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  Monday 11/3/14

I woke up very early and then had trouble getting back to sleep, for some reason. Then I was very tired all day. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but it was too hot.

David dropped his laptop by accident, and the screen broke, so I took it in to Pacific Computers, which is nearby.

I stopped at L&L to ask if their burgers have flour in them or not, and they do. Too bad! So I went to McDonald's instead. The place was crazy! Way too busy. It took a long time for my order, and they messed it up. I did get a McRib sandwich. Thankfully, it's gluten free! Yay!

I worked on my website all morning. I also gathered all of the extra candy and other food. I plan to take it to the nearby mission.

We went to Epic for dinner, and it was good as always. Then I came home and took down the rest of the decorations and cleaned up the kitchen, while David used my laptop. Later, I did laundry. So boring :)

  Tuesday 11/4/14

I had a conference call this morning around 9. Then a few hours later, I took all of our extra candy over to this dentist's office on Pauahi street, just a few blocks away. I had 12 pounds of candy! He was paying $1 per pound and is going to send it to the troops via Operation Gratitude. Great convenience because I was thinking of sending it there, but this way I don't have to pay to do it! It paid for our lunch....

Then I stopped by David's office, and he and I went to vote at a nearby elementary school. It didn't take long; there was no line. Then we went to lunch at Jack-in-the-Box. Yesterday McDonald's messed up my order, so today Jack-in-the-Box did! LOL! It took a really long time, too, so I didn't bother taking it back. I asked for 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers and got two Junior Jacks instead (not even cheese!). Also, there was so much salt on the fries that I couldn't eat them.  It's not that I want to eat at these unhealthy places, but fast food salads suck, and most of the other quick food places are Asian so they put soy sauce on everything or otherwise have wheat in them...makes it tough for me. Plus David is a very picky eater...that doesn't help.

I stopped at Starbucks and had a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino on the way home. Yum! I'm addicted to those.

I came home and worked a little, but I was very tired, so despite having coffee, I went back to sleep for 3 hours. I was wondering if maybe I was coming down with a cold or something since I've been so tired, but I think it's just too many carbs making me sleepy. My allergies have been bad, too. My eyes are watering a lot and I'm congested.

Also, my face has been very red and dry the past few days. I get this about once a year, where my face gets very sensitive to makeup, or wind, or something that makes it very dry and get broken out easily. I think it's probably from a/c and fans this year, combined with having worn cheap Halloween makeup and wiping it off and on, as well as wiping the watery eyes. It's usually just the upper cheek area, near the eys, and if I try to put anything on it besides vaseline, it breaks out badly.

We went to dinner at Murphy's. I had their turkey dinner, which is pretty good. It's generally an open-faced turkey sandwich, but I have it without the bread or gravy. I asked for dark meat, and it was delicious. It comes with veggies, mashed potatoes and a little cranberry sauce.

I stayed up until around 4:30am, which is way too late. Too much napping.

  Wednesday 11/5/14

I woke up a little after 11am. After waking up a bit, I decided to go get some exercise. Yesterday I had been chatting with my friend Tommy on Facebook, and we both decided to get out and do some walking. So I put on my exercise clothes and put some stuff in a fanny pack, and I headed out. I thought, if it's too hot or humid, I'll go to the gym. Otherwise, I'll take a nice walk. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day out. The weather was practically perfect. I walked down to Nuuanu (which is about a block away) and went down that street until I hit Nimitz, which is the main street that goes along the pier. I wanted to have as much of an ocean view as I could. I turned right when I hit Nimitz and walked as far as the road would take me. It veers off to the right a bit, so I took that and walked around until I came again to Chinatown, and then went down to Hotel street. From there I stopped at the local French restaurant, Brasserie du Vin. I went in and had some sodas and ordered take-out. It was about 35 minutes' brisk walking. It was a little hot in some parts but not too bad.

It was kind of a depressing day, especially if you're a Democrat. Here in Hawaii, all of the people I voted for won, and most of the ballot measures also went the way I voted. Nationally, of course, it wasn't so good. Now it also looks like the Supreme Court is going to take away the ACA. I hope not, but the signs are not good.

Apparently they're renovating the little park next to the Hawaii Theater. Too bad because it's usually beautiful there and I like looking at the ducks. I wonder what they did with the ducks in the meantime? I hope it will be even more beautiful after they've renovated it.

