleaned the bathrooms, and some of the hallway.

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I had their scallops special, which is always great.

David's students are having finals this week, so they had some food and other stuff for them in the student center. We stopped by there to help out and check for a few minutes before our dinner.

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I did most of it online. I still have to mail it, though, and finish my cards. I hope to do that this week as well as start making cookies and put up all of the decorations. I just have to finish cleaning the apartment!

Apparently I over-did the work because when I tried to go to sleep, my back was spasming painfully.  I took a lot of medicine and eventually went to sleep. Even though I was exhausted, it was difficult to sleep.

  Tuesday 12/2/14

I slept in very late, about 1:30. My allergies were pretty good all day until around 9pm, then my nose kept running.

I went to get my hair cut at the salon across the street (called Yes! Salon). The lady there is very nice. I showed her a picture of my Snow White costume, since she did up my hair for me. She seemed to enjoy it.

Then I went to Long's and picked up a few Christmas things, and to McDonald's for a quick lunch.

I spent a lot of time watching TV and working on my site.

David and I went to a big dinner at the Pacific Club, which is not too far from here. It's the country club that I've mentioned before. They have a big holiday party there every year with the HPU administrators and some other donors. The food and drinks were fantastic! I had lots of things to eat for a change. They had a curry-stir fry (made to order), which was great. They usually have these yummy little tomatoes with some delicious soft cheese in them. I also had some roast beef and these other appetizers with proscuitto and melon. It was all great. The crowd was huge! It was great to see so many people that we knew and catch up.

I've been enjoying these wonderful Moroccan spiced nuts that Sarah gave us. So yummy!

  Wednesday 12/3/14

My birthday! Wheeeeeeeee!

I had a great day.  We went to lunch at Hukilau, which is a little hotel restaurant in the Aston Executive Center (where we stayed before we moved here). I had a really good sandwich. We don't normally go there. It's not David's favorite place because it tends to have slow service and it's very loud sometimes.

I got a lot of great Happy Birthday messages on Facebook and email, so that was nice. My sister-in-law Eileen and her husband Joe, and David, were the only two that actually gave me a card, but I'm used to that. Oh, sorry, I forgot that Carrie, a former volunteer, also sent me a card. She always sends nice homemade cards. :)

I think I mostly just relaxed all day. I think I did some cleaning, but nothing too tough.  Later on we went out to dinner at Grondin, a French and Italian restaurant that I like. They really treated us well. I had phoned to make reservations and asked if they still made their duck crepes gluten free (last time we went in July, they said they couldn't find the corn flour that they had been using). They said they didn't, but then later on, the manager called back to tell me that he was going to visit Whole Foods to see if they could find something else to use. I was pretty amazed that they were going out of their way, although I figure that they'll probably use it for other customers who ask for gluten free as well. Anyway, he got rice flour and used that, so that was really nice. We had some scallops and veggies as well, and a very yummy home-made gelato.

I treated myself to a movie instead of TV. I finally watched the second "Hunger Games" movie. I really enjoyed it. I wish I had someone to go with to the third one.

I've been trying to get someone to go with me Christmas shopping at the mall, but my friends here are either too busy, uninterested, or out of town. Oh, well. I really would have liked to have gone to the big tree lighting events this weekend, too. Too bad my MIL lives so far away and is not really someone who can travel alone. She loves Christmas and shopping as much as I do.

My birthday present to myself was a new iPod. Well, it's not "new", it's refurbished and it's one of the older kind. It's an iPod Touch, so it's newer than the other one I have. I have a really old one that didn't connect to the internet and had a tiny screen, so I'm enjoying my newer one that holds a lot more songs plus videos etc. and can also do things I didn't even know it could do, like check email and chat. It's almost like an iPhone but no phone! LOL! Which is fine because I already have a phone.

I've been spending a little time going through my iTunes and updating it. When I moved the songs to my new computer, I changed where the songs went in the folders, so it messed up all my playlists and other stuff. I have over 11,000 songs, but about 1500 of them have nothing under "genre" and many of them, don't know how many, are missing either the correct name or artist etc. I used to have all of them set up the way I liked and also ranked many of them. Oh, well. I like to be organized, but at this point, I'm not sure it's really worth my time to try to fix it up again.

  Thursday 12/4/14

I had lots of conference call interviews the rest of this week! Looks busy next week, too.

I'm still waiting on some new Christmas return address labels that I ordered in November...hoping they'll get here soon so I can send out the rest of my presents and cards!

Lately my Firefox keeps freezing up in Twitter and/or Facebook... it's so annoying.

I didn't do a very good job of editing the blog after my birthday, I'm afraid. I don't know what we did today. I think we tried to go to J.J. Dolan's for dinner, but it was too crowded, so we went next door to the Tap Room. They have a good sandwich with Kalua Pig that's gluten free.

I think this is the day I went to the Safeway to get some stuff.

  Friday 12/5/14

All week I've been trying to find time to do more holiday stuff and somehow balance that with all of the other things I need to do!

I had a lot of work on my site today, so I mostly did that.

David and I went to Murphy's again for dinner. He was too tired to go to Waikiki like we often do, and I had a lot of stuff to do at home, so it was fine.

