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Thursday 10/16

This week was so hectic, and I got really late in posting to the blog! I like to try posting it on Mondays, but Thursday is too late :)

I went to bed fairly early last night and then woke up around 3:30am. That's too early...oh, well.

You can see photos of our new place at http://tinyurl.com/ota6rec  Right now it's all decorated for Halloween, but those pics will come later.

I hope to put up the rest of the decorations I have on hand today... cobwebs and that sort of thing. I ordered many things online that I'm still waiting for, though.

It's only 8am... I already filled the dishwasher this morning, watched a new TV show, wrote a few things, and did some other work online. Hopefully today will be productive.

We're expecting a hurricane this weekend, but I never worry about them here. They rarely hit Oahu, for one thing. It's a very small island. Since the 1940's, only 17 people have died from any storms here, so what does that tell you? But I like when storms come through because it makes lots of nice wind and cools things off. It was really humid yesterday morning and then was very nice in the evening.

I went back to sleep for a little bit...got up after 10 when I had to take the dry cleaning downstairs, then I couldn't get back to sleep. Which is fine! I want to stay on this early schedule as long as I can.

Well, shoot, one of my Halloween decorations went flying off somewhere into the wind, never to return. That sucks. It was a witch wind socket that I'd had for quite a few years. I had it up last year with no problem! Strange. Hopefully it didn't cause any problems to anyone as it flew by.

We went to lunch at Subway. I got a salad. I don't know, some days their salads are good and other days...blah. I only ate about half of it. It was just soggy and tasteless. I was really hungry, too.

Afterwards, I went over to get my hair cut. Usually I go to the little old Vietnamese lady. Her shop is on Smith street, which is one of the streets directly across from our building. However, when I went there, it was closed. So I wandered down a block and found another hair-cutting place on Maunakea that was open. The guy there cut my hair. He did a great job, but he was slow and hard to understand.

That's one drawback to living here, but it was also a problem for me in Alabama and Georgia - trying to understand people who have thick accents! I'm not kidding, it was tough there. At least here, they have the excuse that they're from a foreign country and English is not their first language. They have no excuse in the South! LOL! The guy who cut my hair is from Hong Kong and said he's lived here 20 years, but I swear.... I could barely understand him, and I'm not sure if he understood me, either. It only gets worse as you get older, too, because your hearing diminishes. I've got pretty good hearing, too, but of course it's not the same as it was back in my 20's. Getting old sucks! Hopefully I can go back to the Vietnamese lady next time. I like her better. She's lived here a lot longer than the other guy, so she seems to understand more and I don't have quite as much trouble understanding her. Now, I could go down the street the other way, to Master Cuts or whatever it's called, and they would probably be American-born, but I'm very lazy. I would rather just go across the street. Plus it's probably cheaper. What the heck, it's kind of an adventure!

The problem with keeping weird hours and trying to change my sleeping schedule is that I'm always tired! Even when I can't sleep, I'm tired. UGH. I went back to sleep for a few hours.

For dinner, we went to the sushi bar Ra Kuen. David likes it...not my favorite place.

I should really be more careful when I order stuff on Amazon, especially food. I don't pay close enough attention to the amounts, and I frequently get unpleasantly surprised. I ordered some Halloween candy. Two of them came today. One of them had TWO LARGE BAGS of many smaller packages of candy. Oops! The other one was one tiny little bag. I mean, TINY!! LOL! I feel like Goldilocks. The next package should be "just right"!!

I'm very disappointed that one of the couples we invited can't come to the Halloween party. Major bummer. They are very nice people, and fun. I had really hoped they would meet our other friends. We're all fairly new here and all university people, past and present. Darn it. Well, maybe we can have a holiday party...

I sent my Snow White costume to the dry cleaners this morning to be ironed. I hope they don't ruin it!

Friday 10/17

All day I've been sleeping a little bit, then waking up for a while, then sleeping a bit more. I don't like that. Whenever I was awake, I was arguing with people online about Ebola and other topics. I'm so sick of listening to people panic about that. It's not easily transmitted and the odds of your getting it are very low.

I had really achy legs this morning (RLS), but I did so much stretching that my legs ached all day, even late into the night.

This afternoon, I went over to the post office and then to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. Their bathroom was not working, so that was very annoying. There aren't a lot of bathrooms available to the public downtown, especially in the Fort Street area. I had to pay for my purchases and then walk very quickly for another 3 blocks back to David's building, then up the upstairs, to use the restroom there. Luckily, no one saw me because I was dressed for Walmart shopping, not for seeing people I might know ;) It was super hot and humid today. It was 88 and 76% humidity. On the way back, I stopped at McDonald's, and it was very hot in there, so I was going to take it home. However, when I got back outside, it was just so hot, that I stopped in this one building to eat my food. It has the HPU bookstore, some classrooms, some little stores, fast food etc. They have some tables and chairs where you can eat your food, but you're really not supposed to bring outside food in, I'm sure. That building is super air-conditioned, so it felt good. I just sat down and ate pretty quickly in case anyone said anything. Fortunately, since it was in the afternoon, there weren't too many people around.

