These are some old 1960's-70's photos I had in an album

my 3rd grade class

my 4th grade class

my 6th grade class

my 6th grade pic

my 4th grade pic

my brother David and his bow and arrow

my brother Pat on his bike

my brother Stephen and me being silly

me outside our house

Stephen's room

me in my room with my stuffed animals and other toys

me in 3rd grade

me around 6th grade

me again outside this store I used to go to a lot for candy and ice cream

fuzzy picture of me in our kitchen

my dad and stepmom's wedding cake - alcoholic humor

One of our cats

the rest of our cats!

a neighbor's dog, I think?

this was a restaurant/bar called The Tower in San Diego. It's still there but the tower part is gone. My dad was there a lot.

This is my neighbor friend Debbie Campbell, who was younger than me, but we hung out a lot, especially in the summer, when I was in 6th or 7th grade.

my friend Fran, who was kind of like a big sister for a while... she dated this guy, John, who was in the Navy and very nice. Dig those skorts!

Here I am with John. I must have loved that top!

John and Fran took me to the Wild Animal Park... here I am at the petting zoo.

Here's Fran at the petting zoo.

And now here's John at the petting zoo!

They also took me to Sea World, so here we are on a plastic dolphin!

Here's John's navy pic

My 9th grade history class to a trip to the Freedom Train. This is the student teacher we had; I had such a big crush on him! I can't remember his name now. He was also in the S.C.A., which my brothers and I belonged to as well.