So far I've bought most of my Christmas presents but only mailed one, and sent a few via websites. I still have to do most of my cards, and put up the decorations, and make more cookies.

I made a bunch of cookies tonight, so I could give them out to my band tomorrow at rehearsal. I made the regular Tollhouse recipe, but I like to add in white chocolate chips as well. I also dipped them in melted chocolate, adding in some peppermint extract, to make them more holiday-like. I had these Christmas-themed sacks, so I put the cookies in there, along with some candies, and a few of the pens to advertise my site. I taped them up, put on a bow and also taped a Christmas card to each one. I also put my new business cards in each card. They turned out well! I put the cookies in the freezer so that they won't melt too much by the time they open them.

  Saturday 12/6/14

I was still pretty sleepy when I went to the rehearsal at noon, even though I had awakened at 10:30, took a shower, ate, and warmed up my voice a little. We meet at this place called Jolt Studios, which is in a strip mall not too far from here. To me the room is too small for all of us plus whatever wives and kids happen to shop up! Last time we were here, I believe it was August, and it was really hot. It was a little better today.

We were supposed to rehearse 12-3 but... we didn't start until almost 1pm. The lead guitar player/singer, Sonny, wasn't going to show up. He was sick. However, one of the other guitar players went to get him (he lives nearby). Our new drummer was a tad late (not too bad).  When Sonny did show up, it become obvious that he couldn't sing, since his voice was hoarse. When he tried, the voice gave out. I hope he's ok for next week!

I sang most of the songs in the rehearsal, which was honestly kind of hard on my voice, but I did enjoy it. I love singing, particularly with a band! I had only brought some of the words, so I looked up the rest on my phone (thank goodness for technology). I knew all but two of the songs. Not all of them were in a good key for me, though.

We got through most of the songs that I sing lead on, and most of the Christmas songs, but we didn't get through most of the third set. It should be interesting to see how it goes next week. That's called flying by the seat of your pants! LOL! Fortunately the audience is very nice at the place where we're playing.

Here are the songs we're doing:


  1. Jingle Bell G (Larry)

  2. Under the Boardwalk G (Sonny)

  3. Boots Are Made For Walking A (Suzanne)

  4. Feliz Navidad D

  5. Stand By Me  A (Sonny)

  6. Obla-di Obla-da D (Larry)

  7. White Christmas  G

  8. My Girl  C (Sonny)

  9. Mustang Sally  C (Larry)

  10. Jingle Bell Rock D (Sonny)


  1. Wooly Bully G (Sonny)

  2. 96 Tears  G (Sonny)

  3. 12 Days of Christmas (Hawaiian version) G

  4. Blue Bayou  C (Suzanne)

  5. Sleep Walk  C (instrumental)

  6. It's Now or Never E (Sonny)

  7. Mele Kalikimaka  F

  8. Coma Si Bella C (Sonny)

  9. Rock Around the Clock A (Sonny)

  10. Just My Imagination C (Suzanne)


  1. Run Run Rudolph A (Greg)

  2. I Saw Her Standing There E (Sonny)

  3. Crazy G (Suzanne)

  4. Knock on Wood G (Sonny)

  5. Merry Christmas Darling A (Suzanne)

  6. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree A (Suzanne)

  7. Quando Quando C (Sonny)

  8. Hang on Sloopy G (Sonny)

  9. Good Lovin C (Sonny)

  10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas A

I'm hoping to videotape it and will post it if I do! The songs above with no name next to them, we're all singing and the audience is supposed to sing along. So I'm singing lead on 6 songs, but also singing along with at least 4 others, plus backup singing. Should be a lot of fun! I bought a holiday outfit to wear today :)

I was exhausted after the rehearsal. Then I realized I left my little digital recorder behind! D'oh!

We took a nap and then went to the Mai Tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki for dinner and drinks. It's right on the beach, very nice. Then we had a few more drinks over at Kelly O'Neal's like usual. I went to bed pretty early after we got home. I woke up a few hours later, and I did some work on my site for a little while, and then I went back to sleep.

  Sunday 12/7/14

David woke me up about 11 so we could go get my recorder and then go to the grocery store. After we came home, we went down to the harbor for lunch. A lady in the restaurant had the cutest little friendly dog, right near us, so that was great. He was so cute.

I stopped at Walmart on the way back to get some things that the other store didn't have. I had another nap! I gotta stop doing that.

We had our usual dinner at Downbeat Diner. I've just been working on my site, and doing laundry, and dishes, and trying to get the boxes of decorations out, so that tomorrow I can put them up! Yay! And listening to Christmas music on my iTunes.

I did spend some time this week recording some songs, that I posted online at Singer's Showcase and at ThisIsKaraoke!

I dragged out all 20+ boxes of Christmas decorations. The worst part is not that but they're all in the back of the closet, so I had to move 10 other boxes or bags of stuff out of the closet to get to the Xmas ones and then move them all back. At least they're out now, and tomorrow I'll start putting them up. Yay!

I hope you're all getting ready for the holidays and having lots of fun! Only 17 more days until Christmas! Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings...

Don't forget to also check out my TV Blog! Both are updated about once a week.

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