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  Tuesday 10/21/14

I woke up around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I didn't get to sleep until almost 10 am. I slept until almost 6pm. Bad girl! LOL!

We went to Murphy's for dinner. I just had a cheeseburger and fries (no bread). Also bad, but I don't trust their salads any more.

I was a little sick later, and I'm very sleepy. Time to take a nap! I woke up around 3am...had some good sleep. I'm sure I'll nap some more later.

  Wednesday 10/22/14

One of my projects this week is going through the photos on my computer. I got a new digital frame for my living room, so I wanted to make sure that the photos I put on there have everyone and there aren't any duplicates. It's taking awhile! Hoping I can be done no later than Thursday. There's over 1,000 pics!

I hope this new frame works. It's a good brand that I got at Walmart. I normally order frames via Amazon, but I've had a lot of trouble with them. They must be delicate or cheap crap because they often arrive not working. The last one I tried to order was chipped, too.

Actually, one of the Halloween decorations I ordered from them this week was also chipped, so they're sending me a replacement. I got them to pay for extra shipping since it would be too late for Halloween, otherwise.

Speaking of shipping problems... back in June or July, I ordered these rugs (runners) that have butterflies on them, but I ordered more so I can use them to fill the spots in the living room here (there's wall-to-wall carpeting but the other rugs protect the carpeting that way). I had actually forgotten that I ordered them, until I happened to get an email from the company (wayfair.com) asking how I liked my order! Well, it was sent in early October and I never received it. So they said it was lost in transit, and they're sending replacements. That's great, but it might be too late for my Halloween party. :(  We'll see. They're claiming they'll be here by October 30.

I ended up staying up all day today. Just couldn't get to sleep when I tried. We went to J.J. Dolan's (the pizza place) for dinner, and we shared a large pizza (I never eat the crust part, of course). Then I couldn't stay up. I went to sleep around 7:30pm, then I woke up again 4 hours later because it was too hot. Neither of us had remembered to put on the ceiling fan, so that's why it was so hot. I went back to sleep at midnight.

  Thursday 10/23

I woke up around 3:30. Darn it, I can't just sleep through the night at a decent hour, it seems. It's really hard to get any work done, either, when I'm so sleepy all of the time.

We went to McDonald's for lunch. The weather outside was beautiful today. A little warm but not too bad, and not humid, and it was very breezy. The beginning of the nicer weather, I hope!

I did some shopping at the usual nearby places. I was surprised that I found some Halloween stuff at Fisher, the office supply store. As usual, I bought a bit too much and it was heavy to lug home. I ran into another woman with a bunch of packages, and we both said the same thing - I only came for one item! LOL!

Tomorrow I really need to get to the grocery store. I need to start buying stuff for next week's party.

After doing some work and messing around on Facebook and Twitter, I went back to sleep around 3pm. We had dinner at Ra Kuen, probably for the last time. They're changing to a new restaurant in November, so Saturday is their last day. David will really miss it because he loves their sushi.

I can't believe how much time I waste sometimes, arguing with idiots online. Often, people will try to read something into what I'm saying that is not intended. No matter how much I tell them that I'm not saying that, they seem to insist on wanting to argue with the point I didn't make. It's ridiculous. I had said yesterday that GamerGate is horrible and sad, but no one should be surprised that there are some people who are attracted to them because some of the games are violent, sexist and misogynistic.

This guy started arguing with me about it as if I'd said that all games are that way or that all players are that way, as well as trying to say that since I don't play games, I don't know what I'm talking about, or that I'm against gaming, or that I think violent video games cause violence. This is all silly. I don't play games now, but I used to when I was younger (of course they didn't have the same type as now). I know many people, including some relatives, who play lots of video games all of the time. That's their passion or their entertainment and they do little else. I also read a lot, especially about anything computer-related. I don't believe that video games (or music, or TV or movies et al.) cause a person to do anything. People make their own choices and by the time they play games or watch any entertainment, they already have their own personalities and moral codes. They are responsible for their own actions.

Of course, some of Gamer Gate is about gamers who feel that the media is trying to change video games or their power to promote their own agenda. That's not what I was talking about. I was talking about how some female gamers are being harassed and threatened online by some sexist and misogynistic (and possibly violent) gamers (I have no idea how many gamers this is, but it's probably a small and vocal minority). I had only barely heard about Gamer Gate until I read actress/gamer's Felicia Day's comments on it. That then made me seek out Wikipedia and other sources to learn what Gamer Gate is all about. Here's another really good article about it. It's a shame that a small group of warped jerks has to try to wreck something good for everyone, but that seems to be what's happening here.

  Friday 10/24

I went to bed around 7:30pm and I woke up around 1 am. At least 5 hours' sleep, so that's good.

Here's a good article about where your tax dollars go. Here is another one I found that explains all about vaccines. Get the truth, not lies or craziness.

Earlier this week I started thinking about my old foster brothers and sisters, especially the ones that had gone back to their original biological families. That's one weird thing about being in foster care. You meet lots of other kids and then sometimes they just vanish and you never see them again. Two of my foster sisters, Debbie and Tami, are on Facebook, so I get to chat with them. The rest - I have no idea.

At age 14, I was the first foster child in the home of Phil and Marianne Kennedy. Then came a girl named Annette Navarro, who was about 12, I think (perhaps younger)? She was Latina and barely spoke at all. She was very quiet and shy, and I think she didn't speak much because of whatever had happened to her. We shared a room and she was very nice. It was sad to see her go, and I hope she had a good life. Unfortunately, it's very hard to find women online because they change to their married name. Also, hers is a fairly common name. I don't even have a photo of her.

