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  Monday 11/17/14

This has been a busy week! I haven't done a very good job of keeping up on the blogs.

I got up quite late. We went to Gordon Biersch for Science Pub. David and two other professors gave a talk about Voting. It was very interesting and also funny... David's was funny and he had some great graphics.

Not many conference calls this week. Yay! I can sleep in more.

I got my new business cards. I forgot I'd ordered them! I did it back in September when the band was still going strong.

  Tuesday 11/18/14

I ordered some Christmas business cards as well. I give them out with my Xmas cards.

I don't go to see many movies nowadays (no one to go with). I usually buy the superhero ones and watch them on DVD. I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor, so it was great to see him chosen as "Sexiest Man Alive" this week!

Today I had two eye doctor appointments at Kaiser. The first one was at 1:20, a follow-up appointment about getting contacts. I had gone in July and they gave me a temporary set and told me to come back in a week, but I didn't...just never got around to coming in again. I only wear contacts when I sing, pretty much, so just for concerts and karaoke. The doctor thought they were drying my eyes out too much, sticking to my eyeball, which is not good, but I only wear them once or twice a month at most, for just a few hours. Anyway, I finally went back in and they took a look at my eyes, and had me wear the contacts before I came in so they could see how it's doing. No problems, so they let me buy a full set of 30, which should last me quite a long time.

I don't mind wearing glasses most of the time; I'm used to them. My glasses are bifocals for both far away and for seeing the computer. I can see fine close up, so I have to take off my glasses to see that. With contacts, I have to wear reading glasses if I want to see close up, which is annoying. Also, they do dry out my eyes and make them itch and make my eyes feel very tired. Also, with my allergies, it's not fun. I work at home, by myself, and I don't care how people think I look, anyway, except when I sing.

Anyway, the second appointment was at 3pm. It was the annual exam for the eyes (because of being diabetic). I had about an hour to kill between the two appointments, so I went downstairs to the eyeglass store and bought my contacts, and then I just sat around with my phone, so the time went by pretty quickly.

I hate those drops they put in your eyes....

I went back to sleep after I got home. I was so tired!

We went to Epic for dinner and it was good, like always...

  Wednesday 11/19/14

Wow, it's so great that Obama did something good for immigration. People don't realize how much immigrants help this country.

We went to Murphy's for dinner...nothing too exciting going on today.

I heard that last week Hawaii got down to the 30's, but it turns out that it was just briefly, on the top of one of the volcanoes on the Big Island. Nowhere that anyone actually lives! Here it rarely gets below 65. Like right now, it's 2 in the morning, 75 degrees with 82% humidity.

  Thursday 11/20/14

I was up early for a work conference call, and then I had a horrible stomach ache, due to the gluten problems. I went back to bed and slept all day and eventually felt better.

We went to J.J. Dolan's and had pizza for dinner. I was just really hungry at that point.

  Friday 11/21/14

I've been sleeping in way too much all week. I wanted to go to this concert at noon, but I slept, instead. I've been eating too much, too.

I had a nice chat on the phone with Larry in my band. He's in a senior living place, Hale Mohalu, that we played at before. We have a regular gig there, but we missed the last two months since we lost our drummer. We're playing for their Christmas party December 13. That should be fun! Sounds like we might finally have a drummer, too. Hale Mohalu has some really interesting island history.

I'm looking forward to next week's Thanksgiving! We're gong to Hula Grill, which is right on the beach. Should be nice.

We went to the annual HPU Music Department's holiday concert at Central Union church. It's always great fun! They did a wonderful job as always. It's always nice to see Bill, Trish and everyone... I've done two of the choir songs before, O Magnum Mysterium and Laudate Dominum, and I also loved the concert band's "America" from West Side Story. It was all good.

We went to Alan Wong's for dinner, and they had very little I could eat. They did have gluten free bread! But most of their dishes are breaded or have soy sauce. I just had a salad, and David had a lobster lasagna. I'd had a late lunch, so I wasn't that hungry. We got caught in traffic on the way there, so we were short on time, too. They were VERY nice to us at the restaurant, though. I had some great wine.

Later, we went out to Epic for some more food and wine. They have really great Thai curry. I got it to go. Delicious!

I was very tired and went to bed before midnight. Then I ended up sleeping about 12 hours.

  Saturday 11/22/14

I was very tired and achy all over after waking up. We walked over to Gordon Biersch for lunch. I had some sliders that were pretty good. It's always nice to sit there in the harbor. It was hot today, though. This time of year we get a lot of cool weather, but we still get some hot days as well. It's 83 degrees and 56% humidity. It's supposed to be cooler this week. I can't wait! You won't see me complaining about cold! LOL!

We'll finally be completely debt free, so that's good. Woo hoo! Paid off the only 2 cards we had large balances on.

I was sleepy yet again and had a 2 hour nap. UGH. David kindly went to the grocery store for me.

I did a lot of work on my site today. In the evening, we went down to Waikiki and had dinner at this little outdoor beach-side bar/restaurant called The Edge of Waikiki. It has a beautiful view and nice Hawaiian music and a hula dancer. The food is okay. I had a delicious cheeseburger and a really good mango mojito. Right next to the bar is their pool, which is right up against the ocean (that's why it's called The Edge). I tried to take some pics, but it was already dark, and if my phone can take night pictures, I have no idea how! Then we went to the irish bar, Kelly O'Neill's, and I had some kind of shot called Cinnamon Toast. It's delicious! It has cinnamon whiskey and something called Rumchata in it. So yummy! Very sweet.

  Sunday 11/23/14

We went to lunch at Hooter's, of all places. Here's way. There are only two restaurants near us that are on the ocean (harbor), since the Aloha Tower closed for renovations. One is Gordon Biersch, and the other is Hooter's. David likes watching the Chargers play on Sundays, and Hooter's is one of the few places where we can do that. I like looking at the ocean. Also, they have pretty good food. They have really good grilled chicken.

While we were there, I saw the lady that lives in our building that has this cute little dog. She's very nice and always lets me pet her dog. It's a tiny little terrier of some kind with bug eyes, and it's very friendly and jumps up, loves to be pet, and it licks a lot. Just a sweetheart of a dog. She had her dog in the bar, so I went over to say hi and pet the dog. It was great seeing the dog, whose name is Sadie. Sadie was jumping all over other people at their table to say hi.

Afterwards, I felt sick, so I went home. Too bad because I really wanted to get some stuff at the store. Instead, I went back to sleep and had a long nap.

Larry from my band phoned me to let me know that we definitely have the good drummer, who'll be there for both our rehearsal and our party/gig. He sent me the list of songs. The whole list is Christmas songs, so I'm not sure yet if we're only doing Xmas songs (sound like it) or if we're also doing some of our regular songs. Waiting to hear back from him. Sounds like I'll definitely be doing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Merry Christmas Darling". I can't wait!

I was singing tonight on Singsnap to work on those songs and some others. You can see and hear the videos here!

I saw down today to figure out which Christmas cookies I'll be making. I always make a bunch for friends. I guess there'll be about 8 people that David works with plus some others...Oy!

I need to finish cleaning the place up here so on Friday I can start putting up decorations.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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