After I got back home, I was very sick, probably from eating at Murphy's earlier in the week. After that, I went back to sleep for about 4 or 5 hours.

David had an event until about 7:30, and he had already eaten, so we went over to the French restaurant, Brasserie Du Vin. It's not our favorite place, but they have a salad there with pears and honeyed walnuts that I really like. It's almost like a salad and dessert all rolled into one! We also shared a scallops entree. They were pretty good; we hadn't eaten those before. They came with a really good risotto. Their food is often disappointing and usually way overpriced, but I do love French food. I should have suggested Grondin instead...I keep forgetting about that place. Oh, well.

Hurricane Ana was predicted for this weekend, but as usual it's much ado about nothing. We're just having a tropical storm. It started raining earlier while we were out, and now the windows are rattling. I bought a little water and non-perishable food, just in case, but it's unlikely to be anything but wind and rain. I brought in our canvass chair from out on the lanai, just in case, because even with strong winds, sometimes it knocks against the windows/doors and makes enough noise to wake us up. Otherwise I just have a couple of rugs, a lawn chair, and these cast iron decorations to weigh the rugs down. They're fairly large and heavy, so I'm confident they won't blow off (plus they're too big to fit under the railing). Oahu gets almost no damage due to hurricanes (technically they're tropical cyclones). For one thing, it's a very small island. Small target, I guess! It's supposed to hit full force on Sunday, but I don't think there will be much...they're saying it's passing south of us.

Even hours later, I'm still feeling a little sick and I might try sleeping in a little while. It's almost midnight, but it might just be a "nap" since it's so screwed up.

I order a lot of stuff online, and even more during the holidays. I'm very happy because today my orange flickering tealight candles arrive (the battery powered kind). I have about 6 Halloween candle holders as well several other Halloween things that light up or play spooky music or move. I love that stuff!

I sure hope this storm breaks the humidity for a little while...

Saturday 10/18

I went to bed about 1:30 and woke up 3 hours later! My legs still hurt a bit and also, the allergies are bad...I'm really itchy. Complain, complain, complain :)

Since I was up really early, we went over to Zippy's for breakfast. It was pretty good for a change. Then we walked over to Walgreen's so he could get his flu shot (I got mine weeks ago), and I got some more Halloween decorations. They have a great selection there, and lots of cheap stuff for $3 and less.

Next we went to the grocery store; it was good to get that out of the way! We walked back to our place, so I could put away the Halloween stuff and grab my grocery list, then we got the car to go get groceries at Times. I'm not usually awake so early, so that was nice. It was super hot and humid all morning. By the time we got back from the store, I was really sleepy, so I went back to bed.

Around noon, I got up so that I could go with him over to O'Toole's to watch the Bama game. I was very tired and achy, though. We didn't stay too long, just about an hour. After we got home again, I just spent a little time putting the decorations up, and doing some other work, before going back to sleep, where I stayed until about 6pm.

Later, we couldn't really agree on where to go for dinner. We had originally planned to go somewhere on Waikiki, but he didn't feel like it. We're both kind of tired of the places around here. We went to HASR, which is 2 blocks away. I normally like their food, although there are only a few things on their menu that I can eat. They have a great eggplant souffle, but it's just an appetizer. I was going to order the Mongolian ribs, without bbq sauce (they're usually really tender and yummy, even without the sauce). Instead I got the special, which is a fish they have here in Hawaii called opah. It's usually really delicious fish, but when it came, it was very overcooked and dry, and the sauce was tasteless. I took 2 bites and sent it back. He had the ribs and they were also very overcooked and dry, but he was hungry and didn't feel like waiting, so he didn't complain. The waiter was very nice, but he got his boss. She turned out to be the owner, which I didn't know at the time. Anyway, she was very rude and argued with me about the fish. This is really bad customer service. She asked what was wrong with it, so I repeated to her that it was overcooked, dry and tasteless. She then tried to imply that it was because I had asked for it gluten free (I just asked him to ask the chef whether it was gluten free or not; I wasn't told whether the sauce or anything was different). I told her that it was overcooked and dry, and the sauce was tasteless, so her reply was "Nobody else has complained". I was astounded at her attitude, but I didn't say anything, like "Well, maybe the chef didn't over-cook it for those other people!" She did take it off the bill, and I assured the waiter that we didn't blame him. She had asked if I wanted anything else instead, but I didn't feel like waiting, either. Besides all that, it was very loud in their restaurant. Since it was raining, we couldn't sit outdoors like we normally do. Due to local complaints about the loudness of their bands, they have to put the band indoors. They had seated us in a back room, but it was still very loud. Not only that, but they also had canned music playing, so we had two songs blaring at us at the same time. It's a shame, but we probably won't go back any time soon.