Then came John Phillips, who was my age. He had some anger issues but was generally a very smart and kind person. We even were sort of boyfriend/girlfriend for a while (but we weren't able to actually date since that would have been against the rules).  Then next came Annie Davies, who was very pretty and had a LOT of anger. We fought a lot because she was just kind of, well, bitchy. She ended up running away, so I don't know what happened to her. She was also very smart and I hope she turned her life around.

Most foster kids come from abusive or neglectful homes, so we often have psychological issues. The lucky ones grow up and work those issues out.

Then there was this other kid, David Kastner. I believe he was about 13 when he was with us. He was a scrawny little boy with very light blond hair. He could be very nice, but he also had lots of issues, so he could be pretty awful sometimes. He was severely abused when he was younger. I really liked having a little brother for a change, even as messed up as he was. When we got some other foster brothers, he fell in with them, and they were bad news. He got into a lot of trouble and eventually ran away. I fear how he ended up, either dead or in jail. I hope not!

We got two boys around the same time, Dave and Brian, and they ended up going to jail for car theft. They were real delinquents. But even they could be nice sometimes. It was hard being around some of these kids because we were all in this together, but some of them were just so screwed up and did violent things or stole from us.

There were a bunch of kids after that, mostly girls. Some of them ran away and some went back to their homes. I seem to recall that a couple of them worked at the mall with my brother Pat (he was the manager of the Bob's Big Boy there). I left in 1980, so there were a few that I barely knew. Sometimes I still have dreams about the foster home! They're not even realistic dreams, either.

Then I started looking for an old classmate of mine, Misty Voight. I think, from looking online, that I've determined that she married someone with the last name Fisher about a month before I got married, June 82. I think she now runs a cake shop in Oceanside. I emailed her but not sure if she'll reply. She was so kind and so talented. She drew beautiful pictures, and she was also very good at sewing and cake-making. Her sister was in some kind of thing, like drill team, where she had to have all of these costumes, and Misty made them for her. They were really gorgeous. She also made my Princess Leia costume and did my hair up for me. I got lots of compliments on that. I went over to her house a few times, and her family was not very nice to her, as I recall. She seemed kind of like Cinderella, except I don't think they were step-relatives.

I'm very glad that I'm able to keep in touch with some of my old friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, but still, there are so many that I've lost by the wayside.

Well, I FINALLY finished with the frame photos. Yay! Only 1200 pictures... It's a really nice Phillips frame, about 9". My old one never worked very well. It was a Coby. Sometimes it's better to get the name brands you've heard of.

David and I went to the little Chinese restaurant across the street from our place (corner of Beretania and Smith). It's very cheap and usually pretty good. I had some sort of pork belly dish. It was a little too salty but otherwise really good, and spicy. I took a lot of it home. Then I got my cart and my grocery list and headed to Long's and Safeway. I found some new Halloween stuff there, so I'm happy about that! I got some of the food for our party next weekend. Tomorrow I hope to get more.  The Safeway and Times didn't have pumpkin seeds, though, so I have to order those online as well as something called coconut sugar. I had a few packages when I got back - more Halloween stuff. I was really hot so I just relaxed a bit. I tried to nap but couldn't.

The HPU students had a little Halloween carnival things down on Fort Street (some street  where David's office is) so I went down there. It's not much, really more for kids than anything. I just took a few photos, went to Subway, got a soda, and went home. I got dressed up a bit, not a real costume, though. We're going out to Waikiki, hopefully, for dinner.  I got this Halloween shirt at Walmart. It's a Hello Kitty shirt but the kitty is dressed as a witch and there's sparkly stuff on the design, and bats, and the sleeves are orange with spiderwebs. I'm also wearing a pumpkin necklace that lights up.  My real costume will be tomorrow! I'll share the photos next week.

We went to Waikiki for dinner, to the sushi place he likes in the Hilton (Hatsuhana). We were both pretty tired.

  Saturday 10/25

I woke up pretty early...still on an early schedule and hope to keep it that way!

We just went to McDonald's for lunch. It was a fairly uneventful day.  We went to the grocery store, and I got my hair done.

In the evening, I got dressed up in my Snow White costume and we headed over to the Pacific Club. We'd been invited by our friends to this Halloween party there. There were lots of kids, and tons of costumes, both on adults and kids. We had a really fun time!

The costume is not all that comfortable, though, due to the big, long bulky skirt, and the fact that it was really humid and warm. You can't see it in this picture, but there's glitter all over the skirt and a cape as well. When I got home, I realized I had forgotten to put on mascara! D'oh!  I'll post some more photos next time.

  Sunday 10/26

We went to brunch with our friends Tom and Cynthia. We met them at this place called Tango Cafe, down in Kaka'ako. It was pretty good! The food is kind of Swedish. I had some kind of dish with potatoes, duck and eggs. It was really good. Everyone else was having coffee, so I had a caramel macchiato to help me wake up, too. We had a nice long visit with them and it was very fun.

We stopped at Z Pizza, which is nearby, and I had hoped to take home some gluten free pizza for later, but it had a long line, so we just went home.

I just worked on my site and not much else. This will be a very busy week because I'm preparing for Saturday's Halloween party. I've got a long list of things to do.

We went to dinner at Downbeat Cafe, like usual! I went to bed really early, around 10pm.

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