2009-2010 Pictures


Here are some recent pics...click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic

The Bugs Dog, of course!

New Orleans at Thanksgiving wrapping presents near our second Xmas tree
our main Xmas tree with the presents under Christmas cards
our Christmas Eve buffet
We went to a Festivus party with the grad students and some faculty - Greg, Simanti, Carl & his friend Jan and her husband Christmas day pics
We went to Epiphany on New Year's Eve Anthony and Joe Tim
After the decorations were taken down, they were put into the dining room, where they were put away about a month and a half later!
David and I drove to Montgomery for a Governor's debate, where he asked some questions in it. We drove to Columbus, Georgia in February to visit the new area where we'll be living starting in June!

My lady bug collection, now updated with plenty of new bugs!

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