After we got home, and I had a little more food and took my pills, I went back to sleep again around 9pm. I was so tired and slept for another 3 hours.

Sunday 10/19

I guess I strained the muscles in my calves and that's why it keeps hurting. It especially hurts getting up from the chair, or walking up/down steps. I must have sprained them just from over-stretching them the other day when they were tight and bothering me. I took lots of pain relievers and muscle relaxers, but it still keeps hurting. Sounds like it's a grade 1 calf strain, according to this site, and it should take 2-5 days to heal. I don't think it's a stage 2 sprain because it doesn't hurt to walk and it's not swollen or bruised. It's both legs, though; my right one is worse. I just woke up at midnight, so I took a nice hot shower and stretched those muscles a bit under the hot water. Felt good!

That hurricane must have really petered out because it's not even windy outside, at least that I can hear. Usually if it's really windy, we can hear the windows rattling a lot. We just had a little rain.

I got a lot of sleep today, here and there, so my calves are doing MUCH better. Yay!

I was going to go walking with David. He usually does a 3 mile walk, but since it was pouring rain, I didn't go. I went back to sleep for a while, and then around noon we went out to lunch. It was still pouring! I was very groggy and still tired. We were going to go over to Gordon Biersch, but since it was raining so hard, we went to O'Toole's instead. He just wanted to watch his Chargers game on a big screen, and we both wanted lunch. Fortunately, O'Tooles has a free little lunch on the weekends. They serve hot dogs, meatballs and chips. Free is always great :) Of course you do have to buy drinks.... We didn't stay too long because it was really smoky. There were quite a few people there both days, watching the games. There aren't too many "nice" places downtown here where you can eat lunch and watch football. O'Toole's is not a fancy place but it's not a dive, either. I was very tired again, so afterwards, we just went home and I went back to sleep again, after a little while. I've been so tired.

In the evening, we went to Downbeat as usual. I usually have the chicken quesadilla there. They have a lot of good food. I was still tired, believe it or not. I did more work on my site and then went back to bed. I didn't get up again until after 10pm. Then I did finally feel more awake. I did more work on my site and then did the laundry and the dishes.

I feel like I kind of missed Sunday, since I slept most of it.

Monday 10/20

I've decided to move my blogs back over to my own sites again. It's silly to have it on Blogger. I don't know why I did that in the first place.

I had to stay up a little longer than I wanted because I had an interview at 7 am. I tried going back to bed for a while, but I couldn't sleep. Now I'm waiting for the dry cleaner guy to bring our clothes back. Then after a little bit, David will call for lunch. Hopefully I can take a nap after that!

I'm expecting quite a bit of mail later today - things that I ordered online! I so love getting packages, and shopping...LOL!

I had a nice chat on Facebook with my old friend Corrie this morning. She and I went to college together at SUNY Stony Brook, and we've stayed in touch all this time. She's visited me and we've visited her, and met her husband. She has some great kids, too, and I see her photos of them all the time on Facebook. She has handsome and talented children. I'm trying to twist her arm to come out and visit, too! I hope she does.

The dry cleaning was delivered and they did a great job with my Snow White costume! I'm excited...

The security guy found my Witch Windsock! It went for a dip in the pool ;) Thank goodness it didn't get into traffic or anything. Still, it's funny because we're on the other side of the building from the pool. How did it do that?

I'm so very tired but can't seem to sleep. We went to lunch at the Indian restaurant down the street. It was good, but too spicy and too much food. I tried their dessert, though, and it was delicious!

Then I picked up some stuff at Walmart. I bought too much, as often happens, so I bought another shopping cart to bring the stuff home. It was tough because these carts apparently are made for very short people. Then I tried going to sleep. My right knee is hurting, so I must have twisted it dragging the cart somehow. It's better after Aleve and Ben Gay, but I still can't sleep. SIGH!

Finally, I was able to sleep...for a few hours, anyway, until the UPS delivery person phoned me. When they have packages, sometimes they call us to make sure we're home before bringing them up. Otherwise they just leave them downstairs or at the door. I don't know why sometimes they call and other times they don't!

I ordered some more Halloween decorations and candy. One of the decorations arrived broken. :( Hopefully the replacement will come soon.

We went to Epic for dinner. This is why I hate eating out. The waitress told me that all of the salads have gluten in them. These are the ones I eat all of the time, including the one I tested the other day that came out as negative for gluten. WTF? Which waiter or cook is lying? Was the test just wrong? I have no idea. If I can't eat the salads there, then there isn't much I can eat. Most of their foods definitely have gluten for sure. Now I've completely lost confidence in the place. I just had some scallops and the flourless chocolate cake.

I'm hoping to go to bed early tonight. We'll see if that happens and how long it lasts! Ha ha!

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