Here's the furniture I'm selling. Most of it was bought from Amazon or another online store. It will all be dusted and cleaned.

It needs to be picked up no later than June 8th or it goes to charity.

We live in the Honolulu Tower, so we have to tell them at least 12 hours in advance if you're going to be picking up any of the larger furniture items or many items. So please let me know ASAP!

I suppose if you live elsewhere and are willing to pay for shipping, I can mail the smaller or more lightweight items..

Living room furniture

1. Honeywell Air purifier- 8 years old from Amazon; needs a new filter. 16" X 16" X 17" tall. $75 OBO.

2. Big screen TV (old kind)  HD but doesn't have the usual connectors (might need an adapter) I got this, used 3 years ago. RCA 52", on wheels but heavy.

BUY THIS and you can have any other item here for free!  $50 OBO.

3. End table (I have 2) and lamp - good condition, got new 2 years ago. Parson black End Tables from Amazon are made out of wood, 20" X 20" X 17"; lamp is about 33" tall by 11" wide. End Table $10 each or $15 for both  OBO.  Lamp $15 OBO.

The tables may already be taken

4. End tables, black, top is wood, legs are metal. 3 years old. 16" X 16" X 20"  Bought new in box from ebay. $10 for both OBO.

The tables may already be taken

5. JVC Flat screen TV, 32", and stand 40" X 15" X 20 tall. From Costco. TV $35 OBO. Stand $15 OBO.

The TV may already be taken

7. 2 Lightweight glider/rocking chairs with footstools; pockets on each side. Some screws have fallen out; some small stains. One has been well used but both look great. 20" wide X 28" length, about 35" tall. New 3 years ago. Very comfortable. (from Sears) $50 each OBO.


8. Single bed, 2 years old, - very cheap bed frame with slats, and cheap mattress. No sheets, pillows or comforters included.

bed set $100 OBO. 

9. Holmes air purifier -16" X 8" X 15" tall; about 7 or 8 years old, needs new filter; bought at K-Mart. $50 OBO.

10. Tall chest of drawers - got it used, and it's a little chipped; 21" X 16" X 41" tall $20 OBO.


11. Queen sized bed with frame (from Rent-a-center) metal frame on wheels with split box springs - frame is about a year and a half old, mattress is 3 years old from Discount Furniture Warehouse $150 OBO.

12. Small Proscan TV - 21", 3 years old from Wal-mart $30 OBO.

13. 2 laundry baskets, one large beige one, bought new from Wal-mart and one slightly smaller blue used one from Good Will. Both 3 years old $10 OBO.

Beige - 20" X 22" by 12"  Blue - 23" X 18" X 10" (small crack)

These may be spoken for

15. old Sylvania 14" TV; color (not HD or flat screen)  Works fine. I used it with my karaoke machine; was given to me used years ago. $5 OBO.

17. medium-sized bag, for carrying papers etc, with zipper. Given to us for free at a conference many years ago. Publisher's name is on the bag.  $5 OBO.

18. Cast Iron lawn decorations and door stops (most are very heavy). I used these to hold down the rugs on the lanai. From Amazon, 2 years old. They are very dirty from being out on the lanai.   $15 each OBO.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Cast Iron Pigs Door Stop

Cast Iron Laying Mermaid Figure ~ Nautical Garden Decor

Creative Co-op Bristol Terrace Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Door Stop, 15-Inch

The Two Dogs are spoken for (and perhaps the mermaid)


Email me at if you're interested!