2010 Pictures


Here are some recent pics...click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic

Pictures of flowers from the old house in Tuscaloosa - I planted the yellow rose. The pink one was planted by this guy I hired. Then some animal dug one of them up and ate the head off the other! The last picture was the one that got eaten.

April - We went to a political science conference in April, in Houston.

We met up with our old UCR friends David and Francine, and Wally, and JW from Tuscaloosa. We went to karaoke and I met up with my good friend Boo and her husband Charles. Boo and I had never met face-to-face before!

This is our hotel room and the view from it

May - we went to San Diego and went to a Padres game. We stayed at the Gaslamp Suites.

We moved into our new house in Columbus in June...

Kitchen, dining area near the kitchen, guest room/my office

Living room

Bedroom (and me with my new haircut)

master bathroom

bedroom/bathroom walk in closet and dining room (with many boxes to be unpacked)


backyard and patio - there isn't much grass because they just took out a big playset

Front yard

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