They have a wonderful salad at Brasserie du Vin that I love. It has pears and goat cheese. Normally they only serve it at dinner, but they made it for me anyway at lunchtime. I also ordered a burger and homemade chips, and a slice of their flourless cake, which I'll save for later. Baby steps! The bartender was really nice. The restaurant is a bit overpriced, and some of their food is not great, but they have certain dishes I really love. They got rid of their dessert case out front, which is a shame. I used to love to walk by there and see all of the pastries, even though I couldn't eat most of them.

I got a text alert on my phone as well as an email that Chase card said someone had spent $175 on my Amazon Visa in Pennsylvania. So I phoned them to let them know it was a fraudulent charge. However, that was the only credit card I'd brought with me, so I asked them to wait to close the account until after I'd paid for my lunch! They said they would, but then when the bartender tried to put the card through, it didn't work. So I called them back again, and after a long while, the woman said she fixed it so I could still use it today, but it would take 15 minutes to go through. I said, just forget it. I was all prepared to run home and get another card, but the bartender suggested trying the card once more. Good thinking because it worked! Yay! I went home and ate the salad and half the burger (without the bread, of course). It was yummy. Tommy also did his walk today. We're going to keep up with the exercise and support each other. I hope it works. Tommy doesn't need to lose weight like I do, though.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to walk the other direction on Nimitz. It's a lovely walk along the pier and near the Aloha Tower.

I took a shower and now I'm thinking, maybe a nap.... Oh, well, I tried, but not sleepy enough, I guess. Just very tired!

We were going to a new restaurant, Livestock Tavern, down on Hotel Street. They were too crowded, so instead we went across the street to Lucky Belly (they're owned by the same people).  We've eaten there a few times before. It's okay... I like it better than David does. They only have a few things I can eat. It's mostly a ramen place so I can just eat the salads and this duck appetizer they have.  I tried an appetizer they have with these Japanese peppers, but they're too spicy so I couldn't eat it. I had some good wine, too.

I'm very tired, so I'll probably go to bed pretty soon.

  Thursday 11/6/14

I went to bed around 10pm but then woke up around 4am, very itchy. Eventually I went back to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 for a conference call, but then I read that it was postponed until tomorrow! D'oh! I was up for a while, had breakfast and then eventually went back to sleep.

David came home around 11:30 and we took 2 cartloads full of extra food that I had (mostly leftover from the party) down to the River of Life mission, which is just a few blocks away on Pauahi Street, right off Maunakea (which is the street right next to our building). I've seen it, passed by it, but never been there before. I had emailed them to make sure they will take donations of more than just canned food because we had the two cakes I made as well as some heavy cream, apple juice, Oreos and other stuff. Always feels great to donate and they were appreciative. That is one nice thing about living downtown... you can walk to just about anything.

Then we had lunch at the little Chinese restaurant across the street from our building. I had the orange chicken - not sure if it had flour or not. The waitress is not too fluent in English. It's a really cheap place, so that's the main reason we go there. David likes it, and it's fast so he can get back to work quickly.

After I took our carts back home, I decided to go out for another walk. I'm trying to get in some daily exercise. When I went outside, it was really humid, so I went to the gym instead (24 Hour Fitness). They always have great air conditioning. I forgot, though, to take a towel, and change my shirt, so I was sweating and dripping a lot...it was kinda gross. Fortunately they do have paper towels, at least. I went on the treadmill for about 20 minutes at a pretty brisk pace (for me) of 3.5 miles per hour and a slight incline. General Hospital was on one of the TV's, so that helped the time go by a bit. I could have walked more, but I was dripping too much! I went to Starbucks afterwards for a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. I earned it! I was only there for about 10 minutes, and then I also stopped at Subway to get a soda to take home.  I figure, between the walking from home, and around, and the treadmill, and back home, it was about an hour, so that's a good walk! Yay! I took a nice shower after that and just went back to bed for a while, and cooled off, but I didn't sleep... I bought my laptop in the bedroom and cranked up the A/C.

On Saturday, I thought the A/C was leaking because I saw water dripping on our window. But I've been using it a little bit in the afternoons, and I don't see any more dripping, so who knows! Maybe it was just from rain or something, or it was some flukey thing.

It's later in the afternoon now, so it's cooled off a bit outside. I'm sitting outside on our lanai for a change. It's not as nice as when we were on the 16th floor. It's noisy from the traffic (especially the bus) and there's no beautiful view of the ocean. It's slightly cooler than sitting inside, though. There's some breeze!

We had dinner at J.J. Dolan's, the pizza place. It's great that I've been exercising, but I need to eat less, too.

I did some laundry but was otherwise pretty lazy this evening. I went to bed around 1am. I had trouble sleeping because I was really keyed up. Maybe from too much allergy medicine? I was really tired...

  Friday 11/7/14

I had to get up for an 8am call; I tried going back to sleep, but it didn't work. I have another call at 10.

I think I finally got about 20 minutes more sleep!  I walked over to the St. Andrews' church, just a few blocks away. They have a noontime concert series in the fall. HPU's Chamber Orchestra was performing. They did just 4 songs. I enjoyed it! David was late because of a meeting. I saw Bill and some other people I knew. Theresa directs and she's very nice, and of course a great director as well. Next week are the HPU choral ensembles; I was in one of them last year. It's just so hot in that church, especially if you're wearing a long black outfit and on the stage. They only have ceiling fans on the sides, not in the middle where everyone is. They have a few doors and windows, but not enough to get a good cross breeze. So I'm glad I'm not performing! I'm sure I will enjoy watching it, though. I always do.

Then I went to McDonald's for lunch and went home. Not as much walking today as the last two days. I cooled off in the a/c and then slept for about 4 hours. David and I went to this new restaurant, Livestock Tavern. I was surprised we could get in on a Friday. Now, it's a very expensive restaurant, so we probably won't go there too often. However, we both really enjoyed it, which is so rare. Usually one of us is too picky. He had clam chowder and a salmon dish, and I had the roast chicken. It's so difficult for me to find chicken in a restaurant here that's not overcooked and dry, but they did a great job with it. The mashed potatoes were way too salty but otherwise, it was good. My only other complaint is that they didn't have too many dishes I could eat because they either had gluten or avocado, or shrimp (which I'm not allergic to but don't like). There menu is pretty small, so that's why. But at least they did know what gluten was and how I could avoid it, so that's great. The waiter was very nice and it wasn't too noisy in there.

Otherwise, just been doing housework and work on my site...I'm sure I'll be up way too late tonight, since I had such a long nap.

Firefox has been slow and freezing up, which is really annoying. It's usually a script on Facebook or Twitter, or probably the Adobe shockwave, something like that. Lately I've been having to share my laptop with David while his is fixed - that's bad enough! Last week he accidentally drop the laptop (my old one, which is about 8 years old) and the screen broke, so they're fixing it. They have to wait for parts but sounds like it will cost about $180.

  Saturday 11/8/14

It's been a busy weekend! We went to Kaiser and picked up some of my prescriptions. Then we had lunch at Gordon Biersch. I just had a burger, but it was pretty good. There's always a nice view there, which I like. I slept a lot this weekend and then ended up staying up way too late.

Later on, David wasn't very hungry, so he went with me to Brasserie du vin. I had a salad and some cheese.

In the evening, we went to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Hawaii Loa campus (that's HPU's mountain campus). It was a special preview just for the HPU administrators and some others, I guess? Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I was in the show in high school, our senior year, and my ex-boyfriend Tony starred in it. You can see his rendition of Tevye here on YouTube. He reprised the role years later for a fund-raiser for the school's theater.

Anyway, the HPU version was fun. They have a very small stage, yet they made it work, and with only a 4-piece band, too. Their Tevye and many of their other roles were outstanding. It's hard for me to just sit and watch it, since I know it so well. It was great to see so many people there that I knew from HPU, too. We had drinks and snacks beforehand.

I just worked after we got home, but I was pretty keyed up, so I watched a lot of YouTube videos and listened to my iTunes.

  Sunday 11/9/14

Today was very productive! I got a lot done on my site as well as around the apartment.

We went to our usual places to eat... nothing too exciting. The weather's been pretty cool lately. I sure hope it stays that way.

The only thing I wasn't very good at this weekend was exercise. I made a good start last week on walking every day, at least a half hour or more, but I was either sleeping or busy all weekend, so I didn't do much. Hopefully I can get back to that.

Here are the photos from our Halloween party and decorations in our place - click on the first pic to see the full photo and then click on "next" or the arrow to see the next one. Otherwise all you see our very small versions of the pics.... You should be able to see them even if you're not on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/nbbta33

Have a great